Bilbao, art and gastronomy at their highest

The Guggenheim Museum is the icon of Bilbao, one of the most important cities in the North of Spain. Designed by American architect Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao building represents a magnificent example of the most groundbreaking 20th-century architecture. With 24,000 square metres, of which 11,000 are dedicated to exhibition space, the Museum represents an architectural landmark of audacious configuration and innovating design, providing a seductive backdrop for the art exhibited in it.

Until September 17th, the Museum hosts an exhibition entitled “Paris, end of the century” which exhibits painting by French authors such as Redon or Toulouse-Lautrec.

Our Lady of Begoña, Bilbao’s cathedral is another place everybody who arrives in the Basque city must visit. The church is above Bilbao, in the neighbourhood of Begoña. A late Gothic basilica, it is one of the references for Bilbao and all Bizkaia, a centre for pilgrimage and prayer.

In front of the church, the street bearing the name of the Virgin leads you toward Etxebarria Park, with its monumental brick chimney as a reminder of what was there before: one of great factories of Bilbao, Echevarria. The steel industry was the engine of the city.

After an intense morning of art and culture, the best proposal is to show up in Plaza Nueva, a perfect place to have a snack: some Basque white wine, txakoli, and a snack or pintxo. This is a neoclassical space where Bilbao mingles, where the outsider is welcomed to Bilbao. This place was left rested and refreshed to enjoy the Old Quarter, the Seven Streets, between bars and shops.

Choosing a place to eat in the evening in Bilbao is not easy. The city offers a wide variety of choices and visitors mingle with the locals in places where we can enjoy good food and clever cuisine. A city and a culture that makes eating an art, it also makes a cult of fine wines; we seek one of the many bars in Bilbao to enjoy a drink or a coffee accompanied by good conversation, either inside or in one of the pavement cafes on the street.

Culture, art, architecture and gastronomy are the four pillars of a welcoming city, which makes tourists feel at home. And there is no better way to enjoy it than on one of the tours that offers to their customers. Tours on foot or by one of our high-class cars always accompained by one of our expert guides, who will deploy all their knowledge and kindness.

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