Top 10 of the most amazing castles in Germany

Germany has an aristocratic past that is still present, and we can enjoy it by visiting some of our top 10 of the most amazing castles in Germany, or even all of them, don’t you think? These dream buildings, which are wonderfully preserved over time, take us back to stories lived by kings, queens and nobles who shaped, in one way or another, present-day Germany. If you want to enjoy some great days, visit Germany on a private tour with peace of mind and build new experiences and memories.

During the time of feudal Germany the construction of fortresses proliferated with the aim of preserving the German power. Thanks to this, today we have the opportunity to visit amazing castles; whose facilities allow us to fantasize about being a noble knight or a charming princess. Some castles are as close as an hour’s distance from the largest German airport; others further afield and are still worth visiting.

The 10 most amazing castles in Germany

Some castles in Germany are surrounded by recent architecture, enhancing the old and new in this beautiful country. And to enjoy dreamy environments when visiting the 10 most amazing castles in Germany, you can choose between boat tours, train rides, plane rides, car rides, public transport and even funicular. Because in Germany the possibilities to recreate the magic of life are endless, make the most of them.

Eltz Castle, the jewel above the Moselle valley

This medieval castle is located 70 meters on a hill and reveals a view that allows you to perceive a magical environment. An exclusive jewel preserved in perfect condition by the 33 generations of the same dynasty that has inhabited it since the 13th century. Inside, spaces such as the treasure chamber protect works of art in gold and silver, exquisite jewelry, glass, armor, shields, masks and more; just a small mouthful of what you will admire there.

Cochem Castle

Witnessing a thousand years of German history made this fortress a strategic route between France and Germany. The Castillo de Cochem has 50 rooms and in its interior there is still a beautiful dining room 5 meters long, the Gothic hall, the romantic room, the hunting room, the ceremony room and the weapons room. And if you decide to navigate the Moselle River, you can still see the Cochem Palace in all its splendor.

Neuschwanstein Fortress or the new swan stone

A castle worthy of the most beautiful fairy tale. And one of the great architectural legacies promoted by King Louis II of Bavaria, also called the Dreaming King. The palace of fantasy stands imposingly in the middle of the majestic Bavarian forest. In a pleasant and affordable way, you get to the castle from Munich, boarding the train that goes to Fussen; and on the road enjoy the phenomenal view, then by bus you travel 8 minutes to the base of the castle.

Hohenzollern Castle

For the wonderful panoramic view offered by the castle battlements, it is worth visiting. A castle built for the most admired German nobility, as its captivating design once hosted the kings of Prussia. The beautiful Hohenzollern Castle houses an invaluable collection of royal jewels; the most impressive is the crown of the kings, made with gold and pearls. Remember to visit the blue room and the medieval chapels.

Heidelberg castle

Heidelberg Castle is like a badly wounded red giant, keeping its courage undefeated in the Alps. To access its facilities you can choose between the funicular or the walk. Upon arrival enjoy the view from its beautiful gardens, also capture a good moment next to the largest wine barrel in the world. And, as every summer the castle cultural festival comes to the castle, make your plans, dress up and enjoy various moves of high nobility.

The Albrechtsburg Fortress

The city of Meissen knows that it has a beautiful architectural gem in the Gothic style, restored in the 19th century and nestled on a beautiful little hill. Its imposing exterior contrasts with its cozy internal environment, it also offers its visitors a stunning view. In addition, it allows you to enjoy some experiences of the German past, even at the time the castle hosted a very interesting porcelain production.

Moritz Castle and its Baroque emotion

The city of Moritzburg exhibits this beautiful palace that is nestled on an artificial island. It was built in 1546 as a hunting lodge for Duke Moritz of Saxony; later a chapel, a beautiful park designed in a U, and lagoons were added. In 1776 the small Pheasant Castle was annexed to it, then the beautiful Venus Fountain, a small harbor, a boardwalk and a lighthouse. It boasts a beautiful series of royal carriages and a magical collection of red deer horns.

The Castle of Katz or Cat Castle

Going down the legendary river Rhine can take you to this beautiful fortress; the view from there will leave you in complete ecstasy. A construction worthy of being declared a World Heritage Site and that stands safely and firmly on a cliff. Count William II of Katzenelnbogen ordered its construction around 1371; and the white Riesling grape variety was grown in its vineyards. Napoleon attacked it in 1806 and it was then rebuilt.

Marksburg Castle

Following the route of the river Rhine, the Marksburg Castle appears imposing, a beautiful German medieval architecture also declared a World Heritage Site. Climbing up to the castle will put your legs and lungs to the test; the prize: a unique and exclusive view before your eyes. This palace was never conquered or destroyed, so it maintains its original structure and can be aptly called a fortress.

Mespelbrunn Castle

At this point medieval and modern intertwine, as Mespelbrunn Castle in Bavaria is only 65 km from Frankfurt. Positioned in a beautiful valley, today this beautiful building reflects the serenity and warmth that once was surely lacking in its interior. And it is that its moat was the protection required for enemies and unwanted visitors to abandon their pretensions of conquest. Today its beautiful and serene view transports us.

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