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Amsterdam, city of fashion at the beginning of the year


January in Amsterdam is imbued with an unmistakable post-holiday calm. Visitors are free to alternate between the outdoor chill and the cozy, climate-controlled indoors; brisk walks around town are a treat on clear days, and when the wintry climate loses its appeal, travelers can find respite from the cold in museums, cafes, restaurants and more. …

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Paris, the city of love … and of Christmas

Paris, the city of love … and of Christmas


The season leading up to Christmas is a light-filled, festive time in Paris that can offer the ideal backdrop for a romantic vacation or a memorable holiday season with the entire family, kids included. Many people never venture to plan a trip here at this time of year, assuming it’s cold, dark, and grim. But …

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Livorno Private Tour

Livorno, the port of Italy


Although not one of the most populous, Livorno is one of the most important cities in Italy and is the capital of the Province of Livorno. Its main source of economy is its huge port and Livorno indeed has the third largest port in the country. Furthermore, its port plays host to a variety of …

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Budapest Private Tours

Budapest, where October is a festival


Although October is not high season in Budapest, there are a lot of things to do in the capital of Hungary provided that you stay longer than one day. If you visit the city at the beginning of the month you can still enjoy light sunny days, on which to enjoy a wide range of …

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Puerto Banús

Some things to do in Marbella in summer


Located on Spain’s glorious Costa del Sol, where Andalusia meets the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella stands out for its unique combination of adventure, entertainment, spectacular shopping, 5-star dining, and fashionable beach life. Each year, jet-setters from around the world flock to this Spanish resort to soak up the sun and get a taste of quintessential Andalusia, …

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Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela: end of trip


Santiago de Compostela is not just the final point of the Camino de Santiago, it is a fantastic place to explore, wandering around its alleys and quaint granite streets. It is quite pocket-sized too, so make sure you dedicate at least a couple of days to soak in the city’s vibrant atmosphere. And July is …

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Castelvecchio Verona

Verona: much more than tragic love


Although it is worldwide known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona has much more to offer than the stage for a romantic tragedy. But even if you don’t want to visit Juliet’s balcony and tomb, you won’t feel that you are missing the city. Just the opposite. Verona, just half an hour …

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Porto: history, business and wine

Porto: history, business and wine


On the slopes above the Duero Estuary, Porto is a historic mercantile city with business and trade written into its very name. The centre is a World Heritage site: there are medieval walls, gleaming Baroque churches, the compact streets of the Ribeira district, the Romanesque Cathedral and that’s just the beginning. Fortified port wine is …

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Cordoba: traditional Andalusian houses whose interior courtyards are festooned with potted flowers and plants

May in Cordoba: history and flowers


May is the best month to visit Cordoba, with its riot of colourful and fragrant celebrations. The floral excitements kick off with the Battle of the Flowers parade, followed by the Cruces de Mayo – a competition of flower-decorated crosses, between city neighbourhoods, then the Patios Festival – traditional Andalusian houses whose interior courtyards are …

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Venice: A place for masquerade


February is one of the milestones in Venice. The city is famous for its canals. But, of course, there is also the Carnival time: colourful, fun, but it attracts crowds and raises the prices for accommodations as tourists arrive to enjoy the spectacle. On the weekdays St. Mark’s area is fun and still manageable, on …

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Cadiz Carnival

Cádiz Carnival: Costumes, humour and lots of fun


Just when Christmas celebrations come to and end and before the seriousness of Lent and Easter arrives, some places in the world give themselves the opportunity to praise joy, fun and music. It is Carnival. Rio de Janeiro, with their music, samba dance and beaches, or Venice, with its citizen wearing those baroque clothing and …

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Miami: Christmas in shorts


Pine trees, snow, Santa Claus in thick clothes… these are the stereotypical images of Christmas all around the Northern hemisphere. But, could you imagine celebrating Christmas in shorts and sleeveless T-shirts, and waiting for the New Year on the beach, drinking cocktails instead of hot wine. Let’s see what to do in Miami a Christmas. …

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