The best museums in Spain:

A journey through art history

When we visit Madrid, we cannot miss the opportunity to take a tour of the corridors of its historical museums. Enjoy the best museums in Spain. We will be able to glimpse not only some of the most important works of art for humanity, but ​we will also embark on a journey to the history of the art in itself​.

Madrid has become a tourist place visited by millions of people every year, this is largely due to its wide range of museums. Let’s run through a little history, so you can find out what they have to offer you.

The Prado museum, the most important art gallery in the world

One of the places that you should certainly not miss when visiting Madrid is ​the Prado museum​. Together with ​the Reina Sofía museum​ and ​the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum​, which we will talk about later, they make up ​the so-called Art Triangle​.

In it, you can find some of the most famous works by ​Velázquez​, such as ​Las Meninas​, or Goya,​ suchas​LaMajaDesnuda​.Also,asworksbyotherprominentartistssuchas​Las tres Gracias​, by ​Rubens​; ​La crucifixión​, by ​El Greco​; The popular ​El jardín de las Delicias​, by ​El Bosco​ and many other renowned works of art.

The Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Center

Unlike the previous one, ​this museum is dedicated to contemporary art​, and you can find emblematic works of art such as ​El Guernica​ by ​Picasso​, this being the most prominent in its corridors. We can also admire works by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Juan Gris and some international artists such as Kandinsky.

It is located on the old General Hospital of Madrid, ​a neoclassical building from the 18th century​. In this way, we will literally be walking through Spanish history.

Finally, the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum

To end the historical tour and closing with the Art Triangle, we will walk through the corridors of the Villahermosa Palace, ​where the largest artistic collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza family is located​. We will find a wide variety of works of art by both national and international artists of the fourteenth, fifteenth centuries, Pop Art and contemporary art, ​containing more than 700 copies​.

We will fill in some historical gaps left by previous museums on the tour, and ​we will be able to admire works of art by great artists​, such as ​Renoir​, ​Cézanne​, ​Gauguin​ or ​Kandinski​.

A journey through the evolution of art

As we could see, Madrid is positioned as a key city when it comes to talking about the history of art. Some of the best museums in Spain can be found here.

Thanks to its important museums, ​you can see, in great detail, the evolution of art​ and the processes that some of the most renowned artists in the world went through to make their most beautiful works of art.

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