The 10 best islands in Europe to spend the summer

Sometimes, deciding where to go on our next summer vacation can be a dilemma. Of course, it all depends on what we want to see and explore on that wonderful trip. The European continent has a lot of beautiful islands, where you can enjoy many activities.

Its coasts, white sands, beaches, mountains, cliffs, cities, villages, museums and, of course, the native gastronomy of the place are some of the aspects that offer these places with really spectacular landscapes. Another detail to consider is whether the island you have chosen is near, far away or if you need a car, since all the islands are different to explore. 

This article will show you just a few of these European islands where you could spend a pleasant, quiet and charming summer vacation that will always be remembered with great joy. 

At the Northern or Northern European level:

In Sweden, on the island of Stockholm, Djurgarden:

Djurgarden is located very close to the city center of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. In addition, it is the 1st National Park that is located within the city; that is, it is surrounded by sea, countryside and many family attractions. It is also known as the island of museums. 

Among the museums are the Villa Skasen, the Nordic Museum, the Vasa Museum, the Spritmuseum and the Vikingaliv. Another attraction of this island is the oldest amusement park in the country: the Gröna Lund, dating from 1883. In summer concerts are performed, and one of the ways to get there is by steamboat. 

At the southern European level:

In Italy, the island of Capri:

The island of Capri has a unique and natural beauty. Its bays and beaches with crystal clear, deep blue waters, as well as its history and climate, make this place very special. Among its beaches we recommend Marina Piccola, Marina grande and Bagni di Tiberio. But this is not its only charm. 

The well known blue grotto is a cave that is slightly submerged in the sea, with turquoise and bright waters, and that in the time of the Romans was the private place of the wealthy for their baths. The entrance to the grotto is made in small boats with capacity for four people. 

Malta, the Island of the Knights:

Archipelago located between the coast of North Africa and the island of Sicily, about 90 km from it. Through its history have passed the Romans, the Moors, the famous Knights of the Order of St. John or Knights Hospitallers; history dating from the eleventh century, an order that was founded in Jerusalem. But also passed the British and the French.

Therefore, it has many historical sites thanks to these regimes. They also have a subway of several funerary type chambers and halls, which are estimated to date back to 4000 BC. From the fort of Elmo you can see its cities, such as Vittoriosa, Kalkara and Senglea. Its best known beach is Golden Sands, of fine sand and horizon almost red. 

In Greece, the island of Corfu:

In Corfu, located at the level of the Ionian Sea and northwest of Greece, you can still enjoy tranquility and peace; it is also said to be the island of Happiness. Surrounded by nature full of lemon trees, olive trees, almond trees, hibiscus and bougainvillea that perfume the whole summer atmosphere. 

Beaches of spectacular beauty, among them Glyfada, the most extensive of all; it also has Pelekas, presenting breathtaking sunsets; also Agios Gordios, for the mixture of colors between the green cliffs and golden sand. 

In Greece, the island of Mykonos:

Mykonos is the island where celebrities converge with their yachts, glamour, parties and quality beaches; some call it the Greek Ibiza. Its capital is called Hora, with its typical white houses, balconies, doors and windows in blue tone; its well paved streets, with jewelry stores, souvenir stores, clothing, taverns, bars and, of course, restaurants. 

Despite being a small island, it has many beaches of all kinds. However, we recommend one called Agios Sostis, as it is one of the quietest, as most are a bit crowded in this summer season. 

In Greece, the volcanic island of Santorini:

Between Athens and Crete is located the island of Santorini, with its curious shape and the caldera in the center of the island. This caldera today is a great curiosity for tourists and its origin comes from about 10,000 years ago, with an eruption of the volcano that resulted in the destruction of much of Santorini. 

Its white houses with blue domes and its dark sandy beaches, volcanic type, are characteristic. Among them stands out one called Kokini Paralia, of reddish tones; also recommended are the donkey rides, the dives for experienced divers in the abyss of Ammoidi Port and the sunsets of Oia. 

At the Southern European level:

In Croatia, the island of Hvar:

This island is considered the largest in the Adriatic, with an area of 297 square kilometers. Tourists enjoy a mild climate, with many hours of sunshine and white sandy beaches for all tastes, including nudists and virgin forests. 

The island also has monuments of different styles, such as Gothic and Renaissance. We cannot miss the Franciscan Convent, the 16th century Cathedral of San Estéban, the Old Theater, among others. Its highest point is the famous Napoleon’s Fort, today functioning as an astronomy observatory. 

In Turkey, the island of Bozcaada:

To the northwest of the Aegean is located this island called in the past Tenedos, which belongs to the District of Bozcaada; one of the few inhabited in the area and very quiet. It stands out for its beautiful and almost virgin beaches, thanks to the low level of tourism. 

In its history it passed through different empires, from the Greeks, Persians, Romans and Byzantines to the Ottoman Empire. Its location gives way to the famous Dardanelles Strait, communicating the archipelago of the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean Sea. 

In Spain, the island of Ibiza:

At the Mediterranean Sea level, exactly in the Balearic Islands and belonging to the country of Spain, is located the island of Ibiza. Well known for its nightlife, bars, quiet villas, beaches surrounded by hotels, stores, gastronomy and retreats to practice the discipline of yoga.

Among the places to visit are the walls of Dalt Vila, the Cathedral of Eivissa and the Museum of Archaeology. You can also visit the markets and buy directly from the vegetable producer. Of course, there are hiking activities, enjoy the beaches, among others.

Western Europe:

In Scotland, the island of Skye:

This island is not exactly for swimming, because the water temperatures are very cold, but you can enjoy the views it offers. It is located in the upper part of the Atlantic Ocean, specifically between Great Britain and Ireland. It has an exceptional beauty, ideal for nature lovers. 

Therefore, its most frequent activity is hiking or excursions, trekking, offering any number of possibilities; you even get several routes in the same area, which lead you to the same place but with different routes and difficulties. 

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