The most original bars in the world

A bar is a commercial establishment in which alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served, usually accompanied by an appetizer, such as olives, dried fruits, sausages, among others. In addition, it is consumed in the same place by means of a bar service to the client.

Then, some of these places, in order to stand out in relation to the competition that exists in the market, are decorated with original proposals, different, if possible fun and even thematic type. Of course, as long as they are different from the typical bar we know.

There are many of them scattered all over the world, with these original ideas in their decoration or simply including a new concept. Below, we will discover some of them, in case one day you get together with your friends or family to spend a different time.

Original bars in Asia:

The Chillout in Dubai: 

This bar in the city of Dubai, belonging to the United Arab Emirates, has the particularity that it is completely built in ice, including of course the furniture and everything that belongs to the barware. At the entrance you will find a closet with different jackets, coats and gloves that are included in the entrance fee.

Remember that outside the bar the temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius. Something that should be taken into account is that the stay in the establishment should not be very long, in order to avoid future inconveniences due to freezing. The entrance fee is approximately $17. 

The Red Sea Star Bar, in Israel:

Towards the southwest of Asia and at the level of the coastal city of Eilat in Israel is located this bar with characteristics or theme of a starfish; submerged about 6 meters deep in the coral reefs of Eilat; where you can enjoy your favorite drinks or beverages. 

With a very peculiar decoration, such as octopus-shaped seats, the floor with a very fine sand coating, the lamps imitating jellyfish; all in a construction that has 2 levels: the submerged one, which we have just described, and another one towards the surface, called the metro bar; offering beautiful views of the Gulf.

The Clinic Bar in Singapore:

Towards the southeast of the Asian continent and at the southern tip of Malaya, in the center of Singapore Clarke Quiad, is located this original bar. Here you are served by nurses and doctors, either in the beds where they serve you drinks in drip bags or in syringes. 

The establishment has an area of about 2,000 square meters and you enter through the emergency room. Likewise, you can dine at operating room tables and seated in your wheelchair. Also some of these rooms are shaped like pills and have names like Morphine or Anthrax.

Original bars on the European continent:

Bar El Skeleton in the city of Gruyères, Switzerland:

At the level of Central Europe, in Switzerland, specifically in the medieval village of Gruyeres, we locate this very original bar, which tries to simulate the skeleton or bones of a giant monster; specifically the tail of an Alien, in which the designer Hans Rudi Giger achieved a fusion between a monolithic room or cave and its architectural style.

The aged rocks were the inspiration for this idea, to which he added fiberglass and cement to achieve the ambiance. In addition, the chairs, tables and bar conform to the same idea and aesthetics. 

The Church Bar in Dublin:

The Church, in the past was a church, but today it functions as a bar type establishment, but also a restaurant; where you can have your favorite drinks and also taste some snacks. The place has preserved almost all the original structure of this church. 

Such as the altar, the stained glass windows, the organ, among others, although it has been adapted as a party room. A curiosity is that in 1761 the founder of the famous Guinness beer celebrated his ecclesiastical marriage in this church. The truth is that this bar is very original. 

The Doger Café in Madrid, Spain: 

In this establishment you can taste your favorite drink, as well as lovingly share contact with furry 4-legged dogs, all under 1 year old. It is the first and perhaps the only place where you can share your leisure time with these beautiful puppies. The concept has been so revolutionary that a reservation system had to be created to be able to visit them.

They have even had a waiting list of up to 3 months. But not only can you have a quality drink and share with the puppies, but also adoptions work; to the point that in a few months 27 of them were adopted. The decoration is simple, but the important thing is the altruistic, loving and different concept of the place. If you go to this country, don’t forget to visit them.

The Passenger Bar in Malasaña, Madrid:

In the heart of the city center of Madrid operates this Coffee Shop during the day and as a bar at night; it is a space that has been inspired by a moving train, dating from the twentieth century. The main area consists of a long but narrow structure, simulating a cabin of the trains of that era. 

The illusion of movement is achieved thanks to windows where videos are projected as if it were in real life. The furniture and the entire interior are finished in brown wood, leather and brass finishes. The Bar is a space that has a bar about 8 m long, where the best drinks are served and accompanied by a soundtrack. 

Original bars in the American continent:

La Mina Club in Zacatecas, Mexico:

At a depth of about 184 m is located this establishment, which some time ago was an abandoned mine; then it became a museum and currently another good part of the mine functions as a bar. To reach this depth it only takes 4 minutes, by means of a train that is taken at the entrance of the same one; it also has a dance floor.

This mine in its time was exploited for its mineral wealth of gold and silver, between the sixteenth century until the twentieth century, specifically in 1960. Today there are guided tours of about 2 kilometers under the El Grillo hill, and there are different galleries, among them we find the Santo Niño de Atocha Chapel, the mineral museum, a cafeteria and the Mina Club.

The Antartic Ice Bar, in Chile:

We are talking about the 1st ice bar a few meters from the seaside resort of Viña del Mar, in the country of Chile. Its appearance resembles a kind of igloo, with tables, benches, plates and walls of ice; in addition to the bar where you can have your favorite drinks. Inside it maintains a temperature of 5 degrees below zero, which is due to a computer program. 

In the ice-making room, the glasses are made, which are cut with a chainsaw. To be able to enter the place, you first go through the pre-chamber that has a medium temperature, in preparation for the 5 degrees room; in addition, you receive jackets, gloves and everything you need to enjoy the place. 

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