The 10 most beautiful lakes in Italy

Months of social isolation lead to a yearning to enjoy more of nature. Vacationing at the beach, in the mountains or in a valley with streams are excellent recreational options. However, in Italy, environments that include beautiful lakes stand out; places that have a special charm that attract young and old alike. Today we make your options easier, and we detail the 10 most beautiful lakes in Italy, and you choose your next destination.

Summer is the right season to enjoy the most of a natural environment next to a lake. So, take into account every detail we provide about the 10 most beautiful lakes in Italy; visualize your next vacation and enjoy with your loved ones the beauty of life. Also, remember before traveling to find out about the safety measures to follow in the place you choose, the health certificates required and the dates of access to the public.

Lake Garda

It is the most beautiful lake in Italy. It is imposing and immense, its climate is cool and very pleasant; its extension is 368km2, and it is positioned between the Alps and the Po Valley. Some of the most emblematic and attractive places to enjoy near Lake Garda are the beautiful Riva di Garda, on the shores of the Trentino. Also, the cool, leafy and romantic Malcesine or the sunny and medieval Sirmione in Brescia.

Lake Como, in Lombardy

This lake is located in northern Italy and has a super cool climate and a mountainous landscape. This lake exhibits an enchanting, postcard-worthy view and an inverted “Y” design that bathes the entire region. What to visit in Lake Como? You can spend some quality time in the pretty and quiet town of Bellagio. Also, enjoy the comfortable and family-friendly Bellano, with its beautiful hotels; or the elegant and exquisite town of Como.

Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont

Italy’s second largest and most beautiful lake, with a natural setting that is breathtaking. What can Lake Maggiore bring to your vacation? Evoking medieval times in the town of Arona, observing the beautiful mountains of Stresa and enjoying an idyllic walk with a view and visit to the Borromean Islands. And what about the stunning scenery of Pallanza. Any of these options will leave a mark on you.

Lake Trasimeno

This lake waters the lush region of Umbria, known as the green heart of Italy. Three islets stand out in the lake; the best known and most inhabited is Isola Maggiore, with its beautiful Campo del Sole, the Lake Park, the Merletto Museum and others. In addition, Lake Trasimeno offers you the opportunity to visit the various local fortresses; sites full of history and remembrance of an extremely luxurious and unique era.

Lake Scanno

In the Abruzzo region, in the valley of Sagittario, is located this beautiful lake; whose natural design has the peculiar shape of a heart. To have fun there you can choose between touring the lake of Scanno in pedal boats, enjoy the beautiful paths and the spectacular native nature, and even take a refreshing swim in one of its adapted beaches, and enjoy one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Lake Iseo, in Lombardy

If you want to visit Monte Isola, the largest and highest natural island in Europe, with its beautiful blue waters and a spectacular postcard view, your next tourist destination is Lake Iseo. In addition, Lake Iseo offers you the enjoyment of other attractive spots, such as the floating piers. Also explore Lovere, with its unique romantic sunrises and sunsets, well-preserved Gothic works and beautiful birdlife.

Lake Lesina

If your recreational taste is more focused on direct contact with nature, the observation of animal species or the delight of admiring the flora, Lake Lesina and its Gargano National Park will make you happy. Lake Lesina is a natural saltwater resource that is separated from the Adriatic Sea by the Bosco Isola isthmus. And what does this place offer you? Fun in the Acquafantasy park or Boscolsola adventure park and more.

Fusine Lakes

Located beneath Mount Mangart, the Fusine Lakes will offer you a changing spectacle of shades depending on the season you visit them. The upper lake is gorgeous and ideal if you are a trekking lover; the closer lake exhibits crystal clear waters and is easier to access. In both lakes enjoy clean mountain air, stunning views and high altitude lodging go hand in hand.

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