What to see in Iceland

Iceland is an amazing island, so much so that its winter lasts 6 months and in summer the sun almost does not hide. In addition, the citizens of the country are very friendly and Iceland enjoys a good standard of living. 

The island can boast of the success it has achieved by combining its social security with the good use of its natural energies. Its labor system even supports gender economic equality. What other wonders does this place have to offer? Let’s detail what to see in Iceland.

Iceland is known as the land of ice and fire, and this offers a striking attraction to its visitors. Imposing glaciers, glowing volcanoes, relaxing lagoons and impetuous geysers are natural manifestations that coexist fully in Iceland.

Iceland’s history as an independent nation is very recent. It was its Viking past that pushed the inhabitants of this beautiful island to be free and independent in June 1944. Now, we list for you the best things to see in Iceland

The beautiful Blue Lagoon

An artificial phenomenon that will fill you with admiration for its beautiful surroundings. And it is thanks to the great geothermal activity on the island that there is this beautiful and relaxing volcanic water spa. The Blue Lagoon is located 20km from Keflavik International Airport and is open to the public all year round. Most of its waters are salty and full of therapeutic silica particles. The lagoon has a steam cave, waterfalls and more.

The imposing Vatnajökull glacier

This ice mass covers almost 10% of the island and is the third largest glacier in the world. If you travel around Iceland, take the opportunity to visit this majestic place. The best way to get to know the Vatnajökull glacier is walking on it; so you can enjoy the icy atmosphere that has been the setting for several films and series. And if you visit Iceland in winter, enter the blue ice cave, an impressive experience that will take your perception to another level. 

The Golden Circle

If you have a desire for adventure and little time for your trip, the Golden Circle is for you. The experience of getting to know three natural wonders and making the most of your time is too tempting. This place has waterfalls of crystalline waters to enjoy diving or snorkeling. You can contemplate the strength and precision of the energy of several geysers. Or go into a multicolored crater that houses a small emerald lake.

And to live the experience at a high level of emotion, choose between riding on a horse or driving a light quad and feeling adrenaline in great quantity.

El Círculo de Oro de Islandia

Whale, dolphin and bird watching

Eco-boats offer an amazing, sustainable and eco-friendly experience that you will never forget. It is the best way to get in touch with nature and delight in Iceland’s untamed environment. The largest mammals on earth love Iceland, so you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the whales as they come to the surface to breathe, eat and play. And as a bonus, you’ll be able to spot mischievous dolphins and various seabirds.

Northern Lights

A beautiful night, clear skies and a clean atmosphere are essential elements to enjoy the beautiful northern lights. Best of all, Iceland is proudly one of the best places to see the northern lights. And a good time on the island to be enraptured by this beautiful phenomenon of lights is from December to February, as the nights are longer. Also, there is the option to consult the local weather website.

Get to know Iceland while enjoying its gastronomy

Iceland’s gastronomy is not so popular in the world, but we guarantee that when you try it you will be surprised by its extraordinary quality. And it should come as no surprise, since Iceland is characterized by the freshness of its marine fishing. So, if you are a lover of fish, seafood and especially lobster, indulge yourself with the succulent Icelandic lobster soup. You will be so pleased that it will encourage you to try the options that we will detail.

The exquisite Plokkfiskur

A fish stew made by sautéing potatoes, onion and fish and then cooking everything very slowly in bechamel sauce. This comforting dish is usually served with brown bread.

Traditional haröfiskur

Small, thin pieces of fish dried in the sun for several days and then cured for several more months. This allows them to concentrate the nutrients and create the typical flavor of this dish. If you visit Iceland, enjoy this traditional dish from the Viking era.

But it is not all fish, in Iceland traditional recipes based on lamb or mutton are often tasted by locals and visitors.

Platos típicos de Islandia que deberías probar en tu ruta

And if you prefer something simpler and more universal, try the Icelandic hot dogs; accompanied by the delicious remolaöi that will surely conquer your palate. Or enjoy the popular skyr, a fresh cheese with a texture similar to yogurt, with a softer and more delicate flavor, which can be accompanied with sweet fruits.

Additional suggestions 

June, July and August are the high season months in Iceland, so make your reservations in advance. Or tour the island in low season.

In September and October the northern lights begin to be seen again and the landscape still retains its beautiful autumn charm. Although winter is the best time to observe them.

It’s never a bad thing to save a little money; therefore, to reduce travel costs, instead of flying direct from Spain to Iceland, first stop somewhere in the UK and from there go to Iceland, you will get more savings.

The standard of living in Iceland is good and the cost is high. So, if you are traveling on a budget the piggy supermarkets are good allies; locate the stores and you will find the best prices in the country. 

Remember to wear warm and thermal clothing, synthetic and quick-drying fabrics, as well as shoes with good soles that protect your feet at all times.

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