The best places to see the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis are an amazing natural gift best admired in polar areas and against a dark night sky. The auroras that are observed in the northern hemisphere are known as the Northern Lights; while those that occur in the southern hemisphere are the Southern Lights. And since life is beautiful and you can give yourself permission to enjoy it, we make it super easy for you; know in detail the best places to see the northern lights. 

The beautiful aurora borealis originates when the sun undergoes explosions and generates intense solar flares; which release incalculable space particles. When these particles encounter the magnetosphere, protons and electrons are released, producing electrical effects. These effects give rise to the beautiful auroras, which vary in their shape, intensity and colors. The best time to see auroras is from December to February.

And although auroras have been observed in countries somewhat isolated from the earth’s poles, there are very appropriate places to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon in all its splendor. So, take advantage of the winter and delight your eyes and soul admiring the stunning aurora borealis.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Finland is the best place in the world to see the northern lights, and specifically Rovaniemi can boast of this great privilege. And although in the city you can frequently observe the northern lights, when you move around the magical environment of the place you will perceive that you are living an enchanted story. So, go ahead and enjoy a tour through the Finnish forests, sit safely by a frozen lake and watch the sky turn to art.

Tromso, Norway

This area so close to the North Pole is called the gateway to the Arctic in Norway; because Tromson is located above the Arctic Circle. Here the natural environment is of great importance and watching the Northern Lights has its protocol. Getting into nature, responsibly and carefully lighting a good fire, sitting by the fire on comfortable reindeer skins, tasting delicious cookies and chocolate and joyfully awaiting the beautiful lights.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Nordic landscapes lead the way among the best places to see the northern lights. And in Reykjavik the intensity and frequency with which this phenomenon is observed is impressive. Reykjavík’s sky is continuously adorned with the impetuous energy of the northern lights, which is why they can be seen even in the center of the city. Even so, the desert landscapes outside the city offer a dazzling and beautiful colorful perspective.

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Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna has the driest and clearest climate in Sweden, ideal for viewing the most beautiful aurora borealis. So, go ahead and tour Kiruna, home to one of the most epic natural environments in Swedish Lapland. Enjoy this unforgettable experience on a sled, reach the exclusive Aurora Colosseum ice monument and fill your eyes with wonder. Away from the light pollution enjoy a delicious dinner, watching a celestial light dance.

Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands

In the coastal area of Norway are located the beautiful Lofoten Islands, where the aurora borealis belt welcomes you. These mischievous lights beautify the sky of ancient fishing villages and then travel throughout the country. And in their constant circulation the dazzling aurora borealis are painting and beautifying the clear sky with their multicolored tones. Live this wonderful night experience and enjoy the celestial magic.

Vancouver, Canada

Why Vancouver? Because from its airport you can get to Whitehorse, a beautiful place on the banks of the Yukon River, where you can observe the spectacular aurora borealis. Generally in Whitehorse you can see the northern lights between the months of November and April. Therefore, it is common to see locals and visitors gathered in front of the flames of a large campfire, happily contemplating each majestic boreal light that appears.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is one of the best places to see the boreal lights, so include it on your list. And Fairbanks gives you more, where you can enjoy a day trip to Chena Hot Springs. Make the most of your day by admiring the surroundings and pampering your body by relaxing in the hot tub or Rock Lake. And in the evening, make your way to the Aurorium, where with a lot of patience and a fun spirit you can watch the beautiful Northern Lights streaking across the sky.

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Murmansk, Russia

Murmansk is the largest port in Russia and has the peculiarity that its waters do not freeze; it is a magical place with a special environment where you can see reindeer and beautiful Husky. Also, you will be able to coexist with the Saami, who are ancient European indigenous inhabitants, who zealously preserve their ancestral culture. And since the Northern Lights have captivated the interest of thousands of people since ancient times, you will see them in Murmansk.

Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk is the least populated place in the world and is therefore ideal for escaping the extensive light pollution that exists on the planet. This atmospheric cleanliness favors the city and makes it one of the most exclusive places to observe the northern lights, because its sky is extremely clean. So, take advantage of this unique opportunity and admire in Nuuk a boreal spectacle that will leave you speechless; remember to bring your camera. 

Scotland, United Kingdom

Is it possible to see the Northern Lights in Scotland? Of course it is, on the coasts near Caithness. So, travel around the place during the month of February and your chances of seeing a spectacular boreal phenomenon will increase a lot. And the fact is that Scotland has a very typical dark sky in all its corners; in which, like a beautifully painted canvas, you can capture the magical and attractive landscapes illuminated by the northern lights.

Likewise, the archipelago of the Orkney Islands, in which only 20 of them are inhabitable, can be observed in a very clear and vivid way the boreal dance in the night sky. Visit some of these amazing places and fill your life with the transcendental boreal light.

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