The best landscapes in Spain to visit in 2021

Taking advantage of this summer to do local or national tourism is an excellent option to enjoy the best landscapes in Spain to visit in 2021. Because summer is closely related to coasts, mountains and forests, fresh air, impressive views and rich gastronomy. What more could you ask for to enjoy the good in life? Have stable health and the company of loved ones. So, start visualizing your destiny.

Cape of Finisterre

The province of La Coruña has a favored area with spectacular views known as Cape Finisterre. Its stunning cliffs, beaches and secluded bays offer an astonishing view of the great Atlantic Ocean. Touring its castles and lighthouses, enjoying the beautiful landscapes from its viewpoints, knowing dunes, waterfalls and other historical monuments allows us to appreciate its past of legends and heroic pilgrimages; also its beautiful actuality.

Picos de Europa National Park

And if your favorite landscape is the forests and the fresh mountain air, traveling through Cantabria, Asturias and León you will indulge yourself. The Picos de Europa National Park is classified worldwide as one of the largest forest reserves. A protected space to preserve all its natural resources; such as the species of butterflies and vertebrates that coexist there and that feature more than 30% of the species in all of Spain, as well as their traditional and ethnic use.

If your spirit is adventurous, you admire the ancient splendor of nature, you are ecstatic by the stunning postcard-style views and you enjoy jeep trips, you will fall in love with this nature reserve. There you can visit the Lakes of Covadonga or Naranjo de Bulnes in total relaxation and tranquility. And don’t forget to cross the Sella river pass over the Roman Bridge of Cangas de Onís; a beautiful and sturdy architectural work of medieval engineering.

Caminito del Rey

If your concept of tourism is totally colossal and the gorges amaze you, enjoy an epic experience for lovers of heights in the caminito del Rey. A path erected in the Gaitanes gorge with a height of 400 meters and various hanging bridges. For this reason, for the most handsome and brave, for those who love heights and to experience the best extreme views, Caminito del Rey will be a fixed tourist destination this summer.

Cabos de Jávea

Amazing rock forms located in the area of ​​Marina Alta in the province of Alicante. Its port is beautiful and coves such as La Granadella, La Barraca or El Arenal beach are simply tourist destinations that must be visited in 2021. The viewpoints, the maritime route to the various natural caves and its old town will leave you wanting to return. And don’t forget to keep a beautiful memory of the famous island of Portichol and the Cabo de la Nao lighthouse.

The Giants of Tenerife

On the beautiful island of Tenerife in Santiago del Teide and forming part of the Teno Rural Park, the Giants of Tenerife rise up fearlessly. Cliffs that, seen from the sea, will impress you; and from its summit they will paralyze you with such beauty. These exceptional volcanic formations can measure up to 600 meters high. And on its seabed it houses a precious ecosystem that is a paradise for lovers of diving and big fishing.

Separate mention deserves the Archipenque viewpoint, which will leave your soul nestled in this magical place; whose view will mark a before and after as one of your favorite landscapes. And it is that contemplating an exclusive, impressive and romantic sunset from this beautiful viewpoint is so extraordinary that you can believe that the beautiful island of La Gomera is within your reach. In addition, there is a small restaurant and a gift shop to give you a treat.

Monfrague National Park

If you go to Extremadura, you do have to walk through this beautiful park, which gives rise to a large reserve, and get to know its impressive ecosystem. Places bathed by the Tagus and Tiétar that happily cross magical mountainous areas and fascinating forests. Originating special and suitable places for the conservation of the black vulture -one of its kind-. Or the majestic imperial eagle and the elusive wild cat. And also, enjoy hiking.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

On the Basque Coast and bathed by the Cantabrian is the beautiful islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. One of the best landscapes in Spain to visit in 2021 and calmly and patiently explore this resistant fortress that gives war to the sea. Its 241 ancient steps carved into the stone were silent witnesses to pirate attacks and ravenous fires. Today, at low tide, ancient rocks can be seen that display the history of the earth.

However, due to recent landslides, visits to the island are partially stopped; therefore access is partly restricted. Therefore, before visiting this beautiful and mediatic place, find out about it possible novelties; that not everything is enabled. However, the website informs that from July 1 the one-way route of entry through Urizarreta and exit through Ermú has been open; They also report that there is a passage to the viewpoint.

Monserrat Massif

The best known monastery in Catalonia that is nestled in an amazing rocky mountain, possessing gigantic peaks that can reach 1000 meters high. If you like sightseeing, hiking, and historical exploration, you will love this place. You can enjoy art in the Monserrat Museum, capture beautiful views from the Sant Jeroni viewpoint or take the Sant Joan Funicular to stroll and taste the local cuisine.

And if you go as a family, walking the Degotalls path is an excellent option to keep the kids happy and very entertained. A flat route between mosaics that allows you to observe the monuments of various scholars and cultural activists such as Jacinto Verdaguer or Anselm María Clavé. Also, to delight you with the beautiful view from there until you reach its famous monastery.

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