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  • Christmas shopping!

    Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but sometimes it can get a bit stressfull. So many gifts, so many things to think about and you can’t forget anything at all for this wonderful holiday of the year! For some it is considered the “best time of the year”. We recommend shopping at these …

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  • Barcelona’s version of Halloween

    Spain is different for so many reasons, and Barcelona’s Halloween is one more added to the list! In Barcelona, Halloween is known as the Chestnut (La Castanyada!). It is a very traditional festival that takes place on October 31st, the night before All Saints Day (November 1st). Originally Castanyada was a tribute to dead people, …

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  • Best Activities in Barcelona

    Barcelona has so much to offer that sometimes its difficult to decide what to do when you have a short period of time. We have come up with a list of the best activities and plans to do once you visit Barcelona.   Enjoy a walk around town –>  Barcelona is a big city, but …

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  • Best plans for New Years!

    There are just perfect plans to do once you visit Madrid and need to plan a perfect New Years. (These plans are fully open and full of locals as well!) Get dressed, get together with your family and friends and prepare youself to enjoy a great and enjoyable New Years in Spains Capital with great …

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  • Barcelona and its Museums

    There is always something to do in Barcelona. Even when you think you have seen the whole city, there is always something else to see and enjoy in this great cosmopolitan city. I am a particular fan of museums and especially on rainy days. When I am on holidays I take a chance to get …

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  • Barcelona walking tour

    What you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona

    Barcelona is known for so many things, but if its your first time here, there are some MUST-SEES which you cannot miss! Here is a short list of attractions and monuments you cannot miss even if you have a short hourly visit! There are so many more, but this is especially designed for cruisers who …

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