10 must-see cities to visit if you are visiting France

As 2021 draws to a close, there is still time to take a break from all the changes, hustles and pressures. And as France is an ideal country to continue creating new and better memories, nothing more outstanding than doing domestic tourism. For that, take advantage of the fact that we make your life super easy by highlighting for you the 10 must-see cities in France; because beauty repeats itself and you enjoy. So, pack your bags, travel through France and end this year with the best of spirits.

Of course, times call for planning short trips and tours, avoiding crowds, choosing intimate and comfortable destinations, as well as making the most of the company of those you love. Also, maintain personal and collective biosecurity at all times, avoiding paranoia. Having said all this, check out the suggestions we give you to visit the 10 must-see cities in France and travel the land of love in full swing.

Multifaceted Paris

The magic and romanticism that is perceived in Paris captivates each of its visitors; meeting places such as museums, parks, exclusive stores and excellent boutiques are frequent in this inspiring city. Famous places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées or the thrift stores in the Marais are events to explore and photograph. In addition, sampling the sophisticated and exquisite Parisian gastronomy is one of the greatest indulgences you can give yourself if you visit Paris.

Cosmopolitan Lyon

Fascinating architecture, impressive cultural and historical mix and the elegant aesthetics that adorn this beautiful region make Lyon a World Heritage Site. If you go as a couple, Lyon will be a charming and super romantic destination. If you tour it with the family, it will be a very appealing ride. Lyon is full of fascinating museums, beautiful medieval neighborhoods and more; all to discover in a weekend trip. Visits that you should enjoy are the Vieux Lyon and the church of Saint-Jean.

The adaptable and dynamic Bordeaux

This city is anything but passive. It has a typical dynamic atmosphere and bike tours are a must. Take the opportunity to visit places like Darwin, which mixes the industrial, the urban and the artistic in an impressive way. And if the typical and traditional French atmosphere is your thing, visit the Marchés des Capucins market; with its super fresh products and delicious food. Or the famous Cité du Vin theater that will make your experience in this city unforgettable.

The fresh breeze of Marseille

This charming French town of great coastal beauty maintains a very mild climate almost all year round. Easy walking trails that end in beautiful gardens; or even more active, nearby coves and mountains that inspire hiking. All these are attractions that Marseille offers to nature lovers. If you prefer sightseeing, the tourist bus will delight you; you will be able to see the famous Notre-Dame basilica and visit the Old Port and Le Panier.

Delicate Toulouse

In Toulouse everything is beautiful and delicate, as its atmosphere combines its local heritage with the art of good living. So, if you want to give yourself an ideal getaway, this is a very romantic destination; and no wonder, because the rose is its typical flower and its shades can be seen everywhere. You will love the typical facades, which throughout Toulouse are made of pink brick; also its special and different gastronomy that will seduce you. Its squares, basilicas and the sidereal Cité de l’Espace are spaces that will captivate you.

Sunny Nice

Nice is a relaxing, inspiring, pleasant destination with a very benevolent annual climate; a must-see if you want to enjoy the sea and the mountains. Nice has privileged turquoise beaches that please you just to observe them from the blue chairs of the city; imagine yourself cooling off in them. And taking a stroll along La Promenade du Paillon, the green lung of Nice, and even strolling along the Bay of Angels is enchanting. Taste the bagnat bread and socca and take pictures of it.

The paradisiacal Biarritz

This city located in the Bay of Biscay boasts one of the best seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast. What else does this must-see tourist destination in France have to offer? A stunning natural beauty that attracts the most experienced surfers. Also, exceptional architecture that preserves the remains of a very beautiful era and beautiful sites such as the Biarritz lighthouse. In addition to the Atalaye plateau, its elegant historic center loaded with a rich cultural heritage and more.

Romantic Rochelle 

If you decide to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax your mind and body, Rochelle, the city of dreams, is your ideal destination. Let yourself be seduced by its streets with old-fashioned design and picturesque cobblestones, as well as by its homes adorned with half-timbering, canals and hidden passages. In addition, in Rochelle are very pleasant bike rides to enjoy a beautiful sea view, breathe healthy air and taste the fresh produce, seafood and local dishes.

The gifted Montpellier

This elegant and cultural city has been privileged with children of royal origin and illustrious descendants; among them philosophers, poets, painters, singers, actresses and more. It is also home to one of the oldest universities in France, the University of Montpellier. And there is more, because Montpellier has attractive monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, and also invites you to know it in fun segways, rest in exclusive hotels like the du Midi and even meet designer streetcars.

Beautiful Lille

In the region of Flanders is located the extravagant and beautiful Lille, France’s top city; this town has a distinguished heritage that includes a lot of original architecture that invites you to travel back in time. And if your thing is spectacular selfies and capturing stunning postcard-like landscapes in photos, get close to the bell tower and be amazed by the wonderful view that Lille has to offer. And don’t leave the city without visiting its majestic galleries, including the Musée Artistique Pools Roubaix.

And now that you know the most cultural, beautiful and admirable places in France, which one do you choose to visit before the end of 2021?

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