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The Ocean Poets: Connecting with Nature in Cantabria

The Ocean Poets is a unique experience that combines surfing, poetry, nature and culture in Cantabria. Connect with yourself and nature, learn to surf, discover poetry, get to know the local culture and connect with inspiring people. Don't miss this adventure!


The 10 Best Beaches of Cantabria

The Autonomous Community of Cantabria is located in the north of Spain. It has 220 km of coastline, with more than 90 beaches, some small, others urban, wild, open to the sea, secluded, calm, or strong waves.


The best amusement parks to visit in Spain

Enjoying the best amusement parks to visit in Spain has never been so perfect and simple as it is now. We encourage you to contact us, to take advantage of the best transfer in order to reach the park you want immediately and without any issue!