Hidden Treasures of the Mediterranean: Escaping the Masses

Welcome, adventurous travellers! Today, at Tour Travel & More, we have an exciting discovery to share with you all. We’re taking you on a unique journey through the “Not-so-well-known villages of the Mediterranean to escape the masses”. That’s right, we get away from the crowds and explore the hidden treasures that shine with splendour, waiting to be discovered. Check out our private tours here!

As passionate tourism and culture lovers, we often seek serenity and authenticity in every destination we visit, and where better to find these hidden treasures than in the enchanting Mediterranean? While popular destinations are always a draw, sometimes we seek a more intimate and genuine experience, and that is exactly what we will find in these wonderful villages.

Cadaqués, Spain

First on our list is Cadaqués, a hidden gem on Spain’s Costa Brava. Its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses are the source of inspiration for many artists, including the famous Salvador Dalí. With its unparalleled beauty and crystal clear waters, Cadaqués is a palette of colours ready to conquer your senses.

Ksamil, Albania

Imagine white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise waters, where time seems to stand still. That’s Ksamil, a small coastal town in Albania that will surprise you with its unspoilt natural beauty. Away from the crowds, here you’ll find true Mediterranean calm.

Nafplio, Greece

Nafplio, the ancient capital of Greece, is a true historical gem with unrivalled charm. Its narrow cobbled streets, well-preserved fortresses and vibrant atmosphere will transport you to another era – get ready to explore the very essence of Greece!

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Immerse yourself in Maltese culture in Marsaxlokk, a picturesque fishing village that will amaze you with its traditional colourful boats and lively fish market. Enjoy delicious cuisine and immerse yourself in authentic Maltese hospitality as you mingle with the locals.

Kotor, Montenegro

Dare to explore the walls and cobbled alleyways of Kotor, a stunning medieval town in Montenegro. Surrounded by majestic mountains and a scenic bay, Kotor is a hidden gem that will delight lovers of history and natural beauty.

Manarola, Italy 

The Mediterranean would not be complete without a visit to the famous Cinque Terre. However, while most travellers focus on the more popular destinations, we recommend you immerse yourself in the charm of Manarola. This colourful fishing village will take your breath away with its cliffs, terraced vineyards and stunning sea views.

Kalkan, Turkey

With its traditional architecture and beautiful coastline, Kalkan is a perfect coastal getaway in Turkey. Away from the crowds, this small town invites you to relax on its sunny beaches and explore its fascinating history.

And there you have it, intrepid traveller, a list of not-so-well-known Mediterranean Villages, ready to be discovered. At Tour Travel & More, we believe in the power of authentic exploration and seeking out off-the-beaten-path places. These destinations will give you an intimate experience and a unique perspective on Mediterranean life.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your suitcase and venture out on a journey of discovery. Let these hidden treasures of the Mediterranean seduce you with their beauty, history and charm. Escape the masses and create unforgettable memories in these wonderful towns.

At Tour Travel & More, we are here to make your travel dreams come true, contact us today and let’s start planning your adventure to these hidden treasures of the Mediterranean and see you at the next destination!

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