The 10 most beautiful villages in Cordoba

Beautiful Cordoba is located in the south of Andalusia and is bathed by the beneficial waters of the Guadalquivir River; it is also located at the foot of the Sierra Morena mountain range. In its history Cordoba boasts a cultured, opulent and very important past for the Roman Empire; it was also considered a significant Islamic center during the Middle Ages. And today we will dazzle you with the 10 most beautiful villages of Cordoba.

The beautiful towns of Cordoba have a peculiar, fresh and inspiring beauty; all thanks to the rich cultural, economic and traditional fusion they have experienced. Now, we invite you to visualize all the charm of these 10 dream places and plan your next national tourist destination, so you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes, gastronomy and its people.

Almodóvar del Río

It is a small town with an imposing mood and a well-preserved medieval castle, which was the magnificent headquarters where the Tyrell house was recreated for the famous series Game of Thrones. More than that, the historic, ancient and well-preserved hermitages, fortresses and other attractive buildings that exist to this day in Almodovar make this beautiful town a destination to visit if you are passionate about history, knowledge and nature. 

Aguilar de la Frontera

Considered one of the 10 most beautiful villages in the province of Córdoba, this jewel offered a strategic location that was key in the Middle Ages. And among the architectural and cultural heritage of this town you can see the church of Santa María de Soterraño; with its great temple and erected on a rock that preserves intact its traditions. In addition, in this beautiful little town wine tourism offers you a super nice time, enjoy it.


The Iberian Peninsula was populated in ancient times by pre-Roman peoples who settled in various areas of the current Cordoba countryside; among them were the Iberians. A people that delivered an amazing architectural legacy as the striking statue carved in limestone and known as the Lioness of Baena. And that is currently on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. And in Baena you can visit its Historical and Archaeological Museum.

Baena is a very picturesque and pleasant little town that is well worth visiting for all the cultural, traditional and human history it offers. So put it on your tourist list.


A unique Cordoban place full of stories and is considered the gateway to the National Park Tierras Subbéticas. The beautiful streets of this town and neighborhoods such as the Villa and the Center have very famous hermitages and other monuments, which are silent witnesses of a very traditional past. In Cabra is located an important medieval castle of Cultural Interest, where the Duke of Cabra Enrique de Castilla used to live. 

Lucena, the pearl of Spain

One of the 10 most beautiful towns in Cordoba and the second largest town in the province. Its Jewish historical legacy allows Lucena to exhibit precious architectural treasures with a faithful heritage; among them the palace of the Counts of Santa Ana and the castle of Moral. Which to this day continue to attract locals and travelers to know firsthand their secrets, mysteries and imperial legends.


Montilla offers you to enjoy amazing landscapes and capture excellent panoramic views. You can also visit various vineyards, wineries and wineries such as Alevar and Lagar Blanco. You can visit the Garnelo Museum and relax for a while on the Cervantes promenade. You can also learn about the autochthonous history zealously preserved in the house of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. And remember the past of Montilla linked to the Lordship of Aguilar and the Marquis of Priego.


This beautiful village of Cordova is located in the highlands of the Guadalquivir River, where Iberian and Roman peoples settled in the past. Montoro belonged to the famous Via Augusta, which was the main Roman road. The one that also links the Pyrenees with Cadiz. Montoro has extremely interesting places that will allow you to know first hand its legendary history; take advantage and visit its Archaeological Museum.

Palma del Río

Birthplace of the famous bullfighter Manuel Benítez known as El Cordobés, a matador who exalted his land with great pride. Palma de Rio is one of the 10 most beautiful towns in Cordoba; it gives its visitors and locals a fusion of city nature that will make you love it. Among the attractions of the town are the Palace of Portocarrero, the Plaza Mayor, the Tower of the Assumption, the roadway, the Reina Sofia bridge and more.

Priego, the city of water

A little known village, with a somewhat hot climate that compensates with a large number of springs. Being nestled on a hillside offers spectacular views for your memories. If you go to Priego allow yourself to enjoy the Huerto de las Infantas and the balcony of Adarve, which is a nice viewpoint. Also, visit the fountain of the King and be sure to visit the neighborhood of the Villa with its picturesque flowery appearance; and know the Museum of Arte Cofrade.

Córdoba, the Capital

This beautiful city is the pride of the Andalusian culture and cradle of the Caliphs with its proud structure of power. Therefore, to keep unforgettable memories, visit the architectural complex known as the Alcazar; with its beautiful gardens, which in spring offers a beautiful spectacle. Go to the tower of Los Leones and enjoy admiring the Mosque, the Guadalquivir River, the Roman Bridge and the courtyards of the Palacio de Viana. 

Córdoba, the capital, offers you much more; like watching a wonderful sunset if you are near the Calahorra Tower, where your eyes will be enraptured by the natural spectacle. Manage your time well to enjoy a nice tour of the Jewish quarter, with its whitewashed streets full of flowers. As this is one of the most popular places for the views it offers to your photos, we suggest you go early in the day to enjoy it to the fullest.

Don’t think that it’s all over, because Córdoba, the capital, is one of the 10 most beautiful towns in existence. We invite you to get to know it in your next national tourist destination.

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