The most impressive cable cars around the world

Arguably one of the most unique and impressive means of transportation in existence is the cable car. In a short period of time, it is possible to climb high elevations and, at the same time, enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround the area. For this reason, we would like to present some of the most impressive cable cars in the world.

1. The Alps from Mount Titlis

Topping the list of the largest and most impressive cable cars in the world, we can mention the one from the country that has always led the way in means of transportation: Switzerland. Throughout the country, there are 1,700 cable cars spread across its rugged terrain.

However, one of the most outstanding in Switzerland is the cable car that is located on Mount Titlis, which has a rotating system, and is called Titlis Rotair. The transport starts in the town of Engelberg and lasts a little more than 10 minutes. Throughout the trip, we can see the Swiss Alps and reach the Klein Titlis, about 3028 meters above sea level.

2. The slopes of the Teide volcano

The Teide volcano has a height of 3718 meters, making it the highest peak in Spain. To enjoy the experience, just take a private tour to El Teide from Tenerife. However, not everyone has the possibility to reach the highest point in a short time, unless you travel by cable car.

The cable car cabins can go up to 2,356 meters above sea level. The views at the top of the volcano are very impressive since, when the day is clear, you can see the silhouette of other islands.

3. The MontjuĂŻc cable car in Barcelona

This is one of the main tourist sites in Barcelona. For many years, it has been the most special way to know the charms of the city. It has 750 meters of route, in which you can visualize incomparable landscapes. The trip culminates at the castle of MontjĂŒic, the top of a mountain that has been left for history.

At the same time, from the cabins we can observe the whole skyline of Barcelona, such as the Agbar Tower, the Port Vell and the Sagrada Familia. In addition, one of the stops is the Mirador del alcalde, which is a beautiful space with gardens where you can see fantastic images of the port.

Teleférico de Montjuïc: las mejores vistas de Barcelona

4. Cable car over Langkawi City 

In Malaysia, specifically in the city of Langkawi, we can find beautiful natural landscapes of green color, which are very well appreciated from the heights. These amazing views are seen from the gondolas of the city, and in addition to the city, you can see the jungle and the bay.

It is a very modern cable car, which was inaugurated in 2003 and covers a distance of about 2.5 kilometers. These can be easily overcome in less than 15 minutes to reach the top.

5. An aerial view of Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Within Southeast Asia, there are also many unique destinations we can go to. And one of the most famous is Singapore, where Sentosa Island is home to the main attractions that are of interest to the public. While it is true that it has very small dimensions, the island has a number of very fine golden sand beaches, plus a golf course, aquarium. And it is nothing less than the Universal Studios theme park in the country.

Arriving at the port of Singapore, you can take the cable car to Sentosa Island, which is one of the most amazing on the planet. It only takes a few minutes to reach the destination, whose coastline is 3.2 kilometers long and is divided into three small beaches: Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong.

6. Touching the sky in Israel

We cannot leave behind the cable cars of the Middle East, as these are also of significant importance. In the north of Israel, we can find the Rosh hanikra caves, from which the entire Mediterranean coast can be observed. 

In order to ascend to these heights, all you have to do is enter the gondola that goes up and down through the rocks of the cliffs. This way, you will be able to enjoy an exciting trip. In addition to this cable car, there is also the Masada cable car, in which you can travel through a very extensive desert landscape.

7. Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car, Brazil 

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Corcovado Christ is a world famous attraction, but to contemplate the city from the sky, we can use the Sugar Loaf cable car. Going up this route, we can contemplate the city of Rio and the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

Brasil: un tiroteo causĂł el cierre temporal del telefĂ©rico del Pan de AzĂșcar  | La Voz

By going to this destination, you will not only be able to ride the Sugar Loaf cable car, but you will also see in person one of the most famous and visited monuments in Brazil. In addition, you will get to know many curiosities of the city and one of the most impressive cable cars in the world.

8. Merida Cable Car, Venezuela

Finally, in Venezuela we can find a cable car that stands out for being the highest in the world and the second longest in existence. It is located in the city of MĂ©rida, in the southwestern region of the country. It runs a total length of 12.5 kilometers starting at the Barinitas station and ascending to 4,765 meters above sea level at the Pico Espejo station.

Being the highest cable car that exists, the height at which the passengers find themselves is one in which your body can feel the lack of oxygen. However, upon reaching the destination, which is the Sierra Nevada National Park, you can observe many species of flora and fauna, such as the spectacled bear, brachypterous butterflies, ferns, pines, and much more. 

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