The East Coast of the USA, what to do and where to start?

If we go to the strictly geographical concept of the East coast of the USA, then it includes the entire extension that goes from the state of Maine to Florida, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. But this coast is also called the “Atlantic coast”, and it refers only to the area that goes from the center to the north of this coast; bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the country of Canada.

However, the region that is estimated to have the most tourism is located in what is called the “Mid-Atlantic”; that is, it comprises the states of Washington D.C, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. From the seventeenth century, the north coast had a great colonization by the English, the famous 13 British colonies; which exploited the people, leading to the independence of the nation in 1776.

Some generalities of the East coast of the USA

So, if you travel to this coast, you should not miss some of the most important cities on the East coast of the USA, such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and of course, Washington DC, where you can enjoy a luxury tour that will not forget; Valuable scenarios of history about the origin of the independence of the United States.

Now, if you want to travel by car, these cities can be connected by a highway that replaced Route 1, Interstate 95; Also and if you prefer, you can get to know them by traveling by high speed train. The important thing is that accommodation of different kinds, typical gastronomy, in addition to the many monuments that the area offers are found in all of them.

Where should we start the tour of the East Coast of the USA?

We will start with the northernmost state, Boston, then we will arrive in New York, to continue the itinerary towards Philadelphia and Washington D.C; emblematic and important scenes of the past of the USA.

The State of Boston – A sprawling old city with many historic buildings and colonial-style streets. It is recommended to follow the 4-kilometer route of the Freedom Trail, where you will meet 16 important stops in downtown Boston; showing the different historical monuments of the time.

This path is marked by red bricks, which begin at Boston Common, which is the oldest park and witness of many executions, and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument, where the largest confrontation between the Americans and the British took place in Charlestown. Of course, the tour can be done on your own or in a group with a guide, who will explain every detail.

Other places to visit are the Beacon Hill neighborhood, a place very photographed for its beautiful houses and flowery windows, shops, among others. Here you can make another circuit, that is, the arrival of the Africans in Boston; the Black Heritage Trail.

The state of New York: The state of New York, located in the northeast of the USA and the largest industrial, commercial and financial center, is considered, together with Washington D.C, what is called the United States of America; being its capital Albany. But the city with the largest population is New York City, which is located on the northeast coast of the country. Therefore, they should not be confused.

It was originally colonized by the Dutch, calling the area New Netherlands, and they also called Manhattan the New Amsterdam; later the English called the region and the city of Manhattan “New York.” This means that New York belonged to the thirteen colonies of the British and later they were revealed in a war to obtain independence.

New York City is divided into 5 boroughs, such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. City full of innumerable places to know; from its imposing skyscrapers and buildings with a lot of art and spectacular architecture, to the variety of museums, the Broadway theater, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, among others.

Going down further south on the east coast of the USA

The city of Philadelphia: It belongs to the state of Pennsylvania, it is its largest city located on the bank of the Delaware River; In addition, it is the intermediate point between New York City and Washington D.C. In Philadelphia the declaration and signing of the Independence of the country was made. Among the places to know we have the Independence National Historical Park, here the Independence Hall is located.

Also other buildings such as the First Bank of the United States, Congress Hall and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. Other points are the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with some 200 galleries, the Liberty Bell, the City Hall or old city hall, the prison where Al Capone was, and the Eastern State Penitentiary, among others.

The city of Washington D.C: Washington D.C, in addition to being the capital of the country, is also the seat of the US government, where s They house the most important buildings. Almost all of them are located within the National Mall park, along about 3 kilometers, with open-air gardens; you can photograph, for example, the White House towards the north of the park. On the east side, the Capitol or Congress, with the beautiful dome that characterizes it.

Next, to the western end, is the fantastic Abraham Lincoln monument, located inside a classical Greek-style temple; and the George Washington commemoration, the white obelisk. Also the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with the name of the deceased. They cannot forget Thomas Jefferson, forming a line with that of Washington and the White House.

Within this national park there are also several museums, such as the Air and Space Museum, with a wonderful collection of spaceships and airplanes. Once you have finished your tour of the national park, you can dedicate yourself to visiting other places such as the Pentagon or the country’s Department of Defense, like the Arlington Cemetery.

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