“Emily in Paris” season 2: the locations where it was filmed.

Terrace of Café Marly, near the Louvre Museum

On October 2, 2020, through the broadcast medium of Netflix, was released in full pandemic Emily in Paris, its first season; and it was all a charm in that time of confinement. In addition to a treat, watching the walks through the various gardens of Luxembourg, work in the Place de Valois, some snacks at the Café de Flore, parties overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Running along the banks of the Seine, among others.

It was listed as the most watched series in 2020 in terms of comedy, on this Netflix platform; it was also nominated for an Emmy Award. Now it has been released, in December 2021, the 2nd season of Emily in Paris; with 10 episodes that will not disappoint you and still starring Lily Collins. 

This new season shows us different places at the level of squares, restaurants, streets, stores, cafes, palaces like Versailles and even places outside Paris as Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, among others. But it also gives us a beautiful wardrobe by designer Patricia Field. It is said that, before the end of 2022, perhaps the 3rd season of Emily in Paris will be released. 

What is observed in the 2nd season of Emily in Paris?

Emily in Paris, in its 1st season, left many questions unanswered, especially in its finale. Then, in view of its great success, the way to get a renewal was through the communiqué sent by Silvie, director of Savoir in Paris, to Chicago, to announce that Emily must stay for a longer period in Paris. 

Season 2 shows us a more mature and solid Emily in the city, assimilating better the culture and facing the challenge of learning the language. It also shows us her evolution at the Savoir company, the future of Gabriel and his restaurant (thanks to the new investor) and, of course, how the love triangle already discovered by Camille and her great strategy of reconquest is resolved. 

The whole plot will take us to beautiful locations in Paris and beyond, such as Saint Tropez. The extraordinary costumes, both for Emily and the entire cast, are the work of designer Patricia Field. But the end of this season also leaves us with new unknowns, which will lead us to season 3.

Because it is not yet known what decision Emily will make for her future job, either in Paris or in Chicago. Likewise, her relationship with both Camille and Gabriel, since from now on they will be neighbors in the same building.

Some of the locations of Emily’s 2nd season in Paris:

Place de l’Estrapade. At the level of the Latin Quarter, in the 5th arrondissement, is located this beautiful square, and a few steps from the Pantheon of the city. That is the area where Emily’s apartment is located, which today is one of the must-see for fans of this series. In addition, it is located 10 minutes walk from the metro station Gare de l’Est and trains to the east of France. 

This station Gare de l’Est is located in the heart of the 10th district, inaugurated in 1850, being the oldest in the city. Its architecture shows us its past, and is also located next to the train station of the same name, which go to international routes such as Luxembourg and Germany; since 1975 the building is a Historic Monument.

Another of the locations is the restaurant called in the series Les Deux Compéres, where Gabriel works as chef; its real name is Terra Nera. It is located at 18 Rue des Fossés Saint Jacques; which is located next to the Curie Museum. A restaurant that is basically dedicated to Italian type food. 

Likewise, the Café Marly is a real restaurant, located just a few meters from the main entrance of the Louvre Museum, and a few meters from the Tuilleries Garden and the Carrousel; where Emily, Camille and Silvie meet to share a working lunch. Located at 93 Rue de Rivoli. In addition, it is a very distinguished restaurant and shows the beautiful Louvre pyramid in its shot. 

The Perrotin Paris Art Gallery, which was founded in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin and where contemporary art is exhibited in real life, is the place where the protagonist Emily works. The gallery occupies 2 floors of the building, located at 76 Rue du Turenne, in the district of Le Marais; quite close to the Museum of the famous Picasso.

Emily’s best friend, with whom she also shares an apartment, Mindy, sings in the Latin Quarter in front of the Fontaine Saint Michel. Her first performance was on the street, when she joined a group. And then she invites her friends to enjoy her new job at a live music club called Roxie, located in the 8th arrondissement, fulfilling her dream of becoming a singer.

Other locations of Emily’s 2nd season in Paris:

La Samaritaine department store:

Emily, who is a fashion lover, appears on 2 occasions in this place; which was renovated and reopened its doors in mid 2021, after being closed since 2005 due to the deterioration it presented. It is also the emblem of the firm Louis Vuitton.

The Galeries Lafayette: 

Europe’s largest and most luxurious department store, located on Boulevard Haussmann, at the 9th arrondissement level in Paris. The Emily in Paris series in its 2nd season shows Emily on the rooftop of La Tortuga restaurant; which is said to have the most incredible views of the Opéra Garnier. 

The Pont Neuf Bridge:

In the final scene of this 2nd season Emily appears on the Pont Neuf, west of the Pont des Arts; which was built in the sixteenth century, being the oldest stone bridge in the city of Paris. In this scene the protagonist, looking towards the waters of the Seine, reflects on the decision she must make about her future and calls Silvie to give her her answer. Which we will get in the 3rd season of Emily in Paris.

Emily’s locations outside of Paris in her 2nd season:

The station of Villefranche-sur-Mer, near Saint Tropez:

Here begins your adventure to the French Riviera, departing from the Gare de l’Est train station, which currently operates with national and international lines and nearby distances, such as Monaco, Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer, among others.

The latter located in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur area; but it does not go to Saint-Tropez, where our Emily is headed. She travels alone from Paris to this station near Saint-Tropez. And in the chapel of Chapelle Saint-Pierre or Saint-Pierre she meets her friend Camille. Church that has frescoes by Jean Cocteau, on the life of St. Peter and the sea. 

The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat: 

Emily stays at this grand Four Seasons hotel, a beautiful resort that exists in real life located between Monaco and Nice; a peninsula of magnificent hotels, sumptuous villas and spectacular gardens. 

The hotel consists of luxurious rooms, facing the sea, a palatial property, in which Emily meets with designer Elliot Dupree, to reach an agreement on a negotiation. Besides enjoying the gastronomy of its restaurant and the swimming pool of this French Riviera.

The Loire Valley:

In chapter 8 of the series already Camille and Emily are back together, and Emily must organize the campaign to publicize the wine of Camille’s family at her parents’ house, in the incredible gardens of the Loire Valley. They are located 3 hours from their capital and in the heart of France, near Chinon. It is also known as the Garden of France and for the number of castles it has. 

The Laurent Grateau restaurant:

In reality, this restaurant is fictitious. But 30 minutes from the film is located the beach club of the Côte d’Azur or Paloma beach, which dates back to 1948. It is there that Emily celebrates the Champagne promotion party of Camille’s family in Saint Tropez. In addition, the place offers Mediterranean dishes and a variety of drinks, as well as sun and beach. 

The Palace of Versailles:

A 30-minute train ride from Paris will take you to the Palace of Versailles, where the fashion show of a new lingerie by the famous designer Gregory, dedicated to pay homage to Marie Antoinette, will take place. The setting is the Hall of Mirrors. At the end, Gregory announces to the Savoir marketing company, who organized the show, that he will no longer work with them because they do not understand the French. 

In real life it is a Palace, whose walls contain scenes of its time; an architecture that is a Treasure for the country and that was the residence during the reigns of Louis XIV, XV and XVI; perfecting each time both the park and the gardens. 

The Senequier Café:

In Saint Tropez we also see Emily and her friends in front of the Café Senequier, famous for its facade, chairs and tables in red tones, which dates back to 1887. Preserving the Mediterranean spirit of that time and that does not go unnoticed in front of the port where the yachts are moored. 

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