Private Tour of Capri and Anacapri with Blue Grotto

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  • 8 hours
  • Guided tour
  • Tickets
Descripción completa

Descripción completa

Private Tour to Capri and Anacapri with Blue Grotto Description

Embark on a personalized journey to explore this Private Tour of Capri and Anacapri with Blue Grotto, including the renowned Blue Grotto, accompanied by your own private tour guide. Delve into the charm of these enchanting destinations under the expert guidance of your dedicated official tour guide.

Nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the southern coast of the Gulf of Naples, Capri boasts unparalleled beauty and allure. From the vibrant “piazzetta” to its mesmerizing azure waters and delectable cuisine, Capri exudes exclusivity and charm, making it a quintessential Italian gem.

Anacapri, its companion municipality, is equally captivating. The name “Anacapri,” derived from the Greek word “Ana” meaning “above,” aptly reflects its elevated position above Capri. Together, they form the picturesque Capri Island, offering a wealth of natural and scenic marvels to explore.

Indulge in a tailor-made experience as your official tour guide leads you through the labyrinthine streets, historical landmarks, and idyllic beaches of these captivating locales. Uncover the hidden treasures and storied history that make this island truly unique on this unforgettable journey.

Points of Interest and Landmarks

Firstly, you will meet with your private official tour guide in your hotel in Capri at your desired time. Our tour guide is an expert with a lot of knowledge of the island.

After meeting with your tour guide, you will go down to the port in funicular to take the public boat to go to the Blue Grotto.

Please note that if upon arrival there are numerous boats queued up to enter the Blue Grotto, the public boat will not wait but will proceed with the trip and return to the Capri port. An alternative route to visit the grotto is through a staircase in Anacapri accessible by private shared transportation (your guide will accompany you) where you will wait for your turn.

Keep in mind that the Blue Grotto may not always be accessible. If the sea tide rises and the entrance gets covered by waves, access to the grotto becomes impossible. In case the Blue Grotto is closed on the day of your tour, an alternative is an island tour via a shared boat. This tour allows you to explore all the caves on the island and sail around its three famous sea stacks, the iconic symbols of Capri.

Following the tour, you’ll take a shared private transportation to Anacapri’s center. From there, you’ll ride a chairlift to Mount Solaro, the island’s highest peak, offering breathtaking panoramic views that are truly unmissable. Next, we’ll head to Piazza Vittoria, a charming square adorned with trees and flowers, creating a picturesque coastal landscape that will leave a lasting impression.

Subsequently, you’ll take shared private transportation to Capri Town, where you’ll explore its historical center. Marvel at the renowned Piazza Umberto I (or “piazzeta”), bustling with activity and surrounded by landmarks such as the Clock Tower and the Church of San Stefano, as well as exclusive restaurants and boutiques. Stroll along the main streets of Capri: Via Vittorio Emanuelle, Via Croce, and Camelle.

During the tour, you’ll have leisure time to dine at a delightful Italian restaurant, with recommendations provided by the guide.

We also have the option of just visiting Capri and Anacapri without the Blue Grotto. Take a look to our private day tour in Capri.


This Private Tour includes:

  • Official private guide for 8 hours for your tour
  • Public boat from Capri port to Blue Grotto
  • Private shared transportation inside the island
  • Funicular ticket from Capri Town to the port
  • Chairlift to Mount Solaro
  • Funicular from Capri Town to the port
  • Complete personalized experience
  • 24/7 Guardian Angel Service
  • Public liability insurance
  • Taxes
  • Price per person

This Private Tour excludes:

  • Food and drinks
  • Tickets to the Blue Grotto (must pay there in cash)
  • Other entrance fees
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • No Refund, Modification or Cancellation in any case on any type of tickets or entrance fees.
  • Modification of tour/service dates and starting times are subject to availability.
  • 48 hours prior to first service date: Free Cancellation on guide and private vehicle with chauffeur. Any type of entrance tickets have no refund.
  • Less than 48 hours prior to first service date: No Refund. Payment of 100%.
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