Top 10 beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii is a Polynesian archipelago located in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean and, together with Washington D.C., makes up the 50 states of the United States of America. The capital of Hawaii is the city of Honolulu, which is located on the island of Oahu, one of the 8 main islands that make up Hawaii.

These islands are located to the southwest of the United States. If we count their location from northwest to southeast we have: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and finally the largest of them all, “Big Island” or Hawaii. It is said that the beaches of these islands are the most beautiful on the planet; besides, there are all kinds of beaches.

Another interesting fact is that you can enter any of the 7 islands, since all of them are for public use and there is no limit to experience in only one island; you can visit their beaches without any problem. The exception is the island called “Niihau, the forbidden island”, which was bought in 1864 by a Scottish woman named Elizabeth Sinclair to the Hawaiian king Kamehameha V.

The condition of this king was that the island be kept virgin in relation to the culture, language and traditions of its inhabitants. Then, Elizabeth’s grandson, Aubrey Robinson, in 1915 decided to close the island to the public, leaving it practically disconnected from the rest of the world. This article will only mention some of the beaches of 4 of its main islands.

The best beaches on the island of Kauai, Hawaii:

Polihale State Park or Polihale State Park:

This beach in Polihale State Park is the westernmost of all public beaches in Hawaii. It has about 17 miles of coastline, but the area called “Queen’s Pond is the safest. 

This park can only be reached by a dirt road, which has sand dunes and potholes, so it is recommended to travel in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. You can enjoy the Napali cliffs, as well as the beach; however, you should bring water and sunscreen, as there is not much shade for shelter.

Poipu Beach Park or Poipu Beach Park:

This park is located towards the south coast of Kauaia, formed by 3 beautiful crescent-shaped beaches. It has lifeguard service, which attracts many families, especially for beginners who want to practice the sport of swimming. 

You can also practice scuba diving with snorkeling, and more experienced surfers come to the reef. The Koá Kea Hotel & Resort and the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa are also close to these beaches.

Hanalei Bay or Hanalei Bay:

This bay is the most extensive on the north coast of the island of Kauai, and Hanalei is formed by several beach parks, technically speaking, which constitute about 2 miles of extension; in addition, it is surrounded by mountains of about 1207 m high.

In the summer season the waters are calm, and you can also practice paddle surfing, mooring for sailboats and, of course, swimming. In winter, on the other hand, the swell is stronger and attracts surfers to take advantage of the waves.

The best beaches on the island of Oahu in Hawaii:

Waikiki Beach or Waikiki Beach:

In the Hawaiian language, Waikiki means “Water Stream”, and has to do with the stage before the colonization of the island, in which there were many ponds, streams and waterways that separated this area from the rest of Oahu. In 1901 the first hotel was built on these shores, called Moana Surfrider, attracting the attention of tourists, who arrived at the time on steamboats.

Its beaches, white sand and crescent-shaped, with crystal clear waters, calm and coconut trees, attract many tourists, including surfers, as you get waves of about 9 m high. In addition, today it is the main area of hotels and any resort; incredible places to dine and enjoy with family and friends.

Waimea Bay Beach Park or Waimea Bay Beach Park:

Waimea Bay Beach is located in a park located towards the north of the island. It has a very particular characteristic: the presence of what they call the Jump Rock; that is to say, a rock placed in flat bay and that has its point of greater height to about 9 m; which is used by the people to carry out their dips towards the sea; in waters with a depth of about 7 m. 

In summer the waves are calm, ideal for swimming or diving, but from November to February, which are the winter months, is a beach for surfing, due to its giant waves, to the point that hosts some of the competitions that are practiced in Hawaii at the level of surfing, such as the Vans Triple Crown, as well as the beaches of Ehukai and Sunset Beach.

Ko Olina Beach or Ko Olina Beach: 

This beach is located towards the west side of the island and the tourist part consists of 4 sandy lagoons, well protected from both strong winds and big waves, thanks to the huge coral reef it has. The beach has palm trees, ideal to take shelter from the sun. In addition, it is the ideal place for small children, since the water is crystal clear and shallow.

The place is also attractive for those who practice scuba diving and snorkeling, a fantastic activity to explore the coral reef. Nearby are the Disney Resort & Spa and the 5-star Four Seasons Oahu. 

The best beaches on the island of Maui in Hawaii:

Makena Beach or Makena Beach:

Makena Beach is also known by the name of “Big Beach” and is located southwest of the island, with an extension of 2.4 km of golden-colored sand, and 30 m wide in some areas. This beach is suitable for swimming, or if you prefer you can snorkel in its crystal clear waters.

You can also enjoy the sun on the sand, share a picnic or have lunch at the most famous food truck on the island: the Jawz Fish Tacos, near the beach, and taste chicken tacos, fresh shrimp, among others.

Hamoa Beach or Hamoa Beach:

This beach is located near the town of Hana on the east coast of the island of Maui. It is advisable to go by car, although the road has many curves and is winding, because it travels along the cliffs. But it is worth it, and it also has several advantages such as showers and public restrooms. 

It also has shaded pockets to protect from the sun. It has no lifeguards, and has a paved road to the car, where you will find a station to wash your feet and remove the sand before entering the car you probably rented.

The best beaches on the island of Hawaii or Big Island: 

Hapuna Beach or Hapuna Beach:

Hawaii or Big Island offers several white sand beaches, and the longest is Hapuna Beach, located on the Kona-Kohala coast. In addition, it has the conditions for activities such as swimming, snorkeling, bodyboarding or enjoying the resort, which is located next to it.

Another interesting point is that, in the first months of the year, you can observe from a distance the impressive whales in their migration. Also, among the services offered to the public are showers, restrooms, picnic tables, food for sale, lifeguards all year round and, of course, parking. 

Kauna’OA Beach or Kauna’OA Beach:

Kauna’OA is also known by the name of Mauna Kea, because it is located in front of the Mauna Kea Resort Hotel, whose owners are the Rockefellers; and it attracts many tourists nowadays. It is a very familiar beach, with good facilities and to practice activities such as snorkeling or swimming, since its waters are usually calm, turquoise and with marine life such as turtles and some manta rays. 

However, in the winter season there are strong currents and higher waves, so caution should be taken. For the more adventurous, in the south of the beach and on the sides are located some coral reefs, to enjoy diving activities.

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