In summer, enjoy the most attractive natural parks in Spain

Summer, sun, outdoors, fun and freedom are things that we miss very much. Take advantage of your time to visit wonderful habitats that return peace and renew energy to the fullest. In summer, enjoy the most attractive natural parks in Spain.

Whether you love the mountains, long for the coast, long for the plains, admire the deserts, be enchanted by the forests or any other environment, escape and regain your integral balance. The trend this summer is to visit natural, fresh, well-cared for and preserved environments, taking as a premise the total respect for nature.

Cabo de Creus is sea, sun, freshness and much more

In this amazing place let your adventurous and fun side express yourself, give yourself permission to fully enjoy the various activities that you can access. From quiet walks admiring the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Cadaqués, to being dazzled by the excellent view from its viewpoint and preserving a beautiful memory of your stay in a photo.

Cabo de Creus is a dreamlike place perpetuated in the sea that allows you to oxygenate your lungs by walking the route of its Natural Park. Admire the rocky landscapes that shape enigmatic figures and that once inspired Dalí. Take a maritime tour while you taste the freshest and most spectacular local food; And don’t leave without going up to the lighthouse and getting to know its medieval monastery a little higher, to please your eyes.

Ruidera lagoons

A true paradise of healthy turquoise waters, beautiful waterfalls, waterfalls and the Montesinos cave. In this paradisaical destination, there are comfortable and accessible accommodations, with amazing views towards one of the 15 beautiful lagoons that it has. Also, very comfortable hotels that guarantee a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

And save time and energy to visit the fortress and the Peñarroya reservoir, with its medieval history and an enchanting landscape that you will want to see. Another point to know is the Hundimiento waterfall, a silent witness to the force of nature that you can admire by visiting the Ruidera lagoons this summer. And if your adventurous spirit gets excited and the heat urges you on, the King’s Lagoon awaits you to cool off on its beautiful little beaches and even practice more than one water sport.

Bardenas Reales

If your thing is desert environments, clayey landscapes, contemplating a sunset that enhances the ocher color of an amazing place or admiring landscapes from another planet, the surprising Bardenas Reales Biosphere Reserve will make you happy. Located between Navarre and Aragon, you can easily explore it in a 4×4 or ride a mountain bike, even hiking. Now, take into account that certain operating rules must be met, and they do not accept children under 12 years of age.

And what to do there? Arrive at the Mirador de Bardenas Blancas and admire the view of the national park; also visualize many of its curious rock formations. Pass through the Cabezo de Castildetierra with its spectacular rocky parades; an ideal place to take some amazing photos of the moment. Or get to the Cabezo de las Cortinillas, which when climbing the visual and olfactory experience will be unforgettable.

Hoces del Río Duratón

A beautiful and attractive natural park that you will find in Castilla y León that has canyons, bends and native plants such as junipers and junipers. And if you are a patient bird watcher, this place is home to the largest colony of griffon vultures in all of Europe. You will also see hawks, golden eagles and other beautiful birds; and as a suggestion, take a good camera.

Las Salinas de Santa Paola

This charming natural park, located in the Valencian Community, makes us dream of achieving a balance between nature and humanity. Created to promote the local saline industry, today the preservation and conscious care of Las Salinas de Santa Paola has given rise to a very beautiful wetland. There your eyes will relax watching seagulls, flamingos, teals and terns.

Urbasa-Andía Forest

A sublime site, it is an enchanted forest that has two hills linked by pastures and forests that make you fall in love with its pastoral aspect and its country atmosphere. Take advantage and enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfalls and the turquoise water of the lagoons that are born in the Urederra river. Do not miss the view that you will get if you go up to the Balcón de Pilatos; and savor the exquisite, fresh and delicate local cheese. And to rest and relax, visit Artaza Urederra, also taste the delicious and fresh local food.

Sources of Narcea, Degaña and Ibias

Asturias exhibits areas of a lot of green and rises in level with its attractive natural park; whose interior houses one of the most treasured oak forests in Europe. With small nearby towns, sites of great interest such as the Muniellos Reserves and the habitat par excellence of brown bears, hares, foxes, bobcats, lobos and the gray dormouse. Also, of the peregrine falcon, the ancient grouse and other guests of the forest. You will surely like everything you see, and the photos will capture it.


It is the green area of ​​the beautiful Jaén and has a beautiful gorge with several slopes, home to elusive deer and wild boar. In addition, in this park you will see many slate stones, quartzites and limestones. Despeñaperros was once the territory of ancient brave and powerful civilizations. Also enjoy the best-preserved Arab baths in the world, the Mozárabe path, the Iberian museum and the Provincial museum. In Jaén there is much to see and enjoy.

Forest crown

Nobody disputes that Tenerife has great charm and is enhanced by its attractive Corona Forestal Natural Park. A protected area that covers more than 46,000 hectares; a large expanse of beautiful Canarian pines, aromatizing laurels and a wide variety of rosettes of bequejes.

Its humid, warm and often cold ecosystem is an ideal place for this type of vegetation. And perhaps you can even spot the exclusive Teide blue finch and marvel at the imposing Millennial Dragon Tree. It is located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where you can reach comfortably with a private luxury tour.

Las Médulas

This Natural Monument is located in the Bierzo region, appreciated for its historical legacy as a World Heritage Site. Originated by the ancient Roman exploitation of gold, which left an enigmatic and mysterious landscape. Quarries that wear red and whose main vegetation is oak and chestnut; you can observe them up close with a guided walk through its interior. Also, feast your eyes on the Mirador de Orellán and visit Lake Carucedo, a silent witness of that time.

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