10 Curiosities in Iceland

10 curiosities in Iceland

Iceland is a small island that has huge glaciers (about 400), many volcanoes with periodic eruptions and fissures on the Earth; in addition to its beautiful waterfalls, geysers, hot springs and green valleys.

Curiosities in relation to the fauna in Iceland

Island of ice and fire, where its population adapted to all adversities, taking advantage of the spectacular unique landscapes of its nature and fauna. Its population enjoys a positive energy, determined and with good humor, this being their style of life.

There are more sheep than inhabitants

There are approximately 600,000 sheep, which are indigenous and of a very pure breed. During the summer season they graze freely in the mountains, which is why their meat tastes better.

Already in the autumn, the farmers go up to look for their sheep, to take them to their farms and protect them from the harsh winter. For the people of Iceland, sheep not only provide them with meat, but also milk, wool and of course, hides.

The horses of Iceland

Currently about 85,000 horses are estimated, according to a census. They have existed on the island since the time of the first colonizers, a little over 1000 years ago. This breed maintains its same size, somewhat smaller than those of Europe, but very strong.

In addition, they have various gaits, the most famous and unique for running is called “Tölt”. In which the rider practically does not move and even a cup of liquid can be placed on the horse, and no drop will be spilled. Usually these horses freely graze all over the island.

There are no ants or mosquitoes

Mr. Xavier Espadaler Gelabert, a worker at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, in the area of ​​knowledge of Zoology, studied ants for 35 years and came to the conclusion that these insects make their nests on the floor.

Therefore, the Icelandic climate is so icy and cold that insects such as ants do not have the time it takes for the eggs and later the larvae to complete their biological cycle; since this is very slow. The same happens with mosquitoes.

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Other interesting curiosities that Iceland has

Peculiarity of traffic lights

This country has the most original traffic lights and barely has two of them. One in the city of Akureyri, near the Arctic Circle, about 100 kilometers away; and the other in Reykjavik, its capital.

The people of Akureyri made the decision to change the shape of the traffic lights, but keeping their color red. For them the rounded seemed bellicose and they decided to change it for a more friendly shape: the shape of a heart.

It does not have an Army and no police are armed

Since 1859 Iceland has no army. However, it belongs as a member of NATO, that is, of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. So, from 1951 to 2006 a military base was maintained in Iceland, thanks to an agreement with the US for its defense.

Therefore, it has a coast guard, a special police unit for certain and specific cases, peacekeeping forces and the police. The latter does not carry any type of weapon, they simply use an elongated instrument, like a kind of a roller and a pepper spray.

The famous museum of magic and witchcraft / the necropants

During the 17th century, 22 people were burned for allegedly performing acts of magic and witchcraft. This museum was opened with the idea of ​​paying homage to these characters.

In this hunt, a good percentage were male; that is to say, of the trials carried out, more or less about 120; and only 10 were female. Similarly, of the 22 who were burned at the stake, 1 was a woman. Also shown are the pants made with human skin and bearers of a spell, to obtain wealth and power.

Iceland Coastal Ring Road Tour

This road is completely circular and runs along the entire coast of Iceland. It has a double meaning, that is, one going and the other coming, therefore, it is indifferent through which channel to begin to circulate. Almost all of the Ring Roades is paved, except for a few sections at the level of the eastern fjords, a spectacular wonder of nature, which was created thousands of years ago.

Country with few inhabitants

A population of approximately 320,000 settlers or inhabitants. The island has always had a small population, this seems to be because most of them are related in some way and a good percentage of Icelanders find it difficult to form a family.

In addition, the north and the center of the country are uninhabited, due to the aridness of the lands and the harsh climate, especially in the winter season. Most live towards the coasts and to the south. The rest is a wonderful and magical nature.

The fascinating thing about the Northern Lights

The closer to the Arctic Circle we are, the more likely we are to observe this wonderful phenomenon. The best places on the island for this observation are the cities of Isafjordur, Akureyri and Húsavik. The best time is between April and September, with a fascinating sky of yellow, green and pink colors.

The law of 1615 that allowed the killing of Basques

In the seventeenth century there were several Basque colonizers on the island, due to the stranding of whaling ships. Hunger and lack of food led them to commit many crimes, which is why they were considered criminal invaders by Ari Magnússon. Then, the king Cristián IV promulgated a law that allowed to kill them, in the western fjords.

32 were executed, but one managed to escape. This event is known as the Massacre of the Spaniards and the law was repealed in 2015, thanks to a reconciliation between the descendants of one of the murderers and one of the murdered, hugging each other and reading poems.

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