The best destinations in Spain to travel with your pet

Traveling is one of the great pleasures that life allows us, and doing it with our pet elevates our happiness to the sky. And thanks to the pet-friendly movement that continues to conquer hearts and spaces in the big cities of the world, now being able to travel with your pet is easier. That’s why we make it easy for you by detailing the best destinations in Spain to travel with your pet. They are sure to have a great time at your next destination. 

You will know that a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, beach or other facility is pet friendly because it will visibly indicate so. In addition, the activities carried out in these places or the services provided will be driven by a conscious and respectful attitude towards animals. Our animals are an inseparable part of the family and need our constant care and attention. So, long live pet-friendly places!

Valencia, the forerunner 

In 2019 the Valencian city council carried out the campaign “Traveling Together is Better”; thus becoming the first Spanish city as a pet-friendly destination. This metropolis has the Valencia Pet Friendly website, which informs visitors about the alternatives available for leisure and recreation with their pets. In Valencia, pets are welcome with their owners in restaurants, hotels, means of transportation and more.

Ponferrada, the best

A report by the Holidu platform confirmed that 35% of tourist accommodations in this city happily accept pets. This makes Ponferrada the best Spanish city to travel with your pet. And what can you do there? Walk with your pet through the various museums, visit amazing and very old mines, visit the villages that make up the area of El Bierzo and more, all with your favorite animal.

Gijón, the pamperer

This beautiful Asturian city is among the best in Spain to travel with your pet; especially if it is a K9. What does Gijón offer to animals and their owners? More than 40 green areas for your pet’s recreation and free play. And if you often shy away from taking your doggy friend to the coast, take a break at the Rinconín dog beach. And there’s more, in Gijón, for every 1918 people there is a pet-friendly bar or store; what a joy to know.

Cómo viajar con un animal de compañía por España en 2021 | Fundación  Affinity

Madrid expectant 

If you travel with your pet to the Spanish capital there are many pet-friendly options to choose from. Hotel chains, various bars, cafes, restaurants and others will make your desire to have fun with your pet a reality. In addition, in innovative Madrid you can travel on public transportation with pets. Even bookstores and clothing stores have surrendered to the pet-friendly movement; find out more on the website “Madrid con Perros” and have a great time.

Lugo offers Perritourism

The pet-friendly alternative offered by this pleasant Galician city is more inclined towards dogs. For this reason, the company Perriturismo organizes plans every weekend to guarantee the recreation and attention of dogs and their owners. Among them, an amazing tour of the exquisite wineries, beautiful trails, viewpoints and hiking trails in the province of Lugo. All this including accommodation, meals and tours, what more could you ask from life?

Barcelona, the flexible

The charming city of Barcelona and its 1300 accommodations with pet-friendly philosophy invite you to visit it with your pet. Walk along Paseo de Gracia, the city center and Las Ramblas, the most fun and popular street in Barcelona. All without worrying about your pet because you will have it there, by your side and very happy. In Barcelona there are many bars and restaurants that are pet friendly; moreover, in Levant beach the canines enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Palma de Mallorca, the pet friendly

This city has in its heart true dog love, because this city is home to the largest number of dogs per person. Thanks to this the city council promotes national and international tourism by expanding its hotel, recreational and leisure offer adapting to the pet-friendly. What to do in Palma with your pet? Have fun at Es Carnatge beach, explore the island and the beaches of Llenaire de Pollensa; or go to Cala Blanca in Andratx.

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Coruña joins 

In March 2020 the city presented its program “In A Coruña we are pet-friendly”. Therefore, visitors with their dogs can enjoy the beautiful and spacious green areas. They can also visit the Torre Hércules park and have fun at Ares and Arenal beaches. The most important thing is that there are many establishments that are pet friendly. Your fun and that of your pet are guaranteed in the beautiful and noble Coruña.

Oviedo, an undeniable love for dogs 

Although this beautiful Asturian city has no established pet-friendly rules, their love for them is unquestionable. And the fact is, in Oviedo they loved and love their beloved and memorable Rufo, a lucky stray dog. Oviedo’s love for dogs is exhibited by the statue made in Rufo’s honor, which is located in the center of the city. With 28% of establishments supporting the animal-friendly philosophy, your dog will be happy.

Leon, with a noble heart

The province of León offers visitors and their pets a very wide range of pet friendly accommodations. An excellent 24% of the total number of establishments are pet friendly. To tour with your dog impressive monuments such as the Royal Pantheon or the Egyptian Lyceum, your dog must be well behaved. And, if both you and your pet are super active and love clean air, walk together along the Riaño reservoir.

Additional suggestions

To guarantee pleasant moments and a good coexistence, it is essential when visiting pet-friendly places that pets are not aggressive; otherwise, they must carry their safety elements.

Owners should constantly supervise their pets, as humans are responsible for any behavior or actions of their animals that affect other people.

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