What are the largest skyscrapers in New York?

The first skyscrapers were built at the end of the 19th century. By the early twentieth century, in 1913, the Woolworth building was considered the tallest in the world. Today, skyscrapers are between 300 and 600 m high, and many of them have been built in 2020.

This is a beautiful city, with its characteristic skyline and titanic buildings, each time perfecting the incredible art with engineering. This competition for the heights now presents us with skyscrapers for luxury homes, south of Central Park.

Tallest New York Skyscrapers – Between 104 and 98 Stories

The One World Trade Center

Built on the ruins of the Twin Towers, it is the tallest skyscraper in New York and the main part of the new complex; Opened in 2014, it is 541 m high, with 104 floors and 73 elevators. It has a viewpoint with a panoramic and surprising view.

It is considered the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere; its viewpoint is called the One World Observatory and is located between floors 100 to 102, reached by the SkyPod elevators; that is, the elevators work the same as high-speed trains. The capsules can curve without any problem and are kept horizontal thanks to a gyroscope.

The observatory has a width of 11,613 square meters, covering the 3 levels, and from where it inspires and motivates you to observe the spectacular skyline of New York City; reaching a coverage of 72.5 km, towards any direction that is chosen.

The empire state building

A skyscraper of history, as it was built after the demolition of the 19th century Waldorf Astoria hotel, finishing the work in 1931. It has a height of 381 m and consists of offices and a pleasant observatory with windows on the 102nd floor, with a spectacular view of the city. town.

The Central Park Tower

With 472 m high, it has 98 floors. Also 432 Park Avenue with 426 m high and 89 floors; both belong to the luxury skyscrapers for homes, south of Central Park, offering the best views of it.

Its construction began in 2004 and has been completed in 2020. It is considered the second tallest skyscraper in all of New York City. A design made with the best architects and engineers in the world. Floors 1-7 will be used by a company called Nordstrom for luxury commercial stores. Then, from 8 to 12 the hotel will operate. The next 86 floors are for residential use.

These apartments, for their price, are accessible only to millionaires; they range between 8 and 65 million dollars. They can enjoy beautiful views, as the residences have huge glass windows, from ceiling to floor; allowing excellent luminosity. In addition, it has a gym and swimming pool service.

The tallest skyscrapers in New York – between 84 and 73 stories

111 West 57th Street

Also called the Steinway Tower, it is a very slim skyscraper for residence purposes. It was built over the 1925 Steinway Hall, and is considered the narrowest house in the world. It is 435 m high and has 84 floors.

Because it is such a narrow building, it only allows one apartment per floor, and its completion is expected in 2021. In addition, it will have a beautiful concert hall. Externally, its façade has been decorated with glass, limestone and terracotta pillars. Likewise, a pinnacle to the south, with multiple setbacks.

It is also mentioned that the architects and engineers, to counteract earthquakes and strong winds, have included a good 800-ton shock absorber. The first levels up to 5 belong to the common and rest areas, such as a spa with sauna, swimming pool, gym, treatment rooms, private dining room, meeting rooms, luxury shops, among others.

From the highest and most ostentatious cusp of the skyscraper you can appreciate the incredible view of the entire expanse of Central Park, including the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport, the busiest in the country, in the distance. In addition to the exceptional views of the Big Apple, which will delight you with a well-panoramic view of the surroundings.

53 West 53rd Street

Also called Moma Expansión Tower, with 320 m high and 77 floors. Building adjoining the Museum of Modern Art, its construction finished in 2019 and currently there is a restaurant, a golf simulator and a private theater.

30 Hudson Yards

Also known as the North Tower, with modern architecture, 387 m high and 73 floors. It has an open viewpoint called The Edge. Connects directly to Hudson Yards Mall 20.

The tallest skyscrapers in New York – between 58 and 55 stories

The One Vanderbilt

With 427 m high and 58 floors, its construction was completed in 2020. It is a combination of modern and functional. It also has an observatory, called The Summit, which will be operational by the end of 2021.

It is considered the 4th tallest skyscraper in New York, and its construction began in 2016. It is also considered the 2nd tallest building for offices. Its main attraction is the viewpoint called The Summit, which is the first to be located on the east side of the city, being able to appreciate Central Park, the Empire State, Roosevelt Island, the East River, among others.

Bank of America Tower

It is 366 m high and has 55 floors. Based on ecological architecture, insulating glass to capture natural light and keep warm; in addition to a system that collects rainwater, to be reused again.

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