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  • The best museums in Spain:

    A journey through art history When we visit Madrid, we cannot miss the opportunity to take a tour of the corridors of its historical museums. Enjoy the best museums in Spain. We will be able to glimpse not only some of the most important works of art for humanity, but ​we will also embark on a …

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  • Everglades, a Wild Natural Space

    Visit Everglades National Park with Tour Travel & More Surely, you have already heard about Everglades National Park, but if not, we invite you on this trip to get to know Everglades, a Wild Natural Space. Everglades is the largest subtropical natural park in the United States. It is located in the extreme south of …

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  • Dubai desert

    A day in the desert of Dubai

    Adventure dune bashing, sand-boarding and BBQ dinner with entertainment Although there is a lot to see in the city of Dubai, visiting the desert is one of the most interesting and active activities you can enjoy in the UAE. Located approximately 30 minutes away from the city, the desert of Dubai is one of the …

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  • Local Gastronomy of Italy

    Enjoy the delicious Italian dishes Italy is a country very well known due to its incredible history, monuments and buildings, but, what about the local gastronomy?. I dare say that many times we travel to Italy more for its food than for touring, am I right?. You have many local dishes to taste in any …

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  • Ghetto heroes square

    Kazimierz, one of the main jewish heritage in Europe

    Discover one of the main quarters of Krakow with Tour Travel & More Before the Second World War, Krakow was the 4th biggest largest jewish settlement in Poland. Kazimierz was founded by King Kazimierz the great in 1335, who decided to build this new area because the city was overcrowded. It was originally built as …

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  • Best Food in Spain

    Try out the amazing food of Spain Have a view at what the best tapas and food are in Spain. Foodies are very well welcomed in Spain! Everyone loves to walk around each city and discover its history as well as the amazing food options that there is to option. There are so many different …

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