What Berlin is planning for 2023

What does the German capital have to offer in terms of tourism next year? See here the calendar and his ideas for tourism in Berlin, where the Special Olympic World Games will be held. See here all our private tours in Berlin! 

Up to 189 different nationalities currently live here. This diversity is one of Berlin’s main concerns, which is why 2023 will be a key year in the design of the short- and medium-term tourism development it is preparing. “That’s what makes it so attractive. Creativity, tolerance, freedom, diversity ……. You never feel like a foreigner,” said Ulrike Bohnet, director of the Spanish and Portuguese office of the German National Tourist Office, at a presentation to the media.

“You will be inspired by the gastronomy, the culture, the services…”, added Carlo Carbone, director of communications at VisitBerlin, to present the campaign “Visit the world of Berlin”. In 2023, in honour of the Peace Revolution, the Monument to Freedom and Unity will be inaugurated, an architectural idea in the form of a scale that floats according to the number of people who step on one side or the other. The following year, the 35th anniversary of the fall of the Wall will be celebrated in style. “Dictatorships can be overthrown unarmed and peacefully,” says Carbone.

In the same spirit of presenting an open and tolerant city, a House of Unity is planned, where the three main German religions will meet in a “house” to be opened between 2024 and 2025. Or the new metro line 5, which will connect the entire cultural area of the city.


Of course, much of this cultural offer will remain concentrated on the Museum Island, built more than a century ago. The Humboldt Forum, which will open its doors in 2020 in the Royal Palace (on Spree Island), is still being finalised and will include up to four museums (plus a bar and a restaurant) in an exhibition space of 30,000 m2 spread over two floors, with more than 5,000 m2 of public space (open to the public).

One of the most surprising proposals is to close part of the island’s canal so that visitors can swim between the museums. Or to connect them all underground with an “archaeological walkway”. The construction of both works has just started. 

The Pergamon Museum is being renovated and its fourth wing is due to open in 2025. But we don’t have to wait that long for news. At least three new museums will open in 2023: the Samurai Museum (the first in Europe dedicated to samurai art), the Museum of the 20th Century (focusing exclusively on contemporary art, due for completion in 2026) and the Sculpture Garden (to be displayed in the outdoor areas of the new National Gallery).


Another major novelty of Berlin 2023 is the former Tempelhof airport, transformed into a public space for free activities for the whole family: open-air sports, barbecues, picnics, concerts, events, and so on.

Equally original is the transformation of a women’s prison into luxury accommodation, as in the case of the Hotel Wilmina, which has just opened its doors and converted its cells into 44 rooms. Christian Tenzler, spokesman for VisitBerlin, says the occupancy rate of the capital’s hotels continues to rise. “After Covide, people want to live in the present because they don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” he added.

The leisure offer is complemented by a rich gastronomic offer: 32 Michelin stars in 25 restaurants. As for shopping, as in any city, there are two options: choose the neighbourhood shops (the more rational option) or visit a shopping centre.


Several events are planned for 2023 in the city. Photography enthusiasts should not miss the European Month of Photography (2-31 March) and design lovers the Berlin Design Week (8-17 May). The Carnival of Cultures (26-29 May) offers a colourful, multicultural weekend.

The Special Olympics World Games (17-25 June) are defined as a sporting event where “people with and without disabilities, people from different nations, cultures, political beliefs and religions come together to overcome prejudice through the power of sport”. The local marathon, which last year attracted 55,000 participants from 157 nationalities, will be held again in September.

On 21 June, musicians of all styles will fill the streets of the city for the Fête de la Musique. If you don’t want to wait until next year, the German capital has more than sixty Christmas markets and a big New Year’s Eve party on Christmas Eve. The best way to find out what’s on offer is to check out the apps “About Berlin” and “Going Local Berlin” – free of charge!

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