The most beautiful islands of Greece

Greece is an amazing place, extremely beautiful. The best time of the year to visit is during the months of May, September and October, as the biggest flow of visitors is during the joyful summer days from July to August. However, remember that if you wish to travel to Greece this year 2021, you must obtain the ETIAS security permit. This way you will enjoy your wonderful vacations in the most beautiful islands of Greece to the fullest.

Visualize your trip and take into account to include in your suitcases suitable clothes to visit Greece. This country has a cool climate and a quite hot summer, compared to other European places. Therefore, in winter you can easily protect yourself by wearing jackets and coats; or if you prefer to visit in summer, wearing cool and light cotton clothes is ideal. In addition, including the essential accessories to protect you from the sun is always a good idea.

The most beautiful islands of Greece

And since it is not the same to need something and not have it, than to have it and not need it, get a travel insurance that adds the European health card. This way, if you need it, you will be able to use the country’s public health system with total peace of mind. And while touring the most beautiful islands of Greece, delight yourself with its wonderful gastronomy; considered as very outstanding in the world thanks to the freshness and quality of its native ingredients.

Let’s go into detail and excite your mind with this ideal tour of the most beautiful islands of Greece.


A beautiful island and a top destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful scenery; the typical pure white houses and blue doors are an icon of the appealing Greek aesthetics. The island of Santorini has volcanic origins, and therefore exhibits amazing black sand beaches. What to do in Santorini? Tasting exquisite wines, cruising around the Caldera by catamaran, yacht or even more passionate, on a sailing boat with buffet and sunset included. You can visit the red beach, visit the beautiful Oia and more.


The Greek island that is showcased and promoted for its well-known and very popular nightlife has much more to offer. Its dreamy windmills, cobblestone streets, gallant history, proudly preserved natural beauties and much more make Mykonos the ideal destination for a tour. To visit Delos and Rhenia is to see precious treasures. To ride along its crystal clear beaches on a kaiki and watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea are priceless, enjoy them.


The emerald island is adorned with olive trees, cypresses and bays of beautiful turquoise waters; evoking the movie The Blue Lagoon. And we are not exaggerating, Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek, charms the tourist for its stunning beaches and amazing nature. Also, for its multicultural architectural history and an artistic legacy that includes the Asian Art Museum. In addition, it is inhabited by friendly farmers and guides that will make your stay unforgettable.


Have you ever heard the saying “the beautiful and exclusive comes in small sizes”? That’s Milos; an island with a lot to offer. Milos counts among its archaeological revelations with such important findings as the Venus of Milos. It has stunning natural treasures, such as its more than 70 beaches of paradisiacal appearance. You can even tour this beautiful island by catamaran and enjoy snorkeling admiring its ecosystem and native species.


A large and serene island, full of fascinating stories and archaeological remains, witnesses of a glorious past; and of events lived during the empire. Among these monuments you can admire the structure known as the Portara or the statue of Kouros. In addition, Naxos has beautiful villages to fully enjoy your stay, such as the cool Apeiranthos, the beautiful Halki and others. Tour Naxos, swim in its beaches, explore the Rhino cave and be happy.


This quiet island is ideal for an intimate getaway or a long-awaited family vacation because of its tranquil atmosphere. Paros is full of monasteries, churches, white sandy beaches and ancient sites for you to discover. What else can you do when visiting this beautiful Greek island? Visit the picturesque village of Naousa, go to Piso Livadi or Lefkes and visit its capital Paroikia. All of them are must-see places to visit traveling by boat from Naxos.


Among the Greek islands it is one of the largest and is home to everything you could wish for if you visit Greece. One of the main attractions is the Palace of Knossos, a mythical place that served as a prison for the mighty Minotaur of Crete. You can also enjoy a guided visit to the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. If you prefer to relax, stay in Chania; or if you prefer to party from the first day in Crete, discover its many bars and nightclubs. 


Rhodes was very famous in ancient times thanks to the great Colossus of Rhodes; a striking statue considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The Colossus of Rhodes with its great torch was in the past a reference guide for brave sailors. And today the medieval charm of Rhodes has been elegantly combined with the grace of the modern; you can enjoy this beautiful harmony walking through the new and old town of Rhodes.


This beautiful island abounds in lush mountains, beautiful blue beaches and impressive cliffs; landscapes suitable for the most adventurous. And if you also want to visit one of the most spectacular beaches in Greece, visit Navagio Beach; swim in its provocative blue waters and fall in love with its sunsets. Even more, if you want to get another view of the place, go to the viewpoint of Kampi to watch an unforgettable twilight.


A real hidden treasure in the Aegean and the only village on the island called Chora is so well equipped that it gives you the opportunity to make your trip unforgettable. The scenery of Koufonisia, its rock formations and caves are breathtaking; they transport you to a special place, almost off the planet. On this small island you will enjoy postcard-worthy views. If you get to Ammos Beach and Kato Koufonisia, enjoy it all to the fullest.

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