8 landscapes of Spain that you cannot miss

There are 8 landscapes of Spain that you cannot miss. They are majestic and impressive places that are considered a real jewel. In this post you can learn all the details and features about these impressive places. Do not miss the tour of these unique places on the entire planet.

The best 8 landscapes of Spain that you can not miss

To live this unforgettable experience, follow this guide with the best 8 landscapes of Spain to enjoy to the fullest. They are magical and impressive places that you will enjoy alone or accompanied. Enjoy the tour prepared for you and learn more about the most amazing places in Spain: 

1- Irati Forest (Navarra)

It is considered the magical forest thanks to the perfect combination of colors and magical light reflections. This forest covers about 20,000 hectares of the valleys and mountains of the north of Navarra, until reaching Cize and Soule in the south of France. The main characteristic of this forest is the dense green mass that only allows some reflections of the sun to pass through. This gives it that magical and mysterious touch. 

Likewise, this forest shelters a rich and privileged ecosystem. The flora is composed of beech and fir trees. Which can be seen in various shades of green. Then, with the arrival of autumn you can enjoy a colorful spectacle in various shades of brown. The fauna is also very rich, varied and exclusive thanks to the large amount of rainfall per year. 

2- Las Catedrales Beach (Galicia, Spain)

The landscapes at sea are usually beautiful and impressive. This particular beach has characteristics that make it unique and majestic. Nature shows here an incredible architectural design. These are natural formations up to 32 meters high. Which have their origin in the erosion of the wind and sea. 

Some of these structures are shaped like arches, vaults and much more. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy the view. In fact, when the tide is low you can take a walk among these natural galleries. You can visit this beach located between Ribadeo and Foz.

3- Montserrat Massif (Catalonia)

This is one of the reference sites in Catalonia and the most visited from Barcelona. Here is the Moreneta embedded in a spectacular mountain. 

It has incredible pinnacles and peaks that can reach 1000 meters. This place is the source of inspiration for several legends such as the Holy Grail. You will surely want to visit and tour it completely. 

4- Monfragüe National Park (Extremadura)

This park is a natural reserve very rich in flora and fauna. It has extensive forests, mountains and the passage of the rivers Tajo and Tiétar. This makes it the ideal place for the wild cat, the black vulture and the imperial eagle. 

This park is the ideal place for hiking and walking. In addition, you can see the monastery where Charles V spent his last days. 

5- Torcal de Antequera Natural Park (Málaga)

It is a karstic labyrinth whose name is attributed to the torcales. It has incredible natural circular formations. Which originate from the action of water, wind and snow. The Antequera Park is one of the most representative karstic landscapes in Europe

For the enjoyment of travelers, there are two routes where you can take a tour. So you can enjoy an amazing landscape of natural sculptures such as the Tornillo. It was declared a National Monument, the Cáliz or the Sombrerillo. It also houses various natural wonders such as caves, chasms, etc.. 

6- Bárdenas Reales (Navarre)

To get to know the landscape of the planet Mars, you don’t have to go outside the Earth. In this incredible landscape you can enjoy a Mars-style landscape. It is one of the most spectacular and peculiar natural parks of the Iberian Peninsula. It is characterized by its rock formations that are composed of clay, gypsum and sandstone. 

These elements have been shaped by wind erosion and offer unique structures. They have become the main attraction of the park. You should also know that this park was declared a Biosphere Reserve. Some of the most outstanding sites in the park are: the Pisquerra, a group of plateaus of different sizes located in the Bardena Blanca.

7- Dune of Bolonia (Cádiz)

The Duna de Bolonia is formed by a set of sand that is located within the Natural Park of the Strait. This area of Cadiz has few inhabitants because it is not so urbanized. In total, it is about 30 meters high and 200 meters wide. 

This sand is nourished by the easterly wind, making it slip into the pine forest in the vicinity. This gigantic golden dune became the main attraction of the beach. Moreover, this beach has turquoise waters and natural pools. You can also see the ancient Roman enclave of Baelo Claudia that was declared a National Historic Monument.

8- Caminito del Rey (Málaga)

The Caminito del Rey gathers vertical walls that can reach 400 meters. It also has hanging passages that allow you to admire the immense and imposing landscapes. Of course, if you suffer from vertigo you should take it into account. It is an adventure to try to face the fear of heights.

In the Caminito del Rey there are guided tours so you can enjoy the place without getting lost. Book your ticket from the official website and immerse yourself in this unique and unforgettable experience.

These are just some of the magical natural places that Spain has. As you walk through them you can appreciate the richness that nature has to offer. It is simply amazing to see how beautiful the natural geography of the country is. Now you can add these places to your list of places to visit. 

Whether you are from here or abroad, these are the 8 landscapes of Spain that you must know. Enjoy the experience of getting to know them and learn about the culture and history of the country.

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