The best destinations to travel alone

When we plan a trip to see some part of the planet we almost always do it in the company of our family, friends or with our partner. However, doing it alone sometime also offers its advantages and even benefits; this means that at least once in a lifetime we could do it. Besides, we are not always going to find someone who can accompany us.

Experts say that there are many reasons to consider this challenge, such as having more free time to plan what we want to do, more tranquility, there will be no fights over the places you want to know or simply can afford the luxury of some improvisation. Likewise, schedules can be flexible, no one will be rushing you because you will be late, among other benefits.

But there are even more benefits to be gained. According to some research in Catalonia, specifically at the Universidad Oberta, traveling alone is an experience that develops both our maturity and our autonomy. Likewise, there is an increase in self-esteem and security, since problems are solved and fears are overcome.

This makes better decisions, without hesitation, because there is no one else to ask, creating new neural connections, thus enhancing the different cognitive areas, among others. Then, next, we will present some of the safest places recommended by travelers, so that you can go alone, without any problem.

In North America, Canada:

Canada is a very big country, and if you have little time to know the place it is recommended to choose the West Coast or the East Coast, everything will also depend on what the traveler wants to know. For example, on the West side there are many lakes, incredible glaciers, spectacular forests and mountains; you can visit Vancouver, Jasper, Whistler, Banff or even Lake Louise.

But if you choose the East Coast we have Toronto and Quebec, where they show you their most cultural side. As for natural wonders, there is the Jacques-Cartier National Park, the Niagara Falls or, in Tadoussac Bay, the impressive whales. It is a comfortable and safe country, with trains, buses and planes that are easily and frequently available.

At the Central American level, Mexico:

Mexico is also a very large country, so it is good to make a schedule and a route to facilitate the places you want to visit. It is a safe destination as long as the necessary precautions are taken. Among the places that are recommended are, for example, the Mayan ruins, such as Chichen Itza, in the state of Chiapas Palenque, Tikal or Tulum.

Also, if you prefer, in the Mexican Caribbean, at the level of the Mayan Riviera are the beautiful beaches of crystal clear waters Cenotés, Izamal, Playas Akuma, Xpu-Há and Xcacel. And in Teotihuacan, you can’t miss the pyramids of the Sun, the Moon and the Feathered Serpent, among many others.

In South America, Machu Picchu, in Peru:

The famous ruins of Machu Picchu was the sacred place of the Inca population, in which they worshiped both the gods, as well as serving as a retreat for the family and for the Inca Pachacutec. Its archaeological ruins of spectacular beauty attract many travelers; also, if you like nature and trekking is the perfect place for this activity. 

To get to Machu Picchu or the “Inca Trail” you start from Qoriwayrachina until you reach the top. It is also very interesting to know their stories, the way they lived, the indigenous communities of both the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca, among others. In addition, flights between the different places are inexpensive, as well as comfortable and accessible buses.

Nor can you miss, 8 hours from Machu Picchu, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, and towards the southeastern part of Peru, the city of Cusco, in the highlands and at an altitude of about 3300 m above sea level. 

The road to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain:

In the southwestern part of Europe is located the peninsula of Spain. Actually the Way to Santiago is not a specific destination but several of them, and it will also depend on the place from where you start the route, as you pass through several villages, hostels and meet many people along the way. Ideal for a solo trip. The idea is that the pilgrims arrive at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

It is a very popular route in the country and there are 3 ways to do this route. For example, the one that crosses France from Continental Europe, entering Spain and crossing the Pyrenees. But it can also be done by the Northern Way, along the coast, traveling about 800 km until you reach your destination. Equally, if you prefer, there is the Original Way with a distance of about 300 km. It is charming and very safe.

Traveling on the roads of Iceland:

There are travelers who love to get to know the places by driving along the different roads and making the stops that most catch their attention. Iceland has the advantage of a good road network, which allows you to visit beautiful natural places. For example, you can stop at the Skógafoss or Godafosso waterfalls in the volcanic lake Mývatn. 

Also the Skaftafell National Park or the canon Fjadrárgljúfur. These places and others can be reached by the Ring Road or Highway 1, which consists of about 1300 km. Some choose to leave from Reykjavik, its capital, to make this beautiful route. The time you need to make this route will depend on the time available and the number of stops you make.

The City of Aveiro, in Portugal:

In general, the Country of Portugal is a safe and easy place to move around alone. Aveiro is a small city, which is located towards the north of the coast of Portugal and can be visited and toured in a very short time. It is famous for its canals and the famous colorful moliceiros that run along the canals. Aveiro is also called the “Portuguese Venice”. 

It is worth walking through its streets, where you will find many buildings that combine the traditional with modernism. But you can also take a moliceiro through the canals. It also has beautiful parks and towards the coast is located the Costa Nova, or if you prefer you can reach Agueda by train, especially in summer, which bursts with great color.

In Southeast Asia, we find Malaysia:

This is a destination to go alone, it is affordable and simple; also, in relation to transportation, you get good connections, hostels and hotels, with a good price-quality ratio. 

You can visit Kuala Lumpur, as well as its culture in terms of Penang cuisine and street art; there are also the forests of Borneo, the Highlands, the tea fields, the beautiful seabed of Sipadan and the beaches of the region. 

Spiritual Retreat in Ubud, Bali:

If what you are looking for is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stress or work, here in Ubud is a place of tranquility and reconnection with our Higher Self. A place that is located between the jungle and the incredible rice fields. In this place, which means “medicine”, you can take yoga or meditation courses. You can also enjoy a beautiful traditional dance or stroll through the market.

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