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  • Countries that begin to reopen post Covid-19

    Everyone is waiting patiently for countries to reopen. This travel break has given us a chance to dream about our next travel. We are happy to say that the first countries are starting to reopen post Covid-19! Europe is starting to activate tourism. Index for the countries reopening post covid-19 go to France go to …

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  • Toledo and the Burial of the Count of Orgaz; one of El Greco paintings

    Get to know one of El Greco paintings and most important works of art in the city of Toledo. We will explain the most important details of this work of art: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz. Enjoy this explanation to get to know and enjoy this emblematic painting from El Greco. Coming to …

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  • Easter in Seville

    Easter in Seville: devotion on the streets

    Seville has been holding its Easter week celebrations since the 16th century, and they have become universally famous. Some 50,000 people put on traditional robes to parade in the 58 organised processions, while the “costaleros” carry the pasos (religious statues) on their shoulders. There are processions in the evening and at night every day. Each …

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  • Tenerife: Carnival, beach and mountain

    Tenerife: Carnival, beach and mountain

    Second only to Rio Janeiro as the most well-known and popular carnival in the world, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is an eclectic mix of exotic costumes, shows, parades, and boisterous parties day and night. Get swept up in the hedonistic atmosphere of this most beloved celebration, where normal taboos disappear and everything goes. …

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  • Malta Private Tours

    New destination: Malta, the specialised website on luxury trips and tours around the most important cities in the world has widen its range of products with two new destinations, Valleta and Mdina, both of them on Malta. That way, our customers can enjoy the Mediterranean charm of one of the most historical places in Europe, in the …

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  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, city of fashion at the beginning of the year

    January in Amsterdam is imbued with an unmistakable post-holiday calm. Visitors are free to alternate between the outdoor chill and the cozy, climate-controlled indoors; brisk walks around town are a treat on clear days, and when the wintry climate loses its appeal, travelers can find respite from the cold in museums, cafes, restaurants and more. …

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