Christmas dinners and lunches in 2022: where to book in Barcelona

If you’re one of the 65% of people who get stressed during the festive season, we’ve put together a list of restaurants, hotels and catering companies that will provide you with meal suggestions so you don’t have to cook. Check out our list of private tours here!

“As we get older, Christmas becomes harder to fit in because we have more and more responsibilities as adults,” explains Verónica Vivero, clinical psychologist at Isep Clínic Barcelona. “It can also awaken high levels of nostalgia, melancholy and/or anxiety.

Christmas is the ideal time to enjoy special meals and dinners that invite us to celebrate everything we have experienced during the year. Who will cook?

Here is our selection of restaurants, hotels and catering companies for all tastes and budgets. No, our name is not among the chefs. It’s one thing if you like food and “fer cagar el tió”, and another if you want to spend the day in the kitchen.

Semproniana (Carrer del Rosselló, 148)

With their always innovative approach, Santi Alegre and Ada Parelada have been entertaining Eixample residents since 1993. At this former publishing house, they have replaced books with cards and cards with records, and with the promise of dedicating themselves to the stomach.

Today they continue their game with their colourful dining room and various styles of iconic chairs.

During the festive season they offer a fantastic takeaway menu: salmon pancakes, artichoke cream, roast lamb and chocolate cake on Christmas Eve. Amaneda” prawn cocktail; Christmas ascudella; Christmas roast chicken with gambo and tiramisu with nougat. Or foie gras with smoked sardines; Sant Esteve crepes; Sant Esteve fish feast and Semiblando with hazelnuts (50 euros each).

Traveller’s note: there was a time when the price of the menu was equal to the age of the visitor.

Quirat (Av. de Rius i Taulet, 1)

The Quirat restaurant is located in the InterContinental Barcelona and is under the direction of Victor Torres, Spain’s youngest Michelin-starred chef. The name reflects the unit of measurement of the purity and richness of the elements that make up the land. Yes, it is an intimate and sybaritic cuisine that honours local suppliers and respects the cycles of the animal and vegetable world.

However, Christmas is a good opportunity to try their cod ceviche and pil-pil; their grilled sea lefère, potato terrine, kalamata olive caviar and crumble; or their chocolate, nutmeg and dried fruit mousse, delicate chocolate sponge cake and crunchy cocoa shavings and fleur de sel (220 €).

Take a look at the combination they offer for a unique experience: start the day at the spa (1,200 square metres and Natura Bissé treatments, that’s nothing) and continue with a gastronomic day. Isn’t it a great surprise gift on this special day of the year?

Note for the traveller: The tiled floor is inspired by typical Catalan kitchens. A must on your Instagram feed.

Les Tres a la Cuina (Carrer de Sant Lluís, 35).

It’s all about homemade, healthy and delicious food at a good price. Les Tres a la Cuina is the project of Paqui and her two sons and is located in the Gracia neighbourhood. With a lot of commitment and enthusiasm, they do what they do best: delicious and nutritious take-away delicacies.

On the Christmas menu: pumpkin and gran padano croquettes; escudella soup; meat and mushroom cannelloni; chicken stuffed with minced meat, dried fruit, prunes, juice sauce and rosemary potatoes. And as always, there are vegetarian and vegan dishes such as quinoa and vegetable meatballs or vegetarian mushroom and vegetable wellington with herbs, lemon and smoked butter.

This year, desserts are provided by La Konditorei, an artisan bakery of German origin. Everything is made by hand, with love and the best ingredients.

For travellers: Reservations are accepted until 16 December and orders must be picked up at the shop on 24 and 31 December.

Nobu Barcelona (Av. de Roma, 2-4)

On 26 December, Nobu Barcelona will embrace Catalan culture and present a special St. Stephen’s Day menu that combines innovation and tradition to delight the palate. It consists of four main courses and a dessert.

The dinner begins with a traditional Catalan dashi soup; the second and third courses propose a symbiotic relationship between meat and fish, starting with Waygu’s rib salad, followed by Nobu’s classic sushi. A low-temperature pink pepper roast pork prade finishes the main course and clears the way for dessert, a cream of nougat and buttons, another homage to Catalan cuisine (€75, excluding drinks).

The hotel bids farewell to 2022 in style and welcomes the new year with four dishes: Oyster Tiradito, Toro with Apricot Miso, Percebes al Nuevo Estilo and Red Prawn Tartar Caviar (€180, excluding drinks).

Note to travellers. Also worth mentioning here is the spa’s innovative treatment, the Luminosity Facial. It is the perfect facial product to prepare the skin for the holidays or to regenerate after a party.

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