Colour explosion in Cordoba

May is the most remarkable month of the year in the Andalusian city of Córdoba. This intense month offers a succession of remarkable festivals in this place famous for its muslim Mosque.

The month starts with the May Cross Contest (Concurso de las Cruces de Mayo). In the citu patios and squares big size crosses are raised, decorated with flowers, pots and Manila shawls. While walking around them, the visitor has the possibility to enjoy the typical tapas (small bits of food) and typical drinks.

Cordoba patios is a genuine tradition all over the world. Based on Cordobese way of life, in houses with gardened patios and balconies in which flowers are the main decorative element. About forty patios open their doors to visitors, who can get a list of them in the tourist office, in any hotel, or in the patios themselves. Walking around them enjoying the scent of orange blossoms and jasmines and the sound of flamenco music is a unique experience.

During the Cordobese Patios Festival, the Balcony and Barred Gates is held. The best flower decorated balconies and barred gates are awarded. The aim of this contest is to keep the ancient tradition of decorating balconies.

The high point of this month is the so-called Feria de Córdoba (Córdoba Fair), which is celebrated from 20th to 27th of May. In the Arenal area horse riders, flamenco dancers and gypsies get together in different stands. Those stands are public, so everybody is allowed to enter them. Sevillanas’ joy, fino wine, tapas, the typical Cordobese hat make this fair one of the most joyful and relevant in Andalusia. During that week, citizens and tourist can also enjoy the passion and thrilling of bullfighting in Los Califas bullring.

But Córdoba can be visited at any moment in the year. Its magnificent Mosque is one of the musts of the city. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is the most important monument of all the Western Islamic world, and one of the most amazing in the world. The evolution of the “Omeya” style in Spain is resumed in the history of the Mosque of Cordoba, as well as other styles such as the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque of the Christian architecture.

Do enjoy a visit to this Andalusian city in this month full of events and colourful traditions. Our professionals offer you different possibilities to walk around the city. Whether it’s by a luxury car or on foot, guides will help you learn the most relevant and curious corners of the city.

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