Parts of Spain are transformed into a real “Christmas story”

The world’s largest chocolate nativity scene, a World Heritage city covered with fantastic lights, a city full of giant Santas, we show you the places in Spain that every year become a Christmas story. We show you the places in Spain that are transformed into a Christmas story every year – check out our private tours here!

It may not look like in the American movies, but Spain also celebrates a very attractive Christmas, and rightly so: huge chocolate nativity scenes, traditional flower-covered courtyards, sensational light shows… and a Christmas in Spain.

Let’s take a look at these places in Spain that know how to have fun at this time of year: real Christmas stories to escape to in order to feel the true spirit of the festive season.

Allariz (Orense)

In Allariz, the Christmas decorations are made by the town council staff by recycling natural materials from other events. The result is a small Christmas card that is as original as it is heartfelt, with decorations that change every year.

This year they have managed to transform the city into a tour of more than 10 locations, with the novelty of a snow-covered “Christmas square” where you can enjoy the local shops and the atmosphere of the season.

“Sustainability is very present in our Christmas, which is also secular, without nativity scenes or Santas. We also try to integrate the decorations with the town of Allariz and its old town, considered a Historic-Artistic Site since 1971, which received the European Town Planning Award in 1994 for the restoration of the old town and the recovery of the riverbanks, and which has been a Biosphere Reserve since 2005,” explains the Allariz Town Council.

Guadalupe, Extremadura

Welcome to Guadalupe, the most sparkling village under the sky of Extremadura, declared a World Heritage Site in 1993, elected first rural splendour of Spain by Toprural in 2018 and one of the most beautiful villages in the country according to the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain.

In addition to these recognitions, in 2017 it was selected for the ‘Luce tu pueblo’ campaign through a competition organised by Ferrero Rocher: more than 50,000 light bulbs, 2,100 metres of garlands, 960 metres of lights covered by a tree and other prizes represented by light. Every year at this time of year, the city of Cáceres is illuminated, creating a magical Christmas scene.

Vigo (Pontevedra)

Christmas in Vigo is so brightly coloured that in mid-December it is necessary to wear sunglasses. The Christmas lighting is spectacular: 10 million light bulbs are distributed throughout the 30 streets of the city, whose installation work began in October.

Galicia’s mayor, Abel Caballero, even said that the festive lights can be seen from the space station and that the anticipation of the festive display often transcends Galician borders and becomes a popular topic of conversation.

This year, there will be a four-metre-tall illuminated angel, a giant snowman, a giant Father Christmas balloon, a giant shooting star (what else?) ), a star-shaped porch, a shining Three Wise Men, a Christmas palace, a Christmas castle, a Christmas forest, Father Christmas and reindeer sleighs, Santa’s house, a photo gallery with Father Christmas …. Christmas in Vigo is a never-ending party.

Málaga (Andalucía)

For some time now, Malaga has attracted international attention for the eye-catching lighting of its most famous street, Larios. The large arch that adorns the shopping street has a different theme every year, with different musical and colourful shows every day.

This year, with the exception of 24 and 31 December, the street is illuminated by the “Angels of Paradise” at 19.00, 20.30 and 22.00 to the sound of “Carol of the Bells” and “Jingle Bells”.

In addition, a 10-minute video mapping will be projected on the south side of the cathedral at 7pm, 8.30pm and 10pm, and 120 illuminated drones will envelop the cruise terminal in a festive atmosphere for several days in December. The Botanical Gardens will also be transformed into a real Christmas fairytale thanks to the STELA show.

Barcelona (Catalonia)

Luces de Navidad en Alicante, año 2020 AYUNTAMIENTO DE ALICANTE 05/11/2021

When we think of Christmas and Barcelona at the same time, an endearing figure from Catalan tradition comes to mind: the caganer. From Mick Jagger to Superman, from Darth Vader to Pope Francis, no celebrity is ashamed to show his or her backside during the local festivities.

But that’s not the only thing foreigners notice when they enter the city: the first thing that catches their eye is the original Christmas lights. This year, the charismatic butterflies are saying goodbye and the street is sporting a new decoration inspired by the star of the Sagrada Familia tower.

As if that weren’t enough, there are more than a dozen markets in the city where you can find the perfect gift, and lots of activities for children. Among them, don’t miss the parade, one of the most amazing in the country, with giant animals, thousands of extras and even moving floats.

Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz)

If you like Christmas scenes, you’ll be pleased to know that Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz) has a living nativity scene that is the envy of the country, attracting almost 20,000 people in one afternoon! The reasons? Mainly two: it’s been going on (and getting better) since 1983, and the picturesque, traditional white village perched high on a cliff is the perfect location for the event.

Sheep, donkeys and mules roam, bonfires are lit, more than 500 characters use traditional period instruments and costumes, key moments of the Nativity are re-enacted, period delicacies are prepared…. Everything that happens in Arcos de la Frontera every year – unless prevented by force majeure such as rain – is authentic.

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