Cádiz Carnival: Costumes, humour and lots of fun

Just when Christmas celebrations come to and end and before the seriousness of Lent and Easter arrives, some places in the world give themselves the opportunity to praise joy, fun and music. It is Carnival. Rio de Janeiro, with their music, samba dance and beaches, or Venice, with its citizen wearing those baroque clothing and masks are one the most faous in the world. But equally remarkable is the celebration that takes place in Cadiz, a city in Andalucía, in the South of Spain.

The carnival is usually held between the end of February and the beginning of March. During this time, the streets of Cadiz’s historic centre and the oldest neighbourhoods of the city will be flooded with dancing, music, and festivities. Another important event is the ‘chirigotas contest’. A chirigota is a satirical song on any current affair at the moment. This contest starts some weeks before the Carnival celebrations and is held in the Falla Theatre.

During the parades you’ll be able to enjoy colourful floats carrying dancers, singers and acrobats. Everyone makes sure to put on their best performances, promising that all spectators have nothing but a good time. The parades are a favourite event for all ages; kids especially love catching the candy that is thrown throughout.

But the Carnival is not the only moment to visit which is considered to be ‘the oldest city in Europe’. Any time of the year is convenient to meet its welcoming people, its beaches and its gastronomy. Let’s see some things not to be missed.

The Monument to the Constitution is devoted to the first Spanish Constitution approved in 1812, when the French troops had invaded the rest of the country.

Cadiz’s cathedral is other place which must be visited. It’s bicolour facade is really eye-cathing, due to the stone used in its building which took 116 years. It’s built on the old cathedral that’s why some people call it ‘The New Cathedral”.

Another place which is obligatory to visit is the Flowers Square. There it is placed the Mercado Central, one of the oldest markets in Spain where fried fish, snails or other typical products can be bought.

Cadiz is as well one of the places with the longest history. Dating from 1,100 B.C. the so called Gadir Settlement is the example of what that old city was like, of its streets, houses…

Other two important places are the Santa Catalina Castle and San Sebastián Castle, which have been turned into cultural spaces and have appeared in some films.

But Cadiz is really famous for its beautiful beaches, which yearly attract thousands of tourists. Caleta beach, one of the most genuine beaches, ideal for children and with spectacular beaches which remind of La Habana; Victoria beach, with its bars and chill outs, and Cortadura Beach, a wild beach, ideal for privacy and relax, are the three most important beaches in Cadiz.

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