The best gastronomic destinations in the world

The most pleasant way to enjoy your next tourist destination and get to know the culture of the chosen place is by appreciating its gastronomy. Food is an intrinsic pleasure for everyone. Therefore, it is the best way to relate harmoniously with ourselves and with others. The pleasure of consuming food that pleases us brings us well-being, elevates our mood and relaxes us. Therefore, get to know the best gastronomic destinations in the world and choose where to go.

When we plan to travel to a new place of recreation, several factors are mixed to decide where to go. We take into account the natural beauty of the place in question, the relevance of its cultural history, the importance of its architecture and the aesthetics of the place, if it has recreational sites and attractive services and, of course, how tasty its gastronomy is. Because comfort, fun and quality culinary art guarantee the most beautiful experiences in life.

With all this in mind, and to make your choice easier, we detail the best gastronomic destinations in the world. You just choose the one that inspires you to enjoy a new experience to the fullest; giving you the opportunity to create new memories for yourself.


Italy is culinary exquisite wherever you go, and Rome has an excellent gastronomic reputation, but it is not the only thing to discover. Knowing the autochthonous of each region and much of what they contribute to Italy’s worldwide culinary glory will be a revelation. Fresh pasta, pizza, tiramisu and risotto are the best known. You must try the delicate crespelle al salmone, the fresh frisella, the elegant Tagliolini all’algherese, the creamy Gnocchi al gorgonzola and more.


It has established itself as one of the world’s favorite cuisines due to its excellent Mediterranean quality ingredients. And for sure you have tasted the Valencian paella, the Galician octopus, the potato omelette, the exclusive Iberian ham, the Madrid stew and the Galician empanada. Now, take advantage of your trip and try them in their origin and be ecstatic with the experience; also include the rich oxtail, the tender suckling lamb and roast suckling pig and stop counting.


Mexico’s gastronomy is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010. A country of wonderful beaches, traditions and millenary archeology that has to offer the world a delicious native and fusion gastronomy. Starting with cochinita pibil, burritos, tacos, tamales and enchiladas, its versatile, varied and traditional moles. And what about carnitas, aguachile, cecina, cabrito al pastor and chile con carne.


Millenary gastronomy that in recent years has managed to position itself as one of the best in the world. Peruvian cuisine is varied, original, fresh and delicious, which is why it has held the World Travel Awards since 2014. Therefore, if you choose this destination for your next trip, try the most typical recipes of the country, such as fresh ceviche, the soft sautéed tenderloin, the rich aji de gallina, the popular causa limeña, the creamy chupe de camarones (shrimp soup) and the nutritious cau-cau.


Traditional Japanese sushi has crossed borders and conquered palates and hearts. And, although Japanese cuisine is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine and united by the general use of rice, Japan’s cuisine has its own charm and spice. Think comforting Ramen or light udom noodles, savory takoyaki octopus balls, versatile okonomiyaki, soft onigiri and the delicious tempura technique that provokes palates and elevates flavors.


Gastronomic reference par excellence and emblematic cuisine that has managed to influence many. With high quality ingredients that guarantee the success of any preparation and sophisticated and innovative culinary techniques; which made it an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. If you choose to visit the country of love, try the traditional quiche Lorraine, the fresh ratatouille, the nutritious bouillabaisse, the rich Breton crepes and the fundue.


To know this beautiful and magical country is to be seduced by its diverse and rich Mediterranean cuisine; recognized all over the world. Simple, fresh and excellent quality ingredients such as tomatoes, fish and seafood, potatoes and goat cheese along with olives, yogurt and olive oil, which are essential in the daily cooking of the Greeks. Try the nutritious moussaka, the rich souvlaky, the versatile gyros, the fresh tzaziki sauce and the sweet baklava.


Exotic food, premium quality and great culinary fusion from countries such as India, China, Australia and other nearby regions. All this culturalization and ancient mixture has made Thailand a unique cuisine. Dishes where spicy, salty, sweet and sour harmonize to achieve a worldwide success. Get to know this country by tasting the popular and delicious pad thai, the rich Tom Kha Kai, the fresh and spicy Son tum and the famous massaman curry, among others.


Yes, to the astonishment of many, its capital, Copenhagen, boasts 17 Michelin stars in 15 of its best restaurants; a world record. So, if you decide to travel to Europe, you will not regret it if you choose to discover one of the best gastronomies in the world. What to try there? Its hearty Flaeskesteg, a delicious Stjerneskud, its variable smorrebrod, its juicy Frikadeller and also the creamy Leverpostej, the delicate Aeblekage and a hot Glogg.


To think of India is to evoke spices, flavors that elevate the palate such as spicy and the use of lots of vegetables; delicious meat-based recipes also abound. Indian cuisine is also known for its wide variety of vegetarian recipes, such as Malai Kofta and Khodi Pakora. It also has a number of other animal protein dishes to choose from; and a sample of this is the juicy tandoori chicken and the mild Lamb tikka masala.

And now that you know in detail the best gastronomic destinations in the world, you just need to choose your next travel destination. Because pleasant moments, comfortable spaces, getting to know surprising cultures, delving into the history, architecture and aesthetics of a country is as important as tasting its food and meeting its beautiful people. So, now, enjoy life in any of these gastronomic destinations.

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