The most beautiful train stations in Spain

To travel by train is to treat the environment in a more respectful way. It is also to enjoy the landscapes and the beauty of the route to be traveled to the fullest. Because, what a pleasure it is to sit near a window that reveals before our curious and attentive eyes the natural, delicate and sublime beauty of the environment, from the departure to the arrival at the destination. And even more surprising are the most beautiful train stations in Spain. And now, let us expectantly board the train.

Traveling by train in Spain has wonderful advantages. From a super punctual departure and arrival time and a very affordable cost, to a more practical and simple boarding or a strategic location of the stations and a good comfort. Even, the attractive aesthetics of the train stations are points in favor of using this modern means of transportation more frequently. At this point, let’s know and admire some of the most beautiful train stations throughout Spain.

Atocha Station, Madrid

This famous and beautiful station is built with a wrought iron frame that gives it an attractive international design. At the beginning it was known as Estación de Mediodía and from then on it has been expanding more and more. If you visit this cool station you will notice that it houses a tropical garden full of a great variety of plants; it also has small water reservoirs where some turtles live as pleased guests.

Toledo Station

With its unique and indigenous Spanish style, known as neo-Mudejar, this station was inaugurated in 1919 and holds the honor of being an Asset of Cultural Interest. Because the City of Three Cultures boasts a train station of breathtaking beauty. The station is adorned with a beautiful central pavilion, a clock tower, five beautiful doors and two comfortable platforms. Giving travelers a taste of what they can discover when visiting Toledo.

Canfranc Station

An imposing building houses the international station of Canfranc, which since the early twentieth century crosses the Pyrenees to connect Spain with France. The station was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII and its architectural design is inspired by the French palace style. The Canfranc station exhibits a mountain atmosphere and looks to its visitors like a huge Spanish revelation. For this reason and more, it can be considered the most beautiful train station in Spain.

Valencia North Station

Strategically located next to the Plaza de Toros and a few meters from the local town hall, its modern style makes it one of the most attractive train stations in Spain. And the design of its imposing façade includes a large and beautiful clock that advances punctually; since its foundation back in 1917. This station has been declared a Building of Cultural Interest, thus becoming the representation of modern architecture for Europe.

France Station in Barcelona

Inaugurated in 1929 at the International Exposition of Barcelona, this station is located very close to the Born neighborhood; one of the most stylish spaces in Spain. This beautiful train station has a double metal canopy with stained glass windows and a beautiful lobby. Even, its design and decorative style composed of a modernist iron structure makes many of its visitors compare it with the famous Orsay station in Paris.

Almeria Station

A station with very old rank and prestige that was built between the period from 1890 to 1893. Its beautiful eclectic style unifies the durable iron architecture with the delicacy of glass. Among its most striking attractions are its design inspired by French art; with its beautiful glasswork and its cheerful tonal tiles. All of these features give it a Frenchified air that makes it the ideal train station to begin a visit to this Andalusian city.

Aranjuez Station 

Inaugurated in 1851 and designed under the inspiration of the native Spanish style identified as neo-mudeja, it was very popular at the time. Visiting the station will transport you to a past worthy of kings. In ancient times, this station was used to transport fresh produce from the orchards of Aranjuez to the royal palace. Among its attractions we can mention the beautiful lobby, its picturesque mosaics and the characteristic tiles that decorate it.

Jerez de la Frontera Station

One of the most beautiful stations in the country, one of the first stations in Spain and the first in Andalusia. All this makes it boast an unparalleled architectural value and an indisputable monumental character. The main objective for the construction of this beautiful station was to transport the exquisite wine of Jerez to the port; to export it from there to the United Kingdom. Today its attractive appearance allows it to be considered one of the most beautiful stations in Spain.

Concordia Station in Bilbao

This station is located on the banks of the Nervion River and very close to the historic center of the town of Bilbao. The design of this beautiful building, which is also popularly known as Santander station, can be presumed to be one of the best examples of modernism in Spain. Its beautiful facade was restored just a decade ago and still exhibits the beauty of a valuable heritage; which survives as a sample of the beautiful era that was lived before.

Zamora Station

One of the most modern and beautiful stations in Spain, its dimensions and design features are colossal. During its construction many challenges arose to continue the project; therefore, the works that began in 1927 were finally completed in 1958. However, the result was a spectacular railway station with a main façade measuring 88 meters long.

And now that you know in a very specific way which are the most beautiful train stations in Spain, which one will be the one chosen to start your next tour around Spain?

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