The 10 Best Beaches of Cantabria

Between 1833 and 1982, the province of Santander settled most of its lands on Cantabria, and it was from January 1982 when the Organic Law 8/1981 came into force. The province of Santander changes its name to Province Cantabria, in addition to the Autonomous Community of Cantabria. 

It is a small region of about 5,321 square kilometers in area, with approximately 583,684 inhabitants; therefore, it has only one province and 102 municipalities. 

Cantabria is located in the north of Spain. Its capital is Santander, a city of about 200,000 people, modern, offering both leisure and cultural activities, besides being the most populated municipality. It is bordered to the north by the Cantabrian Sea, to the south by the provinces of León, Palencia, and Burgos, to the East by the province of Vizcaya, and to the west by the Principality of Asturias.

The Autonomous Community of Cantabria has about 220 km of coastline, spread over several more than 90 beaches of all kinds, whether large, small, urban, open to the sea, quiet, secluded, or a little rough because they lack urbanity. Others are shallow and wide, ideal for children. Below, we will mention only 10 of the beautiful beaches of Cantabria. 

Beaches of Cantabria for the family and the little ones:

In Laredo, Playa La Salvé: this beach consists of about 4 km long, next to Regatón beach; both form the longest beach in Cantabria. Fine-grained sand, calm waters that are sheltered between the breakwater of the Port of Laredo and Mount Buciero de Santoña. It is a beach of low overcrowding, even though the city has much tourism.

The beach has complete services and very accessible prices; it has showers, 8 watchtowers with very well prepared lifeguards, wooden walkways for people with reduced mobility, bathrooms, swings and, when the tide is low, pools are formed where the little ones can cool off and play; suitable for different ages.

In the capital of Cantabria, Santander, Sardinero Beach: is located in the urban area of Santander and intended for people who need its comforts. It covers about 1.3 km of coastline. There are 2 beaches divided by the viewpoint of the Piquio; a beach to the East, which is the 1st and close to the palace of the Magdalena, and the Westside or 2nd beach, closer to the Mataleñas Park.

It has the advantage of having a natural barrier that keeps it away from the promenade area, enjoying some privacy, despite being in the town center. It has all kinds of services, is well maintained, and also has activities for children, such as swings, crafts, and entertainers to enjoy drawings, among other things. In addition, pools are formed when the tide goes out.

In the municipality of Valdáliga, Oyambre Beach is located between the town of Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera, a beautiful paradise of fine sand and is part of the Oyambre Natural Park; emerald-colored waters of unparalleled beauty. It does not have all the services, only lifeguards, surveillance, and access for people with mobility difficulties.

Its swell varies since it is located in a somewhat windy area. Therefore, sometimes the swell is moderate, but it can be somewhat strong at other times. The indications of the lifeguards are important and should be taken into account on the day of the visit. Likewise, you can enjoy both the scenery and the walk.

In the town of Noja, Trengandín Beach: it is near the Natural Park of the Marshes of Santoña, with nature surrounded by dunes, forests, and mountains. Beach with a good extension and excellent prices, due to the number of tourists who visit it. Gentle waves, in addition to 3 km of coastline for strolling.

Another advantage is that natural pools are formed between the rocks, ideal for snorkeling and meeting the varied fauna of these waters. 

Beaches of Cantabria to be able to practice some aquatic sports:

In the municipality of Suances, Playa de Los Locos: this beach is located between 2 cliffs, with an extension of 500 m in length and fine-grained sand and golden color. Ideal for people who like water sports; besides enjoying the natural scenery offered by the beach.

Here you will find the perfect waves to practice surfing courses, paddle surfing, which is when you slide on the water on a board, but with the help of a paddle or a shovel for better balance; also Bodyboard, in which you slide on the board, lying on it or prone, among others. 

It also has parking, Red Cross surveillance, lifeguard stations, picnic areas, and showers. Pets are not allowed, and there is no access for the disabled.

In the municipality of Santoña, Berria Beach: This is an open beach with strong currents and waves, ideal for experienced surfers. It is located between the Buceiro massif to the East and Mount Brusco to the west. Easily accessible and bordered to the north by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea and to the south by the marshes of Santoña, Joyel, and Victoria. 

Surfers can enjoy this activity all the time since it is not limited. Thanks to the characteristics of the beach, competitions are held officially, and surf schools have therefore been established.

In the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar, Somo Beach: Somo beach is considered the origin and epicenter of the sport of surfing in Cantabria, ideal for both professionals and beginners. It comprises 3 beaches with an extension of more than 7 Km; of fine golden sand and waves suitable for this sport.

Somo beach, with El Puntal beach to the western side and Loredo beach to the eastern side, make up the eastern part of the bay of Santander; it is also the favorite place for surfers of any level. You can practice surfing, kitesurfing, and paddle surfing; you can also find services. 

El Puntal Beach: with an extension of about 2 and a half kilometers, it is considered a natural wonder, located in the middle of the bay of Santander. We are talking about a sandy ledge surrounded by water on both sides. It does not have any equipment.

Apart from the above mentioned, the beach on its south side closes the access to the bay of Santander. Therefore, if you only want to access this beach, which many nudists also use, you can access it by boat or on foot from the town of Somo. 

Other beaches of interest in Cantabria:

In the municipality of Piélagos, Somocuevas Beach: this beach is located in Liencres, near the city of Santander. It is a beach that consists of 2 parts; the eastern one, which is large, with dunes and very sandy, and the western one, rocky and a little smaller. The name is due to the caves that are among the rocks.

It has a length of about 310 m of fine-grained sand and golden color, with a gentle slope to enter the water very gentle waves due to the protection of an inlet. It is a beach frequented by nudists, who like to feel free and calm; you can also go with your pets.

In Ribamontán al Monte, Langre Beach: located in the same area of Langre and 800 m long. In addition, it is located in a mountain environment, near the other beaches of Loredo and Somo, although between 2 cliffs; an ideal place to enjoy a lot of tranquility and peace.

Access is done through somewhat steep stairs, so it is not easy to access for everyone. Snorkelers can snorkel towards the western side of the beach and fishers who use the cane, as it has a rich fauna. It is also a nudist beach and has surveillance.

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