10 curious facts that nobody tells you about some countries

The different countries that make up our continents generally have very curious and perhaps unique data, which over time have been forgotten over the years. You will be surprised to learn about these unknown aspects of the world we inhabit. It is important to highlight the beauty and history of this beautiful planet. Here bellow we will reveal some of them.

Curiosities that nobody tells you, located in North America

– In Canada there is a triple island and the largest in the world.

It is located on Victoria Island; That is, the island is located in a lake, and in turn, it has an island with its lake, which in turn has another island. Also, this country is considered to have the largest number of lakes, and they are called closed seas. In the Philippines there is also a similar one, but this one from Canada took the record.

– Greenland, the largest island on the planet.

Most of its surface is covered with ice, more than 80%, and corresponds to the Kingdom of Denmark. It is located between two oceans, the Arctic and the North Atlantic, northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland. It has a small population and is located mainly on the coasts of the island.

It is considered to have the 2nd largest ice sheet on the planet and is located on one, which is connected to that of North America. Likewise, it contains the oldest rocks, from approximately 3.8 billion years ago, little vegetation and forest lands, at the southern end of Nanortalik.

– In Utah, United States

There is a group of aspen trees, about 47,000 thousand. It is a living organism, also called Pando or “The Temblon giant”. They are trees with long peduncles, which all share and are connected by their roots underground. It is considered the largest, oldest and heaviest organism on the planet.

It reproduces asexually (that is, it is a colony of clones from a male poplar and they are all genetically the same), by stolons or shoots, from its roots, until it reaches adulthood. It is intuited that its last flowering was about 10,000 years ago,

 Curiosities that nobody tells you, located in Central and South America

– In the city of Yoro, in the north of Honduras

Once a year a very interesting and incredible meteorological phenomenon happens. During the transition or change of season from spring to summer, silverfish rain down; something like falling from the sky. A phenomenon that the inhabitants of the area have been observing for more than a century.

– In Cartagena de Indias, in Colombia

45 minutes away is the island of Barú, famous for its beaches with crystal clear waters, as well as very white sand. But its greatest attraction is the sea, which is illuminated with the so-called luminous or bioluminescent plankton. Phenomenon that is best observed at night, where the waters have tiny blue spots that illuminate it.

– Bolivia, the flattest country on the planet,

Has the longest extension of salt, called “Las Salinas de Uyuni”, which is a natural salt deposit in the open air. It is also considered the largest lithium reserve in the world. During most of the year, this salt flat remains dry, except for the rainy season in the summer.

– On the other hand, the country of Argentina has Aconcagua

Which is the highest mountain on the continent and which rises about 6,962 meters above the sea. It is located in the province of Mendoza, and is part of the Andes Mountains. It is considered the highest peak on the planet apart from the Himalayas.

Geologists have located that Aconcagua dates from the Permotriaic age, that is, some 280 million back in time. In addition, the mountain was formed by the subduction of the Nazca plate, which is located below that of South America, in the Andean orogeny period, acting from the Jurassic to the present day.

Curiosities that nobody tells you located in Europe

– In this continent we have the oldest and oldest country on the planet: San Marino; which dates from the year 301 after Christ. Its name is due to a stonemason of Christian origin who had escaped from the Emperor Diocletian, and found refuge in this place. His name was Marinus the Dalmatian; He founded a Christian community and later the owner of the land left them this territory.

This city preserves its ancient buildings and alleys of medieval origin, with 62 square kilometers of extension. It is an enclave of Italy, and its capital is located on the fabulous slopes of Mount Titano, which is the highest point in the country. This place is considered the oldest, because it has been inhabited since prehistoric times on the planet, according to evidence.

– Russia is the largest country on the planet,

Bordering 16 states, including Finland, Latvia, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, North Korea, among others . The size represents 11% of the emerged land of the planet.

It has abundant mineral reserves and energy resources that are still unexploited. It also has a good part of forest and fresh water resources that has not been frozen; more or less, the 4th part of the planet. Also, coal and natural gas reserves.

– Lastly, Denmark has the oldest and oldest flag

And it goes by the name of Dannenbrog. It has been an inspiration for other countries such as Norway, Iceland, Finland and Sweden. It is a rectangular shape, red in color and is crossed by a white Nordic cross.

This arose as a result of a battle in Lyndanise in 1219, when the Danes defeated the Estonians by order of King Valdemar II, with the excuse of helping the crusaders in Palestine and following the orders of the pope of the time.

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