Top 10 largest squares in Europe

European pre-eminence has been the main objective for which the great powers of Western history have built wonderful and exclusive squares. Among the most beautiful and significant squares in Europe are St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, the Red Square in Moscow, Florence’s Piazza della Signoria, and others. Today we will detail the 10 largest squares in Europe, which dazzle us with their shapes, artistic elements and cultural heritage.

Squares are clearly valuable and revealing public spaces where the historical, cultural, artistic, productive, gastronomic and other elements that reveal a culture are easily perceived and observed. In a beautiful and valuable square are exhibited the traditions, the social environment and the specific circumstances that identify the citizens of a town, a city, a country, together with their peculiar way of seeing and living life.

Top 10 largest squares in all Europe

The 10 largest squares in Europe that we will reveal for you have their own imposing magic that surrounds them. Moreover, they are silent witnesses of a past of domination, opulence and shocking changes; also of a present that admires, cares for and restores them. Another feature that impresses us about these 10 European squares is the huge size they exhibit; typical of a majestic past. Now, visualize your next tourist stop.

Warsaw’s Parade Square

In Poland is located the beautiful Warsaw Parade Square, the largest square in Europe, with 240,000m2 of extension. This beautiful architectural work was built in the 1950s during the communist era. It owes its name to the constant military parades that took place at that time. Today the square is a very popular place because of its great historical importance, and because it houses the famous building of the Palace of Culture and Science. 

Kuibyshev Square in Samara

Russia boasts of being the Western country with the largest number of amazing squares. The best known is the famous Red Square in Moscow. However, the second largest square in Europe is also located in Russia; it is the extraordinary and impressive Kuibyshev Square in Samara. Its 174,000m2 extension offers in winter a spectacular view to its visitors when it is covered by light snow. 

The Piazza Carlo di Borbone in Caserta

Italy is not far behind when talking about beautiful squares in Europe, as they have been built by prodigious architects. Also, if we mention great squares we have to include Piazza Carlo di Borbone; a precious historical jewel built in the 18th century and boasting 130,000m2 of extension. And, following the path of this great square, you arrive at the Royal Palace of Caserta, designed by the skilful Luigi Vanvitelli; where you walk through its lavish rooms.

Moscow University Square

Although Moscow State University Square is not as well known or visited as Red Square, it is a major tourist destination you must see if you visit the Kremlin. This amazing and impressive square is an open-air venue covering 130,000m2 in area. And that’s not all, the Moscow State University Square has such a great aesthetic value, that it should be admired with enough time and patience.

Quinconces Square

Located in Bordeaux, a port city belonging to the popularly known country of love, the Place des Quinconces is one of the largest in Europe and the most impressive in all of France. This elegant square extends over 126,000m2 and is adorned with various fountains, several sculptures and some trees. One thing that stands out in this important French square is its amazing obelisk, known as the Dumilatre and Rich column.

Freedom Square in Kharkiv

In Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, is located the Freedom Square. With its 119,000m2 of area it is the largest square in the country. Its former name was Dzerzinsky Square, in honor of the founder of the Soviet secret police. After Ukraine became independent from the Soviet Union the name was changed to Freedom Square. This beautiful monument shines at its best when it is illuminated every night.

Parker’s Piece in Cambridge

It is another of the grandest squares in Europe and the largest in the United Kingdom. This place is a space created to offer the visitor the enjoyment of sport together with the approach to nature. The large green spaces invite you to enjoy life in a healthy way and promote harmony of body and spirit. In addition to its fresh and natural side, Parker’s Piece has its royal and opulent past; since in 1838 Queen Victoria was crowned there.

Unirii Square in Bucharest

Formerly known as the National Square, it is one of the largest squares in beautiful Romania. This square spreads over 97,000m2 and among its spaces exhibits lush and extensive gardens. In addition, following the green and linear path of the square, you get close to impressive and very relevant buildings, such as the famous Palace of Parliament. So, if you visit Romania and you are near Bucharest, escape for a while to Unirii Square.

Prato della Valle en Padua

In Padua, one of the oldest cities in Italy, is located Prato della Valle; the second largest square in the nation and one of the largest in Europe. This square, with an elliptical shape, extends over 90,000m2 and has a small circular water canal. In its center is located a charming island with lush green vegetation, along with more than 78 very beautiful and elegant figures.

Place de la Concorde in Paris

One of the largest and most popular squares in Europe and also an area that holds 300 years of historical events. Its 86,400m2 witnessed more than 1,200 executions during the French Revolution, including those of Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and Robespierre. The square even boasts the grandiose Luxor obelisk, a place representative of 3,000 years of French history. So, if you travel to the city of love, be careful not to lose your head.

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