Do you want to rent the Italian Villas of “Succession”?

Succession is a television series that premiered in June 2018 on HBO. An American drama about a family that owns an empire based on both entertainment companies and different audiovisual media, but very dysfunctional. Fictional story created by Amstrong Jesse, in the company of its executive producers Adam Mc Kay and Will Ferell. 

On that same date it was announced that a 2nd season was coming, which was released in August 2019 and later a 3rd season was released, which premiered last October 2021. In short, a very rich and powerful family, in which its members seek to run the business in their own way; without taking into account the plan established in the succession. 

In its last 2 chapters the drama moved to Italy, specifically to the region of Tuscany, an important area for its geography, culture, artistic heritage, among others; located towards the central part of the country. The reason was to celebrate the wedding of the mother of the 3 brothers of this Roy family. 

How did the producers obtain the Villas where the filming took place?

The production team for the HBO series of Succession got in touch in Italy with a luxury event and travel consultant named Emily Fitz Roy (nothing to do with the same last name as the family in the series, by the way), who is used to organizing events like the ones needed for that season’s episodes. 

Then he clearly saw the places where these actions could be filmed. Thanks to his company, Bellini Travel, dating back 2 decades, he had in mind 3 beautiful Villas type properties that are very exclusive, but had to be rented; despite the fact that some of them had never allowed a film crew to be on location. 

However, they were very lucky, as they usually apply years in advance for rentals. They were only serving 100 clients annually, Fitz Roy told them, but the pandemic seems to have helped them, and they were able to rent through Bellini Travel to shoot in the summer of 2020 the chapters that were needed; since people had stopped celebrating their weddings, which they had to postpone because of Covid-19.

In the end the shooting took place at Villa Cassinella, located on the shores of Lake Como, where Roman Roy and Lukas Matsson, a technology entrepreneur, are in the 8th chapter. Also the famous ex-wife of Logan Roy the patriarch, Lady Caroline, is comfortably installed in Villa La Foce, located in southern Tuscany and well known for its fabulous gardens.

Also, in this 3rd season appears the Villa Cetinale, where the spectacular wedding takes place. In short, there were 3 locations that have gone around the world thanks to the HBO series Succession. 

Let’s talk a little about Villa La Foce

In the penultimate chapter of the Succession series this Villa of La Foce is the first house where Chiantisshire arrives to organize all the pre-wedding events. This Villa dates back to the 15th century, and is located in the most discreet area of Tuscany; in Val d’Orcia. Later, in the 16th century, it was used as a hospital and as an inn.

At the beginning of the 20th century, specifically in 1924, it was acquired by the American writer Iris Origo and her Italian-born husband Antonio Origo. Mrs. Iris wrote in her famous diary the history of this place during the war period. The couple was in charge of both rescuing and hiding Jews and people in need in the woods of the area. 

This couple turned this Villa into a very prosperous place, not only commercially but also culturally; in addition, its gardens are well known and attract a lot of attention. These were designed by Cecil Pinsent, architect, who created a garden combining two styles: English and Italian.

This villa was filmed for 3 weeks, and can accommodate 24 people. 

Different spaces are rented, ranging from an apartment for 2 people to a space for 12. Events such as weddings or any other type of event can also be held. Benedetta, Mrs. Iris’ daughter, opens the Villa once a week to show the facilities.

Today she is also in charge of the Dopolavoro restaurant, the place where, in the 1930s, workers used to meet after work. Today it is a delicious place in every way and above all very affordable. 

Villa La Cassinella, on the shores of Lake Como

In the final chapter of the series Succession the next Villa that appears is La Cassinella, which is located on the west side of Lake Como. An interesting fact is that it can only be reached by boat, which makes the place very private, as it is located in the heart of the Lake, which has become very famous in recent years.

So, according to the series, this is the meeting place for a possible partnership between the technological guru Lukas Matsson and the superb Roman Roy. A place of elegance, very quiet and of great beauty. This private Villa is located among beautiful gardens; it has a main residence, a swimming pool with 22 carat gold tiles, a cinema area, gym and a house with an independent terrace.

It has capacity for 17 guests, who can enjoy luxury and comfort. In addition, it offers a very complete attention staff to solve any detail that visitors may need. 

Succession Series Wedding Celebration at Villa Cetinale

The wedding of the series was held in this Villa Cetinale, for which the production spent 1 week filming in this house. This baroque style villa dates back to the 17th century, built exactly in 1680. It is located on the outskirts of Siena. It was built for Pope Alexander VII, and after his death it was inherited by his son, Cardinal Flavio Chigi, a Germanic Roman prince.

It remained in the Chigi-Zondadari family until 1977, when it was sold to Viscount and MP Anthony Lambton, who had to make some restorations and transform the Villa, as it was in poor condition. In 2006 Lambton died and the Villa was inherited by his youngest son and sole heir, Edward Lambton. 

The main house consists of 5 floors, with 13 rooms, a large reception area, a lounge with the coat of arms of Flavio Chigi in the center of the ceiling, a dining room with an 18th century mural of the garden pavilion, 2 swimming pools, a games room, 2 kitchens, tennis courts, a gym and a good staff.

This includes the property manager, maids, doorman and a chef who can give you lessons; either in pizza preparation or simply cooking. Currently, both Edward and his 3rd wife, Marina, are the owners, who run the Villa for vacation, wedding or dinner rentals in the back of the Villa; in its long courtyard or avenue, as seen at the Succession wedding.

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