The best of Sicily in 7 days

The island of Sicily is one of the places in the world that many people wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. However, it is possible to get the most out of the place in a short amount of time. We will be analyzing the best of Sicily in 7 days, as well as some aspects such as its most important places, beaches and much more.

Day 1: Visit to Cefalù

This is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Sicily, it is located between Palermo and Messina. One of the things to do in this area is to walk around the old fishing port, observe the crossroads, streets and golden sandy beaches. Without a doubt, this is something that is not easily forgotten.

It is also possible to visit the Church of Purgatory, the Lavatoio Medievale Fiume Cefalino, the Porto Vecchio or any of the local churches with a unique Italian appearance. In the afternoon, you can enjoy a good time by strolling along the turquoise beaches. Each of them is perfect to enjoy a moment of relaxation after visiting the historic center of the town.

Day 2: Touring Messina

This is a city that was the victim of many earthquakes, tsunamis and attacks over time, yet it has been able to keep its architecture intact. First of all, you can stroll through its port, where there is a statue of the Virgin Mary that welcomes visitors arriving from the sea and is made of gold.

In this tour of the best of Sicily in 7 days, it is advisable to visit the city of Messina and see some of its monuments. For example, there is its cathedral, the clock tower, the church of Santísima Annunziata and the clock tower. It is even possible to taste some cannolis to delight the palate.

Day 3: Taormina

It consists of a small village that stands out as one of the main jewels of Sicily. It is located at about 200 meters above sea level and the available views of the sea and Etna is something that is not seen anywhere else. One of the main areas to visit is the center along with its pedestrian area, where there are more people.

You can also discover the history of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Villa Comunale and a beautiful garden, accompanied by a unique view of the bay. One of its greatest architectural treasures is the Greek Theater of Taormina, whose construction dates back to the third century BC. In addition, you can visit Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, which is more than 3,000 meters high.

Day 4: visit to Syracuse, Noto and Ragusa

Afterwards, we will head south to the island of Sicily and visit Syracuse, where we will find the Neapolis, the archaeological complex of the town. In addition, you can also enjoy a visit to the Roman amphitheater and the Greek theater. Undoubtedly, the stories that took place in these places will leave us amazed.

Noto is a baroque Italian city, which is essential in order to understand some of the urban buildings that are found on the slopes of the island. In order to make the most of this tour, we will visit its four squares, such as Piazza XVI Maggio, Municipio, Porta Reale and Immacolata. 

And to culminate with this day’s tour of the best of Sicily, we will visit Ragusa, where there is a historic center where you can admire the great baroque churches. One of them is the church of San Giuseppe or San Giorgio.

Day 5: Agrigento

The most important sites of the city of Agrigento are the Valle dei Templi, in which there are some ruins of certain Greek temples. Some of them are the Temple of Concordia, Villa Aurea, the Temple of Hercules and the Tomb of Teron. There is also the Scala dei Turchi, which consists of a cliff full of white stones, declared a World Heritage Site; although it is not accessible from the beach, there is access from the outside, where many tourists enter.

Day 6: Visiting Trapani

One day before the end of our route we will stop in Trapani, which is a city located in the western part of Sicily. Upon arrival, we will find ourselves facing its historic center, which is able to captivate any visitor thanks to its great variety of monuments. Some of them are the Palazzo Cavarretta, the cathedral of the city or the Astronomical Clock

On the other hand, you can also discover in depth some curiosities about the history of the town and taste some of its gastronomic recipes. It is also possible to go on some excursions to Erice, the Stagnone salt pans, Favignana or Levanzo by boat.

Day 7: culminating in Palermo

To close with a flourish, we will visit Palermo and make the most of this last day of our trip. In order to make the most of this experience, you can take a private tour of Palermo. Also known as the capital of Sicily, this is an ancient city with a great historical background. There are a variety of monuments to visit, one of them being the Catacombs of the Capuchins. 

This city has managed to welcome Arabs, Romans, Normans and Spaniards over the centuries. In addition, each of these peoples left their mark on the historic center of the city, allowing travel lovers and tourists to enjoy a unique experience.

Other highlights of Palermo are its cathedral, the Massimo theater, the Palazzo dei Normanni, the Palatine Chapel and the Gallerie delle Vittorie. In addition, there are many other must-see sights worth seeing. After this, the tour of the best of Sicily in 7 days will be over and we will have enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience. 

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