The best beer gardens in Munich

If you travel to Munich, tasting its rich beer is a pleasant thing to do. And, although you have to take care of your health, enjoying the delicious German sparkling beer with balance will be a feast for your palate. Because Munich’s sparkling blonde offers to those who taste it is medieval legacy, which differentiates it from any other beer. So read on and get to know the best breweries in Munich.

In Munich, tasting a beer is an art and a tradition that you can experience all over the city. So, take note and visualize this tour we will give you through the best breweries in Munich; choose your favorite or better yet, include them all in your list of the best things to do if you travel to Munich.


A 16th century wine cellar with a lot of charm, a long tradition and thousands of stories to its credit. So much so, that for many Hofbraühaus is the best brewery in Munich; if you prefer to check it out, take a look at what it has to offer. This tavern was chosen by Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria himself to provide the exquisite Weissbier beer to the distinguished Wittelsbach family. 

In addition, its beautifully decorated halls with polychrome domes frequently host various performances of wonderful traditional live music. This makes it a special and very unique place that you can choose to delight your ear, your palate and your soul. Because tasting an excellent German beer in one of the best breweries in Munich is a great pleasure.

Viktualienmarkt Beergarden

Munich is the city of the possible and this beer garden is ideal to enjoy it cold and outdoors. What more could you ask from life? It is these small pleasures that make the difference in the good life. Viktualienmarkt Beergarden offers you a wide variety of the best beers brewed in Munich, enjoyed comfortably in one place. This place has its social charm, as it is relaxed and lends itself well to socializing.

In addition, the experience of comfortably savoring a fresh and delicious German beer on the wooden benches that are around is complemented by eating something appetizing at the food stalls that are in this interesting park. And you, are you already making your list of next places to visit?

Paulaner Bräuhaus

This beautiful cellar offers the typical German white beer, brewed from wheat and with an abundant and creamy foam. This type of beer has a very refreshing and consistent flavor that captivates; in addition to a citric aroma that captures the consumer’s interest. If you visit Paulaner Bräuhaus, you will have a genuine experience enjoying one of the best beers in Germany. 

Because the tradition of this wheat-based white beer dates back to 1634, when the monks of the Order of the Minims brewed it. And that mystical tradition and brewing recipe has not been lost; the Paulaner breweries use and protect the old brewing methods as well as the taste obtained in that glorious past.

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This amazing place is heaven on earth for passionate lovers of sparkling beers. There you will find a wide variety of beers, with their exquisite flavors from Munich as well as from many other parts of the world. These craft beers are displayed in cans and bottles and are the result of a work that combines the art, the skill of the brewing craft and the natural, with the ancient German culture and places like Austria, Belgium and others.

Augustiner Stammhaus

The typical brewery-restaurant of obligatory reference if you want to know the German brewing tradition. Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG is the brewery that gives its name to this place and also to many others in the city. What’s more, Augustiner claims to be the oldest and one of the best breweries in the city. Actually, the atmosphere of this brewery is unique and magical thanks to its decoration full of details with neo-baroque styles. And the beer they offer is brewed under the purity decree of 1516.

Flagship brands

The German brewing tradition is displayed in the 5,000 varieties of beer brewed and consumed in the country. And each locality in Germany has its own style of beer. The Germans are experts in knowing which type of beer flavor combines and pairs perfectly with each food or dish they taste. They have the art of perfectly harmonizing the wonderful duo of beer and dish.

Now, in Germany there are a large number of local breweries. However, the 6 most recognized German beer brands both in the country and in the world are Augustiner, Hofbraü, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner und Spaten-Franziskaner. The origins of these industries range from 1328 to 1634. And these 6 breweries are the only ones that participate in the Oktoberfest festival held in Germany. 

And what distinguishes them from the other breweries in the country? That they still keep the old brewing recipes almost intact. Thus, they preserve the taste, quality and purity that characterize the production of the renowned German sparkling beer. In fact, the popularity of these six flagship brands of beer is so great that they dominate a large percentage of consumption in bars, pubs, restaurants and breweries. Have you tried any of them?

Beer and the pandemic by covid 19

In Munich as elsewhere in the world, the covid 19 pandemic has totally affected every human activity. And German beer consumption has not escaped this reality, so much so that the Oktoberfest festival was once again canceled. Even so, technology provides us with great advantages and you can take advantage of these important means to make the electronic purchase of the best German beers.

And since nothing lasts forever, we have our hope intact and will power; take advantage of the present and plan from now on which of the best breweries in Munich you will visit and which will be your favorite German beer.

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