From open-plan lofts to group homes: these are the best Airbnb in Mexico City

The term diaphanous lofts refers to spaces that have no walls or divisions in their distribution. That is, they differ from common spaces that do have divisions because they lack walls, but at the same time all the rooms are connected to each other. They usually have large windows and high ceilings. They became very fashionable from 2000; although its origin comes from the 50’s, in the city of New York. 

By the time, the need to obtain large spaces, plus the rise of apartments in relation to rent, led to the need for both warehouses and factories that were already in disuse to begin to be seen by some sectors of the population; especially artists and students. 

Over time, apart from housing, they became restaurants, photography studios, stores, among others. Original ideas in an avant-garde life, in the same space where work is shared, but also housing. But in 2008 a company by the name of Airbnb emerged, when 2 American designers could not afford to pay the rent of their home.

So, they decided to make some money with an extra space they had, installing inflatable mattresses to receive 3 people who were looking for accommodation. They were offering accommodation plus breakfast; hence the name Air Bed and Breakfast; in short: Airbnb. Seeing the result they decide to call their programmer friend for the creation of a company at internet level.

A platform that makes it easy for people looking for affordable accommodation to find it there. Over time they began to revolutionize the tourism industry, as this platform became more and more famous; and after 7 years they became multimillionaires. Today millions of travelers and hosts open an account for free on Airbnb.

The idea is to publish the ads of the different reservations that are located in all countries of the world. In addition, the hosts of the platform also share their interests with future travelers. It is a global team that works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in 11 different languages and helping to solve the aspects that have to do with reservations, among other functions. 

In this article we are going to show you some of the huge amount of accommodations available on Airbnb in Mexico City. All of them of high quality and ranging from spaces for trips between friends or couples to houses for family reunions, work meetings or vacations. Below, we have selected a few in different areas.

The best Airbnb in Mexico City at the Colonia de Roma Norte level:

The Colonia de Roma Norte is said to be both the culinary and artistic spirit of the city, home to a good number of young professionals, as well as cyclists. The main avenue, called Álvaro Obregón, is lined with bars, restored mansions and eclectic restaurants; at the level of the Roma Market, international-style food is available. 

A very bright loft in Roma Norte:

We are talking about an apartment in the heart of Colonia Roma Norte. With large windows, lots of light, with 2 rooms and vegetation on the outside. Internally it also has hanging plants and some cactus. It has a wooden staircase and spiral shape, with white edges that lead you to the top, where the loft room with double bed is located.

The other room is located in the lower part, with a single bed and privacy from the rest of the rooms. It is also observed the construction of a white furniture that occupies an extension that goes from the floor to the ceiling, for the placement of different objects; next to a wooden ladder that allows to reach any of them. 

Centrally located apartment with all amenities:

Also, centrally located, we have this 4 bedroom apartment, with a decoration inspired by the colors of the earth. An ideal space for a family with not so young children, as the decoration also contains cactus; or if you prefer it also works for a celebration of several friends.

It contains a spacious living room, kitchen with all the necessary accessories, washing machine with dryer and rooms equipped with curtains that block the passage of light. In addition to high speed Wifi, which allows you to enjoy some movies on Netflix or telework. 

2 bedroom house with terrace:

This 2 bedroom house also has a convenient location, very close to the most famous restaurants of the Colonia and the stores, to do your shopping. It has 2 bathrooms, ideal for sharing either in a group or with the family. The decoration is also very nice and fresh, with a blue-green wall where books, baskets, a beautiful clock, some illustrations, among others, are placed. 

They also have cable connection to the TV, but also to watch movies on Netflix. The kitchen has a coffee maker for the preparation of espresso coffee and a double oven. It has blinds and a luxurious and spacious shower. 

Apartment with Spiral Staircase in Roma Cibeles:

Due to its location, it allows you to get to know the area both by bike and on foot, because it is located between the center of Colonia Condesa and Juarez; by the way, there are bike rental services, such as Ecobici. 

An apartment with 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people, as some beds are single. In addition, even long stays are allowed; that is, for a trip that can be enjoyed calmly, such as a vacation of several weeks. 

The best Airbnb in Mexico City at the Colonia Condesa level:

This gastronomic and bohemian neighborhood is also called La Condesa, and is located towards the western part of the historic center of the city, at the level of the Cuauhtemoc district. The area actually has 3 neighborhoods called Colonia Hipódromo Condesa, Hipódromo and Condesa. 

The whole area is famous for its nightlife, culture, with many galleries, boutiques, bookstores, restaurants and cafes; it also shares a border with Colonia Roma, forming what they call the famous Roma Condesa Culture Corridor. 

3 bedroom apartment in Colonia Condesa:

A space with modern decoration, very large windows, with 3 rooms to accommodate 6 people without problem; ideal for teleworking during the time of stay, as it has a high speed internet, or simply share with family. It also has a washing machine and a desk.

The apartment has a Smart lock on the door, i.e. a smart lock that connects to the cell phone. If it is a family vacation, the children have a nice playground and other amenities. The hosts are very attentive and respectful in their treatment of guests. 

2-bedroom apartment with minimalist style:

Very close to the Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Roma Norte neighborhood and the Chapultepec Forest is located this apartment, with this minimalist decoration in white, gray and wood tones; with a touch of Mid Century Modern. 

This means that it has simple and very clean shapes, while the lines give you the feeling of elegance, but also of order, as well as geometric shapes. This decoration in its interior is observed at the level of the kitchen, which is diaphanous, elongated and equipped, in addition to the entire living room. 

An important fact is that it has, externally, a good number of plants in its patio, as well as a comfortable hammock. All very well thought out to spend a few days in peace and quiet. 

Suite at Casa Dovela Aparthotel:

This suite is located inside this aparthotel, on the Colonia Hipódromo Condesa level. It is equipped with a double bed, light-blocking curtains, an elegant dining room and a modern kitchen. Plus, a bathroom with luxurious bathtub and rain-effect shower. 

You have access to the doorman of the aparthotel to request reservations for different services, such as massages, restaurants, breakfast in the room, among others. But these services must be paid for separately. In addition, Casa Dovela has 2 other apartments similar to this one.

Airbnb Plus in Colonia Benito Juarez in Mexico City:

The Colonia de Benito Juárez is an area of mansions dating from the 19th century, with a certain aristocracy, and currently inhabited by young professionals. It is also a gay district, with streets full of nightclubs, bars and a Korean community, as well as international fast food places, eclectic style restaurants and, of course, simple Korean food restaurants. 

Spacious 1-bedroom apartment:

It is also called the neighborhood of young fashionable boys. It has a 1.50 m bed separated from the rest of the rooms and a simple dining room that can also function as a work area. It also has an open kitchen without divisions, fridge and a small living room; of course, excellent Wifi and, if the person needs the accommodation for a long stay, it seems that they give a discount. 

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