The most important food festivals in the world

A festival, fair or gastronomic food festival is an event that usually takes place once a year, in different parts of the world, which focuses on beverages or food presented under a particular culinary technique. Likewise, a particular product or the gastronomy of a locality or region, among others, can be presented.

Those in charge of these presentations are obviously the most prestigious chefs, with the idea that both judges and attendees can taste the products, ingredients or dishes they want to make known, in a period of a few days and in the same place. It is evident that each region has different customs and as a consequence special dishes; therefore, the same thing is not always going to be offered.

These fairs also have other objectives, such as bringing together innovation, from the most moderate to the gourmet. Likewise, there is an exchange of ideas, experiences and opinions about the different products and cultures of the regions, as well as a healthy socialization.

Among the most popular events are business breakfasts, business lunches or dinners, Brunch, which is an English modality served between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm or a Buffet, where there is a great variety of preparations, depending on the context of the event. Another option is cocktail receptions. 

The most important food festivities in the European continent:

In Spain, Madrid-Fusion:

This event has been held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid since 2003. Every year it gathers important chefs, not only from the local community but also international ones. There are culinary demonstrations and tastings, exhibitions and, of course, the Revelation Chef of the Year is chosen; awards that in 2018 and 2019 were won by chefs from Alicante and Malaga, respectively.

In Spain, San Sebastian Gastronomika:

It is customarily held in the month of October, specifically at the Kursaal Congress Palace, where chefs of Spanish gastronomy and from various parts of the world gather. The dishes are prepared on stage, in addition to exhibitions, workshops, lectures and, of course, tastings. There is also a recognition and tribute to the career of the best chef.

In Galicia, the O Grove seafood fair:

It is also held in the month of October, in the first weeks, since the seafood at that time is at its best flavor and at fair prices for the pockets. That is to say, the best foods of this coastal town of Galicia are exposed, such as fish and seafood, which are the pillars of importance and basic of this place.

In Gavá, the Asparagus Fair:

In this Catalan town of Barcelona, since 1932, in the month of April, both diners and farmers gather for the tasting of this delicacy called asparagus. It is a fair where for a few hours you can enjoy the traditional and homemade recipes of the region, as well as the decoration offered to the public.

In Portugal – Ílhavo the Codfish Festival: 

In a small town between the cities of Porto and Coimbra in the month of August is celebrated the codfish festival, which is the main product and income of this town. It is prepared by all the associations of this Portuguese municipality. In addition to the attractive dishes they offer, there are also shows and game activities for the whole family.

In Italy – Naples, the Napoli Pizza Village festival:

It is held every year and for 15 days, on the seafront of Naples or Lungomare Caracciolo, which is transformed into the largest pizzeria on the planet; creating a lot of versatility in pizzas and competing for the World Pizza Championship award. This includes the categories of gluten-free pizza, wood-fired pizza and, of course, freestyle. The jury is made up of Michelin-starred chefs. 

In Italy – Bianco d’Alba, the International Truffle Fair:

For over 90 years, this international truffle fair has been held between the months of September, October and November in an Italian village in Piedmont and in the municipality of Alba. It includes the offer of this local product, which have the certificate of “Quality Charter of Tuber Magnatum Pico”.

There are also demonstrations of the dishes prepared by the experts, wine tastings and, of course, the famous International White Truffle Auction of this locality, which is carried out by videoconference with different parts of the planet, so that those interested can make their bids for the best of them.

In the United Kingdom, the Taste of London Festival:

We are talking about the English version of the famous Taste of Chicago, but with more glamour and innovation and it is held in Regent’s Park. In addition, within the same event there are other festivals, such as the Galway Irish Oyster Festival and the Taste of Jamaica. It is usually held twice a year, in order to have the opportunity to taste different seasons.

This wonderful event is attended not only by the best chefs in the world, but also by the people in charge of liquor and wine services, called sommeliers, as well as mixologists, who make the best cocktails, mixing flavors, smells, colors and textures. Tastings, classes and prizes are also offered for the ceremony. This festival is also held in Hong Kong and other countries.

In Denmark, the Mad Symposium:

This symposium is an organization called MAD, which in the Danish language means ‘Food”; non-profit and created by chef René Redzepi, who works at the restaurant Noma and who has won 4 times the title of the best restaurant on the planet. 

The symposium offers demonstrations and talks about food. You must apply for admission by sending an application to demonstrate your open-mindedness in relation to gastronomy; not only for chefs but also for sommeliers, waiters, teachers and agricultural producers. 

The most important food festivals in the continent of Oceania:

In Sydney, The Crave Sydney International Food Festival:

This festival is celebrated in the month of October by different places in this city of Sydney, bringing together all the influences of migrants in their various dishes; a mixed type of cuisine, high quality and very famous internationally. It includes the chefs’ exhibition, classes, exhibition of all the local products, picnics, barbecues and activities for the whole family.

In Melbourne, the Food & Wine Festival:

Melbourne sees enough fusion cuisine, due to the blending and harmony of Asian and Mediterranean food. This festival is held in March and lasts about 10 days, where restaurants open their doors, and you can choose from about 300 events. In addition, there are workshops, cheese tasting, gastronomic tour and the “Longest Lunch” of this celebration; 3 dishes are served on a 500 m long table. 

World gastronomic festivals in other continents: 

In the United States, the Taste of Chicago:

Usually held in July in Grant Park, in front of Lake Michigan, and this year the 42nd edition will be held in downtown Chicago; the largest picnic in the world. Here you will see the best chefs of the city preparing many kinds of dishes, both local and exotic. Music performances are also presented. 

In Maine, the Lobster Festival:

4 hours from the city of Boston is located the state of Maine, known for its long seafaring tradition, where this annual Lobster Festival is held in early August and usually lasts about 5 days; an industry that has been a protagonist since the year 1600 and that provides the United States with most of the lobsters. They also include contests and entertainment.

In Singapore, Savour Food Festival:

Here we find 3 different types of events: the one in the month of May, which is the main one, with a duration of about 4 days and in which there is the exhibition of different dishes, master classes and, of course, the usual tasting; a market to choose exquisite souvenirs and the competition between famous chefs. They also have another event in the winter season and in September for wines.

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