The best amusement parks to visit in Spain

Many people love to go out for a nice walk with friends and family. And although many like to visit tourist places with historical backgrounds, there are other people who prefer the best amusement parks to visit in Spain. If you are thinking of going to a Spanish theme or amusement park; Here are some of the best places you can go with our exclusive private transfer by luxury car.

1. Warner Park in Madrid

parque warner madrid

Thanks to the experience that is lived in this park, you can remember old moments of childhood, the park is located in San Martín de la Vega. It has 150 hectares of land capable of presenting any number of attractions that will make you enjoy an experience you will never forget.

Warner characters are classified into a large infinity, therefore, the park has five thematic areas. One of the most beloved attractions is Superman’s: The steel attraction, which is a roller coaster that has floorless trains, which can reach 100 km / h and for children, there are attractions such as Scooby’s Adventure- Doo.

2. PortAventura


If you are close to Catalonia, we can help you with the transfer by luxury car so that you can reach Tarragona in the PortAventura park. In this environment, there are attractions of all kinds, and it has become one of the best amusement parks to visit in Spain, and one of the most visited.

With more than 120 hectares of extension, PortAventura is not only limited to being a theme park, but also has a water park, 4 hotels and a wide variety of shows that you will want to return to as soon as possible.

3. The Madrid Amusement Park

By going to the attractions available in this park located in Madrid, you, your family or your friends can spend a totally different day away from the daily routine. The “La Lanzadera attraction” is one of the most visited events in the park, as it is a 63-meter descent from which you can see all of Madrid.

On the other hand, there are those who choose to enter “El Abismo”, which is an exceptional roller coaster that has several falls. And if you love water, “El Aserradero” is the perfect option. So doing the exclusive transfer to this park is totally worth it.

4. Mythical Land

If you want to go to Benidorm, we can make the transfer by luxury car to the Tierra Mítica amusement park, which is one of the best amusement parks to visit in Spain. You can travel to Egypt, Rome and Greece, all this, without having to leave the park, since it is specially designed to turn thousands of years of history into fascinating and exciting attractions.

Regardless of whether the clients are young or old, Tierra Mítica is capable of offering shows suitable for all ages; such as the Temple of Kinetos, which has a Greek structure designed to live a 5D experience, and for those who love heights, The Flight of the Phoenix or The Icaros, are the ideal elements.

5. Magic Island

In Seville, the opportunity to make discoveries is possible at Isla Mágica, an amusement park whose excellence stands out in many areas of Spain. Therefore, if you want to travel to Isla Mágica in one of our luxury cars, you can contact us.

For example, Jaguar is a roller coaster with more than 765 meters in length; at Iguazu Falls and Anaconda, the whole family can be soaked in water. And in the summer months, the Agua Mágica water park is available, which has swimming pools, waterfalls, and many slides. And before heading home, a very striking aspect is the fireworks display and flares of lights over the lake in the center of the park.

6. Siam Park

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you will find another wonderful tourist site that you can make the most of. Basically, it is a water park, but even though it is only intended for this purpose, it has been placed as one of the best amusement parks to visit in Spain. It has 185,000 square meters, which consolidates as the largest water park in Europe.

Siam Park has the record of having a pool with the largest giant wave in the world, 4 meters high. And the decoration that the atmosphere has, makes people feel like in a jungle, with vertigo slides, wave pools and the famous rapids, just as it would be in real life.

7. Cabárceno

It is located in the Cantabria Region & it is true that this is not a theme park like the ones we have seen so far; but it is an area with more than 750 hectares, which is specially destined for the care and protection of different animal species.

Among the animals found, we can mention elephants, brown bears, tigers, hyenas, camels, and many others that live in semi-free habitats. In this way, in case you are planning to make a trip to Cabárceno, do not hesitate to contact us; who will give you the best service and care available in a luxury car on the way to the park.

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