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Relax and have fun! The best all-inclusive resorts at a great price, from Crete to Cancun

Discover the best all-inclusive resorts in amazing destinations like Crete, Jamaica, Thailand and Cancun, offering everything you need for an unforgettable vacation at affordable prices. Enjoy the beach, pool and activities without worrying about the details with these amazing all-inclusive resorts.


From open-plan lofts to group homes: these are the best Airbnb in Mexico City

The diaphanous lofts have been characterized by spaces that dispense with walls and divisions in the distribution; they lack walls and all environments are connected to each other. Now be part of this modality at the apartment or house level.


The best places in Mexico to see the stars

Stargazing is something that we can all enjoy and that allows us to appreciate beauty, power and grandeur in moments. Today we describe the best places in Mexico to see the stars and open our minds to the infinite.


Mexico’s most beautiful cathedrals

Discover some of the most important and beautiful religious buildings in Mexico. Each cathedral offers countless cultural and historical contributions that are worth knowing.


The most important lakes in Mexico [Updated 2021]

Many people want to know the most outstanding bodies of water that exist. And in Mexico there are many important lakes that are worth visiting and that will produce an unforgettable experience in you.


Curiosities of Mexico that you should know

Each country is different, and they all have characteristics that make them unique. For this reason, we encourage you to know some curiosities of Mexico that will make you see the place with a different perspective.