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Venice, located in northeastern Italy, is built on 118 small islands in the Venice Lagoon, north of the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most popular and visited places by tourists, not only because of its particular geography but also for its artistic heritage, a millenary history. 

Famous for being a romantic city, it has canals, bridges and many impressive places to visit; such as St. Mark’s Square, the busiest place in the city, or the Doge’s Palace, where part of the history of Venice was written, or the famous Rialto Bridge that crosses the Grand Canal and is the oldest, among others.

But there are also very nice places to sit for a while and share, either accompanied or alone, both a good Italian aperitif and taste its popular gastronomy. A few months ago, at the end of October 2021, in Campo Santo Stefano and very close to the Accademia Bridge, a restaurant-bar called “Aperol Terrace” was opened, it is a good option. 

Campo Santo Stefano is a square that is located in the district-district of San Marco and has many cafes to relax, but also restaurants. It is a privileged area for Aperol Terrace, a space located in one of the Venetian palaces that has a little more than 200 square meters, of which 90 are outdoors. Let’s get to know this restaurant-bar better.

What is the purpose of this new Aperol Terrace concept?

The Aperol brand celebrated in 2019 its centenary. A phenomenon of Venetian origin that has become a special moment to bring people together in a very natural and spontaneous way; a brand belonging to the Campari Group. The new idea is that Aperol Terrace becomes the reference point of the whole city. 

That is to say, to combine the style that distinguishes the Aperol brand with the contemporary style of Aperol Spritz. Terraza Aperol revives the traditional and typical Venetian bar, but in a modern, more cosmopolitan atmosphere, which is a continuity between the indoor and outdoor environment; a fluid way between the two.

When do you share an Aperol Spritz?

In Terraza Aperol everything is important, from an excellent decoration to its philosophy, which represents enthusiasm, joy and fun; concepts that prevail in the new Aperol Spritz aperitif. But at that time when we enjoy a drink with our friends, family or alone, gastronomy is also sacred. 

Terraza Aperol has thought of everything and has put Michelin-starred Italian chefs Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini at the helm for this activity, who have created everything from breakfast to after-dinner drinks. The menu is based on Venetian traditions, using local ingredients and varying with seasonal suggestions.

Let’s talk a little about the materials for the decoration and lighting of the place:

As mentioned, the idea is to inspire a well traditional and social place of Venice, similar to its cafes, but with techniques and materials that have been reinvented to suit a more contemporary atmosphere. For this, some aspects have been taken to make them feel that they are still part of this city, trying not to miss any detail; in addition, some materials that have been recycled have been used.

Among them we have, for example, the floor with briccole wood, recovered from the navigation poles of the lagoon; the lamps have been made in orange Murano glass, which is the shade of Aperol. The beamed ceiling called from Sansovina and some poles from the Venice Lagoon have also been recovered. 

Likewise, glass tiles embedded in the Venetian gray stucco have been placed on the walls to continue to evoke the atmosphere of the Lagoon. Likewise, the Venetian mirrors have been converted into monitors, to share with other bars around the world. In conclusion, the elements used in the interior have been reinterpreted to bring them into the 21st century. 

How has their internal and external structure been designed to ensure continuity?

The design of both the internal and external environment was entrusted to the famous Italian studio of Vudafieri Tiziano and Saverino Claudio. Spaces in combination of Venetian roots and a cosmopolitan atmosphere; that is to say, a point where past and present converge; the contemporary with the traditional. The furnishings were created by Cassina Custom Interiors.

Aperol Terrace is an interactive and dynamic place, and for this reason its internal structure consists of 2 areas present in the same space, but at the same time are independent; the area where to enjoy the authentic Venetian aperitif called the “Bacaro” bar and the “Bacaro” area, both with its food and drink restaurants; one is more formal than the other.

These spaces merge seamlessly with the external terrace through large transparent glass panes. An area that covers about 90 square meters of extension, which, in turn, overlooks the Campo Santo Stefano. This reflects different spaces to be shared, i.e. from the informal open air to the more comfortable area of the restaurant and table service.

The “Bacaro” bar and the Aperol Terrace restaurant area:

In the internal part the central element comes to be the service bar, which has been inspired by a mid-twentieth century model. On the front there are ribbed panels made of polycarbonate material, which has been recycled and produced in 3D; in addition, it has been backlit with the orange color, which characterizes the Aperol brand. 

The shape of this bar is an “L”, which also has a white corian countertop. The benches are tall with their classic rounded shape, which combine their neutral color of contemporary fabrics with Aperol’s orange. Likewise, there are glass shelves with the edges illuminated by LED strips and where Aperol bottles are displayed. 

The back of the bar has a mirrored backdrop to the ceiling, also with shelves displaying bottles of the drink. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are made of orange Murano glass, with a very particular and striking design. 

As for the restaurant area, you can see that it has different types of tables and seating, ranging from traditional round tables with well-padded chairs and cushions, with beautiful orange borders, to a more relaxed experience; a Venetian menu of traditional food for snacking at any time of the day.

Aperol Terrace’s “Bacaro”:

It is a more cozy and dynamic space, characterized by a wooden ceiling with exposed beams or Sansovina ceiling, evoking the bars of the city. Its seats are very particular: a high and elongated seat that rests on the wall and has small round folding tables, thus creating a more informal atmosphere. 

The walls have digital mirrors in the traditional Venetian shape, which function as real-time contact points with other bars around the world. 

The outside of Terraza Aperol:

It also has 2 distinct areas to enjoy the moments of Aperol Terrace. On the one hand, there are high tables where you can enjoy a standing aperitif; quite informal, for those more transient moments. But there are also the traditional tables, with director’s chairs; that is to say, with wooden slats. 

It is a very comfortable place to enjoy food and drink comfortably seated. Everything will depend on the time and the client’s needs. Inside this space you can also see the famous Aperol cart on wheels, covered with its orange panels that is in charge of preparing the Aperol Spritz. interesting, isn’t it?!!!!!

To conclude, there is a strong connection between the internal area and the external area of Aperol Terrace if we see it from the front; not only because of its transparency, but also because of the continuity of both environments in terms of decoration, color and purpose.

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