The best places in Mexico to see the stars

Stargazing is something that we can all enjoy and that allows us to appreciate beauty, power and grandeur in moments. And for those who think that only with a lot of money you can be happy, visualizing the stars until you lose sight of the immensity can give you another shade of life. Today we stop for a while, admire the beauty, look for the best places in Mexico to see the stars and open our minds to the infinite. 

Every day human activities, with their dazzling artificial glitter and fast pace, take us away from the enjoyment of the majestic. And what can we do to obtain more joy and harmony in our being? Getting closer to nature, getting to know the coasts better, visiting protected areas and touring ancient sites are excellent options. And Mexico is the ideal place for astronomical observation. So join us on this sidereal journey.

Pico de Orizaba National Park, Puebla, Mexico

In this sublime natural space is located one of the largest telescopes in Mexico, owned by the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics. So, this beautiful park is a very popular spot for stargazing through guided night tours. It visualizes you at 4,581 meters above sea level, camping or touring the Sierra Negra volcano. And for greater delight, admiring above you the expansion of the immense sidereal mantle.

Yum-Balam Protected Natural Area, Holbox

On the island of Holbox is located an important protected area for ecotourism called Yum-Balam. And this enigmatic place, which is endowed with white sand beaches, is home to many local species; such as aquatic birds and beautiful palm trees. In addition, at nightfall and under the protection of silence Yum-Balam is transformed into the dreamed paradise to observe in admiration; as the sky is adorned with some stars that shine in the immense universe.

There is nothing more impressive than experiencing a sublime moment when night falls and observing a full moon over the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea that illuminates the beach and the hearts present. Admiring the celestial stars in such a special place makes us aware that we are an important part of something much greater than ourselves.

Wirikuta Desert, San Luis Potosí

This impressive natural space is considered sacred and protected by UNESCO since 1998. And it is a very appreciated site to visualize the stars, not only in Mexico but in Latin America; because this desert area has a special magic as it is the ancestral habitat of the Huichol Indians. This natural environment, far from environmental pollution and sonar, allows you to see galaxies, planets and countless stars in space.

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Xochicalco, Morelos

An archeological and ancestral place surrounded by impressive rock formations and cactus that create a unique landscape. This natural area is endowed with completely clear skies where the observation of the countless stars that make up our universe will make you feel special, because a star shower could welcome you when you arrive. And since ancient times the Xochicalcas recognized it as such, since their daily life revolved around the observance of the stars.

In Xochicalco you can observe nebulae, constellations and a starry sky worthy of admiration. And in the background, solitary cactus and small mountains of yellow sand that will make your imagination fly into space.

El Chico National Park, Hidalgo State

Located in the heart of central Mexico, El Chico National Park is one of the best places in Mexico to see the stars. A wooded place fully conditioned to fully enjoy the experience of astronomical observation. Boutique hotels, cabins and campsites are some of the excellent options with a completely natural approach so you can enjoy this beautiful experience. We wish you a clear and favorable night.

Visit it and take the opportunity to capture a collector’s view where the background is the vegetation of the park next to the brightness of the beautiful starry sky. Unrepeatable experiences of life.

El Salto, State of Durango

Watching a shower of stars over the space mantle is an experience that you will never forget. And El Salto is the ideal place to live such an exclusive moment, an environment that has unpopulated areas, pine trees, waterfalls and lakes. In El Salto de Durango you will enjoy fresh air, sound tranquility and options such as hiking or zip lines, which will entertain you to the fullest. In addition, the clear skies of El Salto have an astonishing luminosity.

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San Pedro Martir National Park, Baja California

This beautiful forest full of pine, fir and cypress trees is home to the National Astronomical Observatory. It is also one of the best places to see stars in Mexico since it is far from the cities. Thousands of amateur astronomers take full advantage of the spring beauty or the warmth of summer to camp and enjoy a tour of the park. And of course, they never give up using their equipment to admire stars, planets and more.

And take good selfies of the rocky landscape of San Pedro Mártir National Park, which under the starry sky is worthy of an enchanted fairytale scenery, do not miss it.

San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco

This small and picturesque town in Jalisco was recently included among the Magical Towns of Mexico, with great honor. San Sebastian del Oeste is located 60 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta and has its own natural charm. Rocky, clean, fresh places and a super clear sky that at nightfall lets you see all the charm of the universe. And of course it is one of the best places in Mexico to see stars and also in the world.

In San Sebastián del Oeste it is very common to observe star clusters thanks to its clean environment. Keep in mind that at nightfall temperatures drop and it is a good idea to bring a coat. Also, as camping is not allowed on the site, the best option is to stay in a hotel in town. You will surely find excellent economic and service options to enjoy watching the stars in this beautiful place in Mexico.

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