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4-hour private excursion through La Coruña by private vehicle

From 89,00

To discover La Coruña with us is to explore its history, learn about its least disclosed anecdotes, live the ravages of an era and get excited about the courage of its people

All our guides have the ability to transport you to each of the most impressive moments of the Galician becoming, but they also know their protagonists or their descendants. They are proud of the culture of the place, their customs, beliefs and legends, so they can quickly open the door of your fantasies, frightening you with ghost stories, dazzling you with heroic actions or taking more than a sigh with some romantic anecdote.

Although much of this trip is enjoyed more on foot, you will also have the advantage of having at your disposal a private luxury car, in which you can transport everything you buy or reach the most remote places of this beautiful city and if wine is your thing, you will appreciate such a detail.

Enter La Coruña with us and discover the lost echoes of an eternal city.


  • Official tour guide for 4 hours for your tour
  • Private vehicle with chauffeur for 4 hours
  • Admire A Coruña most emblematic attractions and monuments
  • Professional team creating your perfect a la carte tour

One of the greatest pleasures of staying in Galicia is being able to visit the city of La Coruña at any time. Although the most ideal would be to plan the trip with a tour agency that is really reliable and that suits your tastes.

In Tour Travel & More, we offer you an incomparable adventure, because not only will we make you immerse yourself in the history and culture of this beautiful medieval city, but you will do so in the company of a personal guide capable of adapting the trip to your tastes and preferences.

On the other hand, you will always have a private luxury vehicle and a driver who will look for you and leave you in a convenient place, which will almost always be the door of your hotel, but who knows, maybe on such a ride you make friends and end up dawning in the middle of an impressive party.

Most important sites & Monuments in this private tour

Our trip begins when we pass by your hotel and take you to the center of the city, right in the Obelisk of the Rúa Nova, here we´ll admire such an architectural work and we will head towards the Old Town a place full of religious buildings, so much so, that it is the neighborhood with more churches per square meter in all Galicia. On this walk you can see and photograph The Church of Santiago, the collegiate church of Santa María, the church of the Third Order of San Francisco, the church of Santo Domingo and the Convent of Santa Bárbara.

Then we´ll let ourselves be enchanted by the magnificent gardens of the place, where we will highlight two punctually the Méndez Núñez Gardens, headquarters of the clock and floral calendar and the Garden of San Carlos, resting place of Sir John Moore, died in the battle of Elviña on 16 January 1809 and protagonist of a ghost story, since it is believed that the spirit of his fiancee, Lady Hester Stanhope, usually appears by that date every year in that park

After leaving the ghosts aside, we will go down to the port and take a long walk along the Maritime Avenue, where we´ll let ourselves be captivated by the huge glass gallery that is one of the greatest attractions of the Crystal City. Thus we will arrive at the central part of the port which contains the best and most varied restaurants, in order to taste a delicious lunch on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Then we´ll take a short walk along the coast before resuming the course towards the Tower of Hercules, to close our tour contemplating the oldest lighthouse in the world that is still in operation. We´ll tell you the story of this wonderful icon and how it is closely related to the coat of arms of the town.

The city: La Coruña

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about La Coruña, in addition to its great beauty and world records, is the relationship between this coastal town and the history of smallpox vaccine, which a little more than a year ago was known through the movie 22 angels directed by Miguel Bardem, but if you don´t know the title and what it is about, you will always have your personal guide to ask any questions about it.

Another fact, that the LGBTI community may like more, is that it was in La Coruña where the first homosexual marriage took place, although it was a hoax, given that one of the brides was posing as a man, but Although they were excommunicated and persecuted, their marriage certificate was never annulled.

Our Private Tours & Experiences at Tour Travel & More

Walking with us through La Coruña has many advantages, the first of them is that you will do it with the help of a person who really knows the place, because he was born there or has been traveling these roads for many years, serving as a tourist guide for many travelers

The second is that you will have at your disposal a comfortable and elegant private luxury vehicle that will not only take you safely to each of the points of interest on this tour, but will also allow you to take to your cruise all objects, gifts and memories you buy during this tour.

Now, the most significant advantages, and that is why we have left it for the end, is that you can enjoy a trip created to your needs, which will take you right to those places that really might interest you and allow you to live to the fullest such a great experience.

Contact us and remember that your trip starts today.

This Private Tour includes:

  • Official Tour guide for your 4 hour tour
  • Private vehicle with chauffeur for 4 hours
  • 24/7 Angel Guardian service/li>
  • Complete personalized experience
  • Public liability insurance
  • Taxes
  • Price per person

This Private Tour excludes:

  • Entrance fees
  • Food and drinks

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