The wonders that you cannot miss in the Alhambra

The dream of many is to travel to explore many places in the world that are worth knowing. This desire is in the hearts of people, since knowing new places allows you to feel freedom, provides energy and encourages imagination. And one of those places that we can include on our list to do a luxury tour is the La Alhambra monument, a walled place that served as a room for various officials and sultans at the time of the Nasrid dynasty.

What is the Alhambra?

It is a kind of walled castle, which is located in the city of Granada. This castle belonged to the Islamic period, and served as a domicile for both sultans and officials in the period of the Nasrid dynasty. It was built by Muhammad I, and is one of the most visited and best preserved monoliths in Spain from the Islamic period. Because of this, in 1984 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

In addition, it is a mixture of various architectural works with decorative pieces, where water and light stand out. Some of the walls are capable of hiding poems embodied by three lyric of the Court, which were difficult to decipher. However, there are some experts who have been able to interpret those poems. In ancient times, the city of Granada had more than two thousand citizens in the place, and today in addition to being well preserved, it also has Generalife gardens.

Reasons why the Alhambra is worth visiting

Alhambra is considered one of the wonders of the world, which is why many tourists often visit the city of Granada. Something that draws the attention of visitors is the plurality of legends and stories that are told about this place. Let’s know some reasons why it is worth visiting.

It’s story

The contribution of knowledge that this monument can give us is immense, and this is because the great palace has witnessed the Arab government of the area for many years. In addition, it has a great architectural style. However, in order to make the most of the tour, it is necessary to have a guide at the time of the visit.

In view of the fact that it is a huge mansion that contains very hidden corners, the company of a guide is necessary, so you will not run the risk of getting lost. On the other hand, the guide is a knowledgeable expert who can tell you the stories of the great lives of the sultans and those who belonged to the court; Like him, you will have the opportunity to travel back in time and imagine the thermal baths and rooms of ancient times.

Its palaces

As the Alhambra is an architectural mix, it contains a set of great palaces, which are worth visiting on any occasion. For example, some of those worth noting are:

The Nasrid Palaces are the oldest, and were ordered to be built by Muhammad V with the intention of executing administrative functions and for his own residence. These palaces are made up of three areas, known as the Palacio de Comares and the Palacio de los Leones y el Mexuar.

The Palace of Carlos V, which was built with the intention of becoming the residence of Emperor Carlos. This is located next to the Nasrid Palace, and both have a contrast according to their type of Islamic architecture.

Regardless of the palaces you visit, they all correspond to a different historical period. In them, it is possible to enjoy different architectural styles, but just as amazing.

The gardens

The palaces are not the only source of splendor of the Alhambra, but it is also surrounded by beautiful gardens. These are full of orange trees, orchids, and an extensive amount of plants capable of filling the vegetation and offering beautiful colors to the eye.

Some trees that produce fruit for people also serve as insect repellants. On the other hand, the gardens are also popular for the fact that they represent a prelude to paradise, as described in the Quran.

Art and landscapes

When touring the interior area of ​​the Alhambra, you will be able to realize that each one of the walls is covered by different kinds of arabesques. These have been designed in a very meticulous way by means of different types of molds. Arguably, these types of decorations cannot be found anywhere else. In turn, these decorations are capable of following such a symmetry that they harmonize perfectly with everything that composes it.

Another outstanding element is that the Alhambra is able to stand out above the Sabika hill, which is the highest area of ​​the city of Granada. This is because it was a strategic point to defend and monitor the city, in addition to being clearly visible from the other parts of Granada. For this reason, today it represents one of the best views, for example, you can see the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the Sacromonte caves, and the Albaicín neighborhood.

The legends

If you have heard the story of The Thousand and One Nights, you will be pleased to know that the Alhambra was the place where such a story occurred. Each one of the corners of it served as inspiration for the writer Washington Irvin to write his stories of this place. Now, there are other legends that characterize the place, such as that of Sultan Boabdil, who was remembered as the last of the Nasrid dynasty who was able to betray his own city.

As we can see, all these reasons, and many others, are enough for you to observe the unmissable wonders of the Alhambra. However, we encourage you not to just want to go, but to get down to work to make this unmissable trip that you will not regret. In this way, you will see with your own eyes, each and every one of the descriptions that we have made.

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