The most attractive towns in the Sierra de Madrid

In the areas around Madrid, there are many places that have a unique charm, and where it is worth enjoying a weekend with family or friends. An example of this are the towns that are in the mountains of Madrid, which are a perfect option in which you can enjoy the summer or any other time of the year. Therefore, we want to present below some of the most striking towns in this area.

1. Guadarrama, one of the best towns in the Sierra de Madrid

One of the main elements that define this area is the Guadarrama National Park, even this is the reason why the town has been named that way. However, beyond just having a very beautiful historic center, the town of Guadarrama has become one of those that attracts for its variety of trails.

In the town there is a track that allows you to observe the rock of the Archpriest of Hita, which is about 1550 meters high. Therefore, in case you want to unite history with nature, the hiking route through the Via Crucis of the Valley of the Fallen is the ideal option. This is also known as the Camino del Calvario, and it can surprise you with its large number of stairs in the middle of the forest.

2. Soto del Real

This town came to be known in ancient times as Chozas de la Sierra, and through the years, it has managed to undergo different types of changes. At first, during the Middle Ages, it was a town in the Sierra de Madrid, which was founded by Segovian shepherds; later, it went on to gain a lot of notoriety and become a popular royal town.

Some of the things that can be carried out in this community is to be able to enjoy a beautiful bridge that could have its origin in the 12th century, to visualize the Church of the Immaculate Conception. There are also some mountain dwellings and old cattle trails that are full of forests and lush vegetation.

3. Patones de Arriba, among the most beautiful places in the Sierra de Madrid

This is another of the most striking towns within the Sierra de Madrid. In addition, it has become one of the best known and most frequented places by tourists every year. When weekends or holidays arrive, its streets are characterized by always being very lively and full of people.

It is also possible to find very beautiful houses that continue with the same black architecture that the Ayllón mountain range has. The main building material is black slate, and it is common to find cobbled streets that maintain the ancient and preserved beauty. In turn, in its historical environment there are legends that have an air of mystery.

4. Manzanares el Real

There are a large number of emblematic places that can be found in Manzanares el Real. For example, some of them are the Santillana reservoir, the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park and many others. Now, the medieval castle of the town is the predominant element, which is one of the best preserved in the community of Madrid.

5. Buitrago del Lozoya

One of the towns that correspond to the Sierra de Madrid and that leaves no one indifferent is Buitrago del Lozoya. Among its outstanding elements, it is worth highlighting the fact that its walls have become one of the best preserved fortified complexes within the community of Madrid. In addition, within its historic center, it is possible to find some works of art that correspond to Pablo Picasso.

This town is characterized by having a very valuable historical heritage. On the other hand, thanks to its location next to the Lozoya River and the fact that it is surrounded by the mountains that correspond to the Sierra de Guadarrama, it is a completely unique place. In each of its corners, there are fantastic and charming places, which are worth visiting.

6. Cercedilla

This municipality is very close to Navacerrada, becoming an ideal area for hiking. It is very frequented by skiers and people who like trekking. One of the points that it has in its favor is the fact that it is linked to the center of Madrid by a Cercanías railway line.

Some of the things that can be done in Cercedilla are: visit the Plaza Mayor, take a tour of the different types of churches that make up its historic center or go to the most famous adventure parks in Madrid. In case you are looking for something much quieter, then the hiking route through the Fuenfría valley is the perfect option.

7. Top Patones

This is a town that is considered by many people as one of the most surprising that exist in the Sierra de Madrid. In part, this is because, walking through its streets, you enjoy a feeling very similar to that of fairy tales. Therefore, this may come ar to be a true delight in every aspect.

It has come to be declared an Asset of cultural interest. It is a very important place for the Community of Madrid, since it is one of the main representative examples of black architecture. Another element that defines the place is its unique gastronomy, which became part of a culinary program of talents in the kitchen.

There is no doubt that there are many attractive towns in the Sierra de Madrid. Each of them has special characteristics that make it unique, such as its people, its buildings, its culture, among others. Either way, all the people who visit these local towns will be able to enjoy a unique experience that they will never forget.

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